26 Year Old Mommy! WANTS MY SEXY BACK - Atlanta, GA

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I have been searching and searching for a good doctor, and to be honest I have been following this office for over a year going back & forth with myself if I'm going to do this or not .WELL I AM, I just want a good doctor who will give me amazing results. I'm not fazed with having a large booty, but a small CURVY waist and nice round titts will do me well. HELP has anyone had a SUCCESSFUL outcome with a mommy makeover with DR.O? I would like to see photos please.

I Am SOOOO Close to my Surgery Date!! I Am Sooo excited about this new body/life!

When I looked in the mirror and felt how displeased I was at my body I knew I had to do something about it, I made the decision to have a Mommy Make Over after almost 3 years of looking into having a BBL, I realized that while the BBL may give you a bigger butt, it will not tighten your stomach like I need. Dr. Ortega will be my doctor and I have heard nothing but great things about this man, and although I have yet to meet or speak with him I trust in his talents to transform ones body. My family and friends are supportive, however they all still try to tell me "YOU DON'T NEED THIS" But no one understands that you have to feel confident with yourself in this life, I have always battled with my weight, seeing it go up and down for years. Now I am at a weight that I love, but my stomach and breast are not the way I want them from the years of weight loss, and gain. I look perfect with clothes on, but I am not pleased at all when they come off, so I am doing this for me, and I know that afterward I will have the confidence that my soul seeks. I am so ready for this life changing experience. 

Have you had a Mommy Make Over with Dr.Ortega? Tell me how you felt, what should I expect? What should I wear? How do you feel now? Share your photos with me! Thanks!

Quality Vs Quantity (My Results Are Very Good) However I Am Bitter Sweet About my Doctor and the Practice That Represents

After searching for over a year I found doctor Ortega, I did a share fair amount of research on him and decided from the "Photo" results that I wanted him to be my PS. I was a little turn off by the office staff in the beginning, the communication was very off. It was extremely hard for me to get in contact with anyone, even my personal coordinator, I had to end up contacting her through email (and basically demanding a call back!) Moving forward I arrived at spectrum early morning to have my mommy makeover, I was extremely nervous, excited, and shaken up all at the same time.

After I was dressed out for surgery, Dr.Ortega came into my room, and basically told me what was going to happen, I expressed to him that I wanted a curvy hourglass shape and expected aggressiveness with the lipo. After we finished talking Dr.Ortega left the room and I was taken into the surgery room..When I woke up I was like what the *he## My body was on fire and I was in sooo much pain, I looked around for Dr.Ortega and I did not see him, the fact that the Doctor was not at my bedside really made me feel some type of way, but being in so so so so much pain, what could I have done? I was shaking so badly that I just started praying in my head, being that I had just woke up the pain I felt on the scale from 1 to 10 was a 10000.. The nurse **Evelyn, approached me with my dress I had worn in, & she attempted to put it on me, I expressed to her that I was hurting to bad I did not want clothes on my body, she still proceeded to put the dress over my head, I could hardly talk I was in so much pain, "no no no no" I said do not put that dress on me. In frustration with my request Evelyn threw my dress down on the bottom part of my legs. I asked her "Did you just throw my dress?" She did not answer me, she make the statement to the man who stood in the room (Not sure who he was) her statement was "CALL HER RIDE".... In pain and in much disbelief I was honestly feeling like "what the he## have I gotten myself into".. Did she just say "call her ride", how rude. For a woman just waking up from such a traumatic surgery (I did not have my doctor at my bedside, and now I have a mad angry nurse caring for me) Oh heck no.. Evelyn gave me a few, before she came back and told me "You have to walk" I knew this was true because the doctor express that I would need to walk to prevent blood clots, I got up and I walked to the wheelchair she had waiting on me. She rolled me into another room, and sat me there, I was really just sitting in a room in a wheelchair alone in pain rocking back and forth. I remember hearing someone in the same room but they were behind me, they were mooning and crying, Im like what, why are we in the same room like this? WHY is no one seeing about me? To my surprise, I see Dr.Ortega walked into the room and and seriously walk right pass me, WALK RIGHT PASS ME/ in shock I am like "wait one sec" this has to be a dream, I know darn well he see's me sitting here. Wow, I expected to speak with my Doctor after Surgery, for him to tell me what he did and how he did it, to have some Doc support you know... HELLO "Bedside Support"??? .. Moving forward, I realized Evelyn was in the room again, I told her that I had to pee... So she handed me a cup and put something on the floor, she told me to stand up and pee over it and she walked away "No help or anything" I felt helpless but I had to pee, so I did it. **Evelyn was extremely rude to me, and I believe it was because I was alone, however just because I am alone does not mean I should be treated any kind of way. I should have been treated with the utmost respect & kindness considering what I had just gone through. 

