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Hello, all, I am not comfortable putting my...

Hello, all, I am not comfortable putting my pictures on here because I have a job in which I see clients all over the US and I really don't want any of them knowing my business.

I will provide my experience 5 weeks out and let you know how this process went for me. Hopefully, my comments will help someone getting ready or considering a Lifestyle Lift. I am a 55 year old female and had no illusions I was going to look 25 again. I simply wanted to have my jowls and under eye bags removed. I had the following procedures in the Atlanta LL location: Lifestyle lift, upper and lower eyes, and full face laser. My sister and I went at the same time, so we had each other to look after us and stayed at a hotel close by. You will be a pumpkin head for a few days; but looking back now, I'm amazed how fast I recovered. I had very little pain after the first day and didn't need any heavy pain pills, tylenol was enough. I did everything the center told me to do before and after the surgeries. You will heal faster if you take bromelain and Vitamin C before and after the surgery. Helps with healing and bruising.

My sister and I both had our follow-up with Dr. Whitaker on Friday, the next day. However, we were concerned with the lack of follow-up by the center for the next few days. We finally received a call on day 6 regarding how we were doing. They knew we had both travelled very far and I felt should have called us back on Monday. Luckily, neither of us had severe reactions to the meds or the procedures and needed any other surgery.

I had my stitches removed on June 11 and could wear my contacts by then. So, I felt a lot better. I wore the head wrap for the entire 7 days following the procedure and then for 3 more weeks at night as they recommend.

The swelling has pretty much gone away and the sutures have been absorbed. I still have some numbness on both my cheeks, this is normal and could last for several more months. Scars are still behind my ears and I guess will be for a year or more. I am using Mederma on all of them. I had a tummy tuck in 2011 and still have scars from this. These procedures are not without pain or scars, so be ready to accept this.

My ears were very sore following the surgery. I kept anti-biotic cream on them for several weeks and this kept them from hurting so much.

You won't get a lot of information related to how the procedures are performed before the surgery, but I can tell the doctor pulls your neck skin up and cuts in front of and behind your ears and cuts the excess off. Skin removal around the eyes leaves a small scar on the upper lids but should fade within a few months, under eyes leaves no scar as the stitches are under the skin. I'm pleased with the results on this, however, I do look a little different. The shape of my eyes changed a little, but it's not a pulled, fake look that I did not want. I have been told it took about 15 years younger and I agree. As I said, I wasn't trying to look 25 again.

The full face laser is by far the toughest part. You are sedated, but awake, and it can be painful on some of the areas. It takes about 30 minutes, but you will be pleased with the results when the skin heals. Mine did within a week and if this is all you have, you could probably go back to work with makeup then.

I had my surgery on May 23 before Memorial Day and was able to go back to work on June 3. So about 10 days down time. You may need more or less depending on how many procedures you have. And, your own personal health plays a role. I don't smoke and I am in pretty good shape, eat right and work out regularly.

Everyone needs to weigh the pros and cons to see if right for you. We are all individuals and everyone heals and recovers differently.
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Dr. Whitaker is professional and I felt did a good job with me. I am pleased with my results.

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