31 No Kids Heavyset/chubby All Life

I have lost and gained. Smallest in adulthood was...

I have lost and gained. Smallest in adulthood was 170. Ideal weight 160. Back fat is extremely difficult doraville me to lose. However I love working out. About to start a juice cleanse for a few weeks. Getting lipo to full back abdomen flanks and possibly arms. Here are some wish pics. I am super excited

Pushed date back

Decided to move the date back from November 11th to November 23rd. I have more time to recover and lose weight. Still super excited. Where did you ladies and gents get your fajas?

Can't sleep

Still super excited. Really hoping I can get downm to 190 before the procedure.
Dr. Lavenhouse

First impression was great. Meeting with him a few days before procedure. Trying to get down to 180 prior. I am around 210 now. Haven't interacted with him enough for this section. I can tell his staff is very knowledgeable and care. Although there follow up from the original point of deposit/ contact could be better. From what I heard this is common throughout cosmetic surgery offices. I will be posting more as I get closer to the date.

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