32 Yrs Old- No Kids- Lipo on abs, flanks, bra roll and upper back-Atlanta, GA

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I just wanna look sexy as hell on the beach this...

I just wanna look sexy as hell on the beach this summer! Is that too much to ask?! Working 2 jobs takes up all my time and I'm unable to workout like I want, so I decided about a month ago to get liposuction to my abdomen, flanks, back and bra roll. I've actually been researching Zerona and Cool Sculpting for months but I don't think these will get me the results I want.
I tried to get in touch with Dr Miami's office but I wouldn't be able to schedule surgery until next year 2016, and the staff seemed far too busy to speak to me and answer my questions. They kept putting me on hold and seemed to recite a rehearsed speech of information. The website is also a nightmare because it requires you to enter your contact info each time you want to look at pictures and the websites been down for the past 2 weeks so you never actually get to see the pics. Also nobody ever contacts you after giving your contact info. You have to call them.
Soooo, I researched doctors closer to home in Atlanta and my first consultation was with Dr Connor. @ Plastikos. He was very nice and informative but I was a little thrown off by the office. I know this seems petty, but they have dusty 1960's furniture and clutter in the waiting room and the offices and exam rooms seem old and outdated. Plus none of the nurses seemed to be in shape and that's scary for me since they work in the beauty field ????
After weeks of research I scheduled a consult with Dr Jimerson and was sold! The office is beautiful and clean and the staff is extremely nice. Sharondia is the best! I met briefly with Dr Jimerson but I was confident that he knew what my wants and needs are and will make it happen!
I paid cash so I could get added to the "Fast Track" list and within hours a cancellation came up and I was able to get my surgery date within 10 days of payment!!! How freakin awesome is that? Today I'm 8 days pre-op and I plan to document my journey until after my surgery, so stay tuned ladies!! I'm so nervous but excited at the same time.
I would love to hear stories from ladies who have had similar surgery or plan to have this surgery in the future!

Pre-Op Appointment. Now 1 week Pre-Op!!!

Hey There! So I went in yesterday for my Pre-Op appointment and to get prescriptions for the meds I will be taking the day of surgery. I will have to take an Antacid the morning of surgery to prevent acid reflux (Strange, but okay!) then following surgery I will need someone to administer a blood thinner to me every 24 hours....this is to prevent blood clotting. I can do it myself but I'm a wimp and can't give myself shots! This is why I still have a full vial of B-12 and Lipo-B at home because I'm no good with needles!

Anyways, I feel a little less nervous and a little more confident after the Pre-Op appt. I've also decided to focus on losing 5lbs before my surgery, hoping this will help take my mind off of it, and just to get the weight loss ball rolling.

I bought a NutriBullet yesterday because I've heard great things about the energy it gives you and how it aids in weight loss, so hopefully this is a good start!

Surgery is scheduled for 4/20, so I'll keep you posted!!!

4 Days Post Op

Really swollen and bruised but I see a lil progress!

One Week Post Op Update

Had my drain tubes removed today and a lymphatic massage scheduled for tomorrow to help with the swelling. Still very swollen and bruised in areas but improving daily!

Two Weeks Post-Op

Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

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