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I'm 5'2 and 100 lbs. I'm currently around a...

I'm 5'2 and 100 lbs. I'm currently around a 34A-32B range, and I'm hoping to be a D cup after all is said and done.

So I'm actually just 2 weeks away from the big day, which I originally thought wouldn't happen until years from now, but it worked out to do it this year, and I ended up finding somewhere that could get me in in January (I originally couldn't even get in for a consultation until MONTHS after I called)
Before my first consultation, I did tons of research - so much that I felt like I wasn't even sure what all I still needed to ask at the appointment. However, at my second consultation it became clear that every surgeon has different opinions and policies so it's so important to go to multiple consultations and weigh all of that information with different research that you come up with online. I was told so many different things about silicon vs. saline, sizes, profiles, placement of incision, etc.

For instance, the surgeon that I ended up going with absolutely doesn't recommend getting the incision in the armpit, but the other place where I had a consultation, he almost exclusively does incisions in the armpit because he was trained in endoscopy, and therefore felt like the armpit incision was the most effective with the least noticeable scar. However, he said that most surgeons don't do endoscopically so therefore it is not as safe of an option.

I am pretty nervous about having scars, so any insight on how other people's scars are healing or if they are still obvious after a few months would be great.

Each surgeon also seems to have different policies when it comes to recovery and what medications you need to give up. I was planning on only going to one consultation, but I'm glad that I ended up going to a second one because it gave a good perspective on what policies were actually standard, and what were personal preferences of different surgeons.

I read other posts where women were allowed to take the bandages off themselves. However, my surgeon has the policy where I'm not allowed to shower until the morning of my 1 week post op, which is when he will take my bandages off and I'll get to see the gals for the first time. Which I'm not crazy about - especially the no showering part.

After both my consultations though I've decided that I'm going with 400cc's Upper Profile, under the muscle, and getting the incision under my breast.

10 Days Away!

I'm 10 days away and getting ready to head to the store to get stocked up on everything that I need. I have my list from my surgeon of what I need (prescriptions, multivitamins, vitamin C, antibacterial soap, constipation medicine, ice packs, heat pad, zip up clothes, coco butter, lots of gatorade, easy to prepare meals)

But does anyone have tips of things that I should buy that my surgeon wouldn't think of telling me?

I want my recovery to go as smoothly as possible so I can get back to work & school ASAP without getting too far behind.


The Lovely Ladies, new and improved

A couple hours post op.

Explicit - Click to view

I had my surgery today and the whole thing was great! I can't get over how uplifting and encouraging all of my interactions with the staff at Dr. Connors has been, even at 6:30am. So they put my IV in and then I got to sit with my boyfriend for awhile when they were getting everything ready, which made me feel so much comfortable.

Because I never had been put under before so I was creating all sorts of irrational fears in my head about the actual surgery part. But I am happy to report that there was nothing to be worried about. I know how easy it is to get anxious, so I just want everyone to know, it was an absolutely great experience.

As soon as I got the first round of anesthesia everything got really dizzy, and I don't remember anything past entering the surgery room, and then all of the sudden I woke up in the recovery room. The anesthesia definitely got to me though, because I tried to eat the finger clip that is used for monitoring me while I was under. Hahaha a little embarrassing.

I got the patch to put behind my ear to stave off nausea and it is working wonders. I haven't felt nauseated at all. I also have a lot more energy than I thought that I would, I think I read someone's review who said sometimes the pain meds do that. I especially thought that I would be more tired since I had to wake up at 5:30 this morning.

My chest just feels really heavy and tight, but I already LOVE them. The bandages stay on for another 6 days so I won't really get to know for sure what they look like, but I have a great feeling! They are still a little sore even with the pain meds but mostly just a little uncomfortable.

I've mostly just been eating a lot. Something that I did not expect to happen either. Luckily my boyfriend and I cooked some things to have ready to just heat up and he set up a nice little bed stand for me that has everything that I am going to want right next to me. But I'm still getting up every couple of hours or so because I actually feel like I have enough energy to do something. I might even do some work from home today.

Also, my boyfriend was under the impression that I'm supposed to be sitting in bed/sleeping propped up high, like sitting up - even when I sleep! But I don't remember reading that anywhere... thoughts?

I feel so good and so excited, and so happy not to feel nervous anymore about the surgery so I can know just enjoy the boob settling process! And honestly the surgery is nothing to get too freaked out about at all. I love that the surgery is really just part of the beginning of this. So much left of my boob journey that I can't wait for!

