Lipo on Tummy to Flatten What the Gym Can't - Atlanta, GA

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I'm a super active, healthy, 26 year old. I had a...

I'm a super active, healthy, 26 year old. I had a breast lift/aug a few years ago, and decided to have lipo while I was under. I didn't talk with my surgeon much about exactly what I wanted to get out of the surgery. He ended up working more on my sides to give me a good shape than flattening my stomach. I was happier with myself after the surgery than before, but not fully happy. I also had very realistic expectations that were not met (probably because of my lack of communication!).

Now, 4 years later, I have decided life is too short to be unhappy about things I can change. So, I began the search again for a good surgeon. I stumbled upon this website and made contact with many surgeons I read reviews about. I met with John Connors and was so happy that I booked my surgery that day.

I didn't want to be put under for lipo, and liked that he does the procedure in his office. Everything about my visit with him was perfect: his staff, gorgeous Candace Olson-esque office, his bedside manner, and also his answer to my many questions. I did my homework beforehand and know exactly what I want out of my surgery, so I made sure to ask all the right questions.

My surgery is now less than 2 weeks away, and I'm so excited! I'll post pre-op pics soon, and post-op ones afterward.

I am officially 1 day post-op! Here's a timeline...

I am officially 1 day post-op! Here's a timeline of how my day went yesterday ...

7:00am - woke up, cleaned my house, walked my dogs, and spent some time with them before having to take them to the boarder

10:30am - took Lyrica and my antibiotic with a small sip of water. I felt the effects of the Lyrica within 10 minutes of swallowing the pill. It made my tired. I almost fell asleep in the shower!

12:30pm - arrived at Dr. Connors office, very relaxed, and waited about 45 minutes to go back (there was another lipo surgery before me, and I didn't mind the wait at all. I was so chill and played Candy Crushers on my phone).

1:30 - change into a gown, then am given the Dr. Connor "cocktail" (1mg Xanax for anxiety, 75mg Lyrica for pain, and 25mg Phenergan for nausea) and told to relax. I was already very chill from the Lyrica earlier, so once these kicked in I was feeling pretty good.

2:00 - Dr. Connors comes in to mark me up. He asked me which areas bothered me the most, and circled them with a sharpie. I appreciated this SO much, because I know he is going to work on the areas that are the most troublesome to me (unlike my previous surgeon who didn't really ask what I wanted). I was still more alert than they wanted me to be, so I took another .5mg of Xanax.

2:30 - I was moved into the operating room (located in Dr. Connors office and just 2 doors over from where I was relaxing). The nurses were talking to me the entire time, making me feel very comfortable. His nurse Ashley is amazing!

3:00 - This is when the magic started to happen. I was injected with a local anesthetic on my tummy. Then 4 incisions were made, underneath my bikini line, for the cannula. Dr. Connors started