Interested in Lipo of Abdominal, Flanks,and Back - Atlanta, GA or Miami, FL

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I've previously had a TT 5/09 and have since grown...

I've previously had a TT 5/09 and have since grown love handles :| never had this issue before but it really creeps me out. I'm searching for a PS that could rid me of the handles and contour my waist to give me an hourglass shape. I've been putting in hours on research because I want to have the sx in a few months. (Gotta get my pto up) hahaha. I'm currently on the fence between Jimmerson and Salzhauer. Both are the same distance of travel. Great with BBL's,pricing around the same but my issue is I already have a nice butt and don't need the BBL I just want the lipo. Any advice or experience with these PS. Please comment! Thanks!

Consult with DR. Miami Done!

I had a virtual consult with Dr. Salzhauer this week. He recommended lipo of the flanks,abdomen, upper and lower back. For some reason I don't want it in my lower back. I have keloid skin and want as less incisions as possible yet I still want the best result. I plan to go ahead with the next step but im awaiting the quote. I'll pay and then voice my concern when I'm there in person. I have a friend who's going to him as well and she's saying they are scheduling in May. Sucks for me Sucks for me I needed to go in March. Oh and ill be traveling 4-5 hours and he wants me there for five days : ( I was planing to go on a Thursday, SX on Friday and return Sunday. I'll be off work for a week so it still all works. I can't wait till I book because I'm getting anxious and really ready to get this over. It's all I've been thinking about lately!


Omg! I am so happy right now. Not before I was real sad because Dr. Salzhauer is so amazing that he is booked out to June and I thought I wasn't going to be able to have my procedure as planned(March). It won't be in March but that's ok April is fine. I will hopefully be healed and ready to show of my new body by Memorial day. Just an FYI if anyone is researching Dr. Salzhauer don't study for too long. Special thanks to Ari with the Balbody team for going above and beyond to meet the needs of the patient. I work in the medical field and people like here make the office. There was some communication break down at first but they have more than recovered and I now understand that it isn't due to the them not doing their job but because they are BUSY!
Now I will search for a garment. Please if any one has any suggestions leave a comment. I guess I can add some before pictures although I look horrible if any ones interested.

B4 photos

I was browsing and started to realize how much it matters to have visuals. As women it takes a lot to show your body in its worst state. I hate these photos of me but knowing that in a few months I want look this way give me lots of courage ; )

Down 1lb

Went to the Gym yesterday and weighed myself and I'm down 1 whole lb. From 164.4 to 163.4. I will continue to work out. My goal is to be down to 150-155 at SX time and then down to 140-145 post SX. The 140 will give me growth room. As we all know everyone's body is different. I hate the fact that my lbs drop off at such a slow rate. It's almost depressing. This adds to my list of reasons to aid my weight lost with this SX. As I will hope to have the hour glass figure years (for me) of exercise would take. Anyone have any suggestions of some none extreme weightless techniques? Currently I'm doing low/no carbs, no junk foods or fast foods. no sodas, increasing my h2o in take and going hard on the proteins(chicken and turkey) and fish. I combine this with 1 hour of cardio 5X's a week which burns about 500 cal p day.

Traveling Plans

Sorry to be such a pest. But I really have no one to discuss things with. It's sad when you can't share things that your so excited about with people that are close with you. Ughhh, I yern for a relationship with someone I can tell everything too and them not have any negative feelings. FYI, My husband is not for the SX he was the first time and doesn't want to see me so vulnerable again. He knows how strong willed I am and knows that once my mind is set there is no turning back. Gotta catch me in the decision making phase. So, I've decided to leave him out.
Anyhow the plans. I live about 3.5 to 4 hours away from Miami. I have family that lives 45 mins away. I plan to Drive down for my pre-op on a Thursday with my father. Go to the pre-op and then have my paternal grandmother there for me after SX. I think we will get a hotel the night of SX and then return to my grandmothers sister's house for the remainder of the stay. From there my dad will drive me back home. I hope to return to work a week after my procedure. This gives me the expenses of renting a car for a week, flying my grandmother in and out, and 1 night of hotel and gas. You wouldn't believe how much easier it was to type my plans out here. Can anyone recommend a nice hotel? I would prefer something near Balbody. Anything I missed? Suggestions etc. Please comment. Thanks for the ear or eye. HA! 70 days and a wake up....

Before Pic(before the fat took over)

Seeing a few reviews of lipo patients here on RS has me hopefull that I can be back at how I was in this photo. Flat tummy,small waist and a phat butt. Still praying my butt is only hidden under the fat.

Checking In.