I almost forgot

Also, I just wanted to say that I am 5'2 and 100lbs and I ended up going with 400cc's high profile, mentor silicone, under the muscle. My BWD was 11.5cm so 400's were pretty close the what my PS originally suggested. So far I think that all these stats came together to make my dream boobies. But I was absolutely worried about them being too big - especially being too wide so I would end up with a lot of side boob, but they're looking perfect so far!


So I still have my bandages on so who knows everything that's going on under them but I feel like I'm in love with them already! I can't stop looking in the mirror and I find myself touching them all the time (a habit I'll have to break when I start going out in public)

I know everyone's feelings go up & down in this process and I expect to have some bad days and cry a little or feel depressed. But right now I'm just enjoying loving them!

Is it normal to feel like you love them when you haven't really even seen them yet.

1 Week Post OP- Goodbye Bandages

I had my one week post op where I had my bandages taken off and finally got to see my gals for the first time! I love 'em! I was so nervous but they turned out ridiculously awesome.
Of course they're still high and swollen, but I see the potential!

Overall they're feeling pretty great.

Except that I can't sleep on my stomach for weeks which is starting to drive my crazy, but that's the price you pay I guess.

Some pictures of my 400cc's

Coming up on a month post op

Almost to a month post op. My incisions are healing wonderfully, they're so small you can barely see them. My boobs are getting pretty soft already and starting to feel more natural. They're still a little high & I'm tired of wearing the ugly extra supportive bra that I have to wear for another 3 weeks, and sleeping is still ridiculously uncomfortable. I can't wait until I'm all clear to sleep however I want.

Other than that... they feel pretty good almost all the time. Morning boob isn't nearly as bad as it used to be. I get zingers every now and then. Mostly I'm starting to feel really great! So everyone that just had their surgery and is feeling pretty lousy - there's a light at the end of the tunnel and you will start to feel great before you know it!

Here are some pictures of how they're dropping.

6 Weeks Post Op - Finally get to wear different bras

6 weeks post op

I tried running for the first time... Attempted a mile and my entire body felt like jello and boobs were so uncomfortable. Which they were sore again the day after. I guess I'll just keep trying until I can get back to where I was.

But I got fitted for a sports bra today. So finally don't have to wear my gross super supportive bra anymore.

Besides working out my boobs feel great and totally natural soft and natural now.

Oops this one didn't post

10 Weeks Post Op

Here how they're looking 10 weeks post op. In the video you can tell just how soft they are now. They feel completely natural. They definitely feel like a part of me now.

They look pretty big in these pictures, but honestly NO ONE can tell that I've had a boob job besides when I'm in a bikini.

I still have to alternate between a very supportive sports bra that my surgeon gave me, and the ugly post surgery bra. And I still have to have one of those on while I'm sleeping. Except, I'm allowed to wear bralettes for short amounts of time when necessary.

But only 2 more weeks until I'm allowed to start wearing underwires, so looks like I'll finally be going bra shopping soon.

I'm a runner, and I was allowed to start running 6 weeks post op, and I've been VERY slowly getting back into it. My entire body was so out of whack the first time that I tried running, and my boobs were very uncomfortable (I think because my bra wasn't supportive enough) I could barely even do a mile. However, when I went yesterday I finally started to feel like I was getting back in the groove.

6 months post op

I'm not even sure what to say bc I'm so used to them. And besides loving them and wrestling with how much I want to show them off vs hide them, I don't notice them at all anymore. I feel like I've had them forever.

I struggled a little with finding business shirts that fit me right when I started my first job and I'm constantly forgetting that I don't/shouldn't wear xsmall sized shirts anymore.

I still love them so much. They look and feel so natural. I don't think anyone would really guess that they're fake.

Running is totally normal for me now. I can sleep in any position now as well, except around my period when they still swell like before the surgery and it's uncomfortable to sleep on my stomach.

For awhile it was uncomfortable to not wear a sports bra for long periods of time but now I'm mostly fine to go an entire day with either wearing a regular bra or no bra at all.

I wear a 32DD at Victoria's Secret and a 32D at other places. Except those are slightly too small around my period. The first time I went bra shopping I thought everything that fits me now looked OUTRAGEOUSLY huge, but my bras don't scare me as much anymore and seem normal sized.
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