Palomar ICON 1540 Laser Extreme Facial Fat LOSS - Atlanta, GA

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I recently had 2 full face non-ablative laser...

I recently had 2 full face non-ablative laser treatments with Palomar ICON 1540 laser.
I have severe fat loss to my face. My face was burning for 2 weeks and t was as it I could feel the fat melting there was so much heat in my face. I lost all te fat around the orbital bones of my eyes. I lost the fat in both of my cheeks. My forehead is bony--no fat. It was as if I received Lipo to my entir face. I followed up with a PS an I will need cheek implants and a full face lift and possibly a fat graft around my eyes.
The doctors office who performed this quick little procedure from hell will not return my call. The nurse performed the procedure and states that fat loss is impossible. The rep from Cynosure also states that "fat loss is impossible." The doctors office took pics of me when I went back to the office to talk to them. I had no skin around my eyes(purple bulging veins) no cheeks and grabbing a handful of loose skin. The nurse said I looked great and definately had skin tightening???!!!!! Thes lasers do affect the fatt layer of the skin. The new ICON is 70% more powerful and goes 30% deeper. The rep said it goes thru the fat layer but does not affect the fat. "It works on water", he said, "so it is impossible to affect the fat."
I mentioned that there is fat in water so it would affect the fat. "There's no water in fat!!" They both yelled. This is a typical case of companies "lying for profit." Even on the consent form to sign for laser treatment fat loss is not listed as a risk. Why???/ Because it is impossible of course.....
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The doctor was on vacation when the nurse performed the procedure. got a copy of the settings for the laser. The first treatment was with the XF handpiece the second was with the XD. he office refuses to acknowledge that I have no face left even though they took photos. I even sent them before photos from a week prior.It is so frustrating when you are going through hell and every day you see more fat loss and do not know when it will stop and be disfigured and told, "It's impossible."

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