Still trying to lose weight before the big day. Reading some of the reviews has me having second thoughts. I'm weighing the decision of changing my SX date so that I won't be down and out for my trip 4 weeks after SX. I've been trying to stay away seeing as though I already had my mind made up. If anyone has had Lipo what are your opinions on healing time? I'm going to Vegas would the SX ruin my trip?

Found a local therapist!

Excited!!! I was researching therapist in my area and couldn't find any online. Tried out a new nail tech that my MUA introduced to be and look at God! I'm excited because I really wanted to make sure I had things lined up. Her name is Nancy and you get 5 sessions for $250. I'll take it! I also purchased some arnica pills and gel, a foam board, some skinny tea and a small waist shaper. I plan to do a low sodium diet as well to reduce swelling. I was very apprehensive about post op and healing time but have since decided that I'm going to take all necessary precautions to reduce my down time. If there are any remadies you suggest during recovery please let me know.


I guess it's to safe to say that the regret/denial period of post op is real! I appreciate the reviews because it's apart of the process yet they are very discouraging. Even me being a person who has had a bigger SX before am now hesitant. I'm going to try stay away day 2-4 of post-op. I plan to post the day of SX to say I made it to the fine side and a week after post-op. I'll explain the pain then. We all know that these elective procedures are no walk in the park. I just want to provide a lipo only review that doesn't make you second guess your decision, yet keep it real. fingers crossed it's possible. Won't know till it's my turn. Heck I might be on here writing run! Don't do this! Workout! All the things we don't want to hear. In other news,
Less then a month away. Nervous as hell. Butterflies whenever I think of the procedure. Down a total of 5lbs, I fell of the wagon. Gonna start on my pineapples this weekend. Also any body have any recommendations of some ingredients I can mix together for scar treatment? So far I have pure Cocoa and Shea butter along with some Vitamin E. I read somewhere about this concoction but can't recall everything the lady used.

2 Week Count Down Begins...

Funny how time creeps up on you and you have nothing together. Still need to book my room and get some comfortable cloths.

All paid up! All cleared up! Just counting the days.....

I have a little beef with Balbody. This is strictly my opinion and doesn't go against nothing with Dr. Sal. The polices that they have are ummmm not to my liking. I stress this is only my opinion and we all know that they are like assholes.
My pre-op appointment was by phone this week and I was told before hand that your balance must be paid by or at the pre-op appointment. These are their polices and there is nothing wrong with ensuring that each patient pays ahead of time for their scheduled procedure because they have a "waiting list with over 200 people". My issue was that the CC I wanted to use was lost and I was waiting on the new one to come in the mail. I brought this to their attention and was told my surgery would be cancelled if I didn't pay that day. (yall know that gave me a slight panic attack because I've been waiting at the door for this SX) So I gave them my other CC info and asked if they could hold out until the card came. NO! its policy. Maybe its because I work for a self-pay healthcare facility and I understand policy very well. But why be so hell bent on the fact that their is a "waiting list of over 200 ppl" (what they stressed) that you cant sat policy aside and deal with real life situations. Again coming from a world renown healthcare facility I know that policies are also broken. I hope that Balbody doesn't get to big that they take away the quality of care that led me to them. Not just the care that the DR provides but the experience you receive as a whole because truth be told their are plenty of surgeons in the sea who could very well give me what I want. I choose Balbody because of their reputation of great service. I guess the needs of the patients don't come first here. Anyhow ladies make sure you have your coins in order ahead of time because you do risk the chance in having your procedure cancelled.
Again this is just my grief with them and I know that I have not much room to complain(petty) but I am because I'm spending my money and as a consumer I have the right to do so.
Sooo no reward points for me : (
But on the bright side I will be snatched in 10 days!

Today is the day!

Well today is the big day. SX time is 11:00. I went yesterday to fill out all the paperwork they require. I met with DR.Sal and yesterday was his birthday. His staff seem to really love him. He's very down to earth which allows you to be comfortable in front of him. The office is nice and decor very modern. The environment is very laid back and relaxed. They must all have a great time working there. I met with Ari and was given a sweatshirt that has dr Miami in rhinestones on the back. How cool?! I'm quite nervous and in being so forgot to voice my concerns. Lol! I'll be sure to do so today. Welp I will fill you dolls in after the procedure. Ttyl! Oh I guess I'll add I lost no weight :( I'm going in at 163.

Surgery over! Now time to heal.

Surgey went well! I feel fine. Very very soar but that's expected. Pain is tolerable with meds. They gave be Percocet. Only have had to take one. I'm not a pill person so I hope I don't have to take more. I've got 4 other different ones I have to take and the less the better.I've been moving around on my own slowly of course. I refuse to be refined to the bed. I've been sleeping but wake up every so often. I've been able to lay on either side. Haven't saw anything yet but DR Sal did correct my belly button (said he didn't want me walking around with that belly button saying he'd done me SX) he's definitely the men. I like the way he interacts with his staff. It's like he doesn't level himself up. He was right there chilling with them while I recovered. He came in spoke with my husband and reassures do him I'd done well. That means a lot to me. Tomorrow the nurse will come and I'll get pics.
I do want to say that it wasn't as bad as some reviews make it seem. At least not today. Keep in mind we are all different and bodied will react from surgery differnt. For me this far as I mentioned I'm only soar. At this rate I'll be back at work on Tuesday. Ttyl Dolls!


Still soar. I have to move around a lot or my body seems to get stiff. Last night I took two Tylenol PM and slept through the night. My lady parts swole into what could look like a penus. The nurse who came out to check on me yesterday said it was normal and would go down. It did just a tad bit when I checked this am. The nurse was ver nice. She helped me remove the bandages shower, and change into a new garment. I got stitches and I wonder if that's why I haven't had so much fluid leaking. All though I have been urinating a lot. Other then my tounge hurting from what feels like I bit it I'm in good shape.

1st Day back at work

A success! I managed to make it through the entire day unnoticed. Well at least not anyone said anything. The drag and slow elderly movement disappeared when I walked into the building. I have a desk job and made sure I got up and walked as much as possible. I've really swelled up a lot in my tummy area. My belly button really needs to be cleaned and seems as it might be shrinking. I tried to Clean with no avail. I even tried sticking a ear plug in there but it wouldn't fit. A marble would definitely not fit. I hope my visit at balbody at the end of the week provides a solution.
I had a moment of regret but said to myself self you wanted this so toughen up! If there's something I missed don't hesitate to ask. Im open to all questions.

8 Days post op

I had my f/u appointment yesterday. I flew down and flew back. I must say I was very tired upon return. They said everything looked good. I had almost 3 liters of fat removed. The difference is only minor due to all the swelling so I'm still waiting to see the final results. But so far so good. I still can't run, but I'm getting around fine and my incisions are healing up well. Dr Miami said don't touch my belly button.(that's gonna be hard) but explained that the stitches will disolve on there own and if I were to pick at it I could pull out the stitches. He says the goo will eventually fall out. Ughhh. I have tendencies to pick at things so this is going to be a task.


I feel like a blow fish. The areas where I've had lipo swells up so that I have yet to see any real results. I know that I should have a low sodium diet, drink lots of water, be active but not overly active and when I swell have a seat and elevate my legs. I've been doing all of these things and this morning took a arnica tablet. Last night I got a strong muscle tearing sensation in my side. Ughhh that's a ugly feeling. I've also had the tingling sensation which aren't painful but feel weird. Only 12 days out I know I must continue to be patient but my fingers are crossed that swelling is at a minimum for my trip at the end of May. My belly button smells awful. A clunk of gunk fell out last night because I slept w/o a garment. I was able to clean it and put some ointment on it. Hopefully that helps with the odor. It sucks to smell yourself and not be able to do much about it. I've switched from the garment that I was given post op and now I am wearing a full body spank with the lipo foam inside. I think I'm gonna have to put my waist shaper on top for more compression. I was trying to wait until all the feeling came back but I think more compression would help with the swelling. The CG that I was given isn't as effective because I have a short torso and the zippers bunch up and dig into my skin because it was made for someone with a longer torso. No new pics because not much has changed since the last ones.

Update JIC you were wondering.....

I have two issues lingering issues. A area on my stomach is raised. IDK if its fluid or what but it hasn't went down.
I also have hard spots on both of my sides one greater then the other.
I keep saying I am going to make time for the massages ,but by me taking of so much time from work lately I just cant squeeze it in. I've also started to work out with a trainer.
So yes my love handles and back fat is gone which takes care of my primary reasons for getting lipo, but I was hoping to be a little more snatched. I pray my sides go in once the hardness and swelling goes away. Yes 8 weeks later I still swell. Not as much as week 2 but enough to know that I need to cut back(diet) or take a load off. I wonder if this swelling issue derives from the fact that I had absolutely no drainage?
All in all I could have kept my money and worked out. But, I doubt I would have so i'm about 78 percent satisfied. Ill post to the forum when I get closer to 100.
Also, I looked better the day after SX then I do now so i'm thinking(hoping & praying) when its all said and done I might go back to what I seen before the swelling kicked in.
I don't want to deter anyone because all of us are fighting different battles. I can only hope that we all know that your experience wont be exactly like mine. Please take this as just a general idea and don't allow it to alter your decisions only to make you more aware.
Andrew Jimmerson vs Michael Salzhauer

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