After leaving and heading to my hotel I was in shock at what just happen, the entire 
"After surgery experience" was a mess, once I was in my room I called my mother I expressed to her everything that had taken place, and I let her know that I had to go for a follow up the next day.. My mom got on the next flight to Miami to come with me. When my mom arrived she saw the drains on me were full, she asked me how to drain them and I had no idea because no one told me anything, she asked me how much fat wad taken off and I could not tell her that either because I never got the chance to speak with Dr.Ortega after surgery. I was told to come in for a follow up appointment the next day, well the next day my mother and I called them and called them all day with no answer, to our surprise no one even called me. I attempted to reach my coordinator through (email & cell number & text) with no reply. My mother was disgusted that no one called us back, so we stopped calling. The next day we just popped up without calling, and there was a full office, I could not believe that they are moving on to new patients without handling the ones who have already been seen properly. 

I was able to be seen after waiting a while, Doctor Ortega came in the room joking with massive amounts of energy, he told me that I did good and he expressed to me that he would not be removing my drains until 2 weeks. Well this blew me, because my coordinator and I spoke about this in detail and she told me that I would have my drains out in 1 week before returning home. I did not want to return home with drains inside me, but at this point everything was done so here I am now 12 days post with drains still in. Dr.Ortega rushed in and out after saying what he had to say. 

**I understand that in this business doctors come into contact with millions of women and it is hard for them to make this personal, that is not what I wanted. While my results are good, I was an emotional mess after dealing with being rushed and extremely disrespected by the staff at spectrum.

Besides Dr.Ortega not being at my bedside for whatever reason, walking pass me in the room, and rushing, the quality of my mommy tuck was good. But what about quantity?

*Some of, and I say some because I am sure that everyone in the office is not a rude person, but most of the staff at spectrum and definitely Evelyn is so rude, and disrespectful. There is no reason they should allow their phones to ring the entire day, or not return emails until you blow them up 10000 times and at times having to get a little tone in your voice in order to get some attention. 

Is it about giving women a better body & life and making them happy? hummmm with this practice I would say it is about the money, its about getting you locked into a contract, and what is best for them. I do not believe in my heart that Dr.Ortega is a bad man, he actually has a nice spirit, I believe he needs a better staff to represent him, better organization in the office, staff with trained customer service skills, respect for the clients time, money and decision to make a positive change in their appearance.

**While I understand that to the doctors & staff this is a job and way of life, however to us women this is a life changing, emotional, stressful, painful, scary and happy all mixed in one time for us, and we should not be treated like a meal ticket, but like women who have took the first step in change and I think that is a beautiful thing, You are only THE BEST when EVERYTHING about you and around you is positive, a good doctor in a bad setting is not attractive to me. It's done now, and I am blessed that God saw me through it, I am alive and my measurements read (38-29-38) as if today that's a pure hour glass figure, however I can't recommend any of my friends nor love ones to this practice, I want my love ones to receive the up-most respect, love and attention "Even if its fake" While going through something like this... 

I am considering getting for Lipo, while Dr.O did do a good job, the lipo was not aggressive enough for me. This time around I am going to take my time to really have a personal relationship with my doctor, I will do deep research. I know now that I do not mind paying for a consultation, and I would like to have one face to face rather than through a coordinator. I pray that Dr.Ortega see's, understands and respects my honest review. Hopefully Spectrum can make some positive changes, the center has a beautiful set up with Doctors who seem to attract clients from all over, it is unfortunate that they must have negative reviews from women who have put their trust in them. 

*Well I finally did it, and besides me feeling bitter sweet from the issues I faced, I am proud of myself for taking the first step to changing my body. I want nothing more than to look in the mirror and absolutely love my reflection, I now can see my woman hood down there and I am excited about that. All of us women on here are brave and we should know that we are beautiful inside and out. If there is something you do not like about yourself *CHANGE IT* no matter what anyone has to say, it is your body and you are the only one who has to walk around in it, so why not walk around BEING THE BEAUTIFUL YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO BE!

**Love yourself girl--or nobody will**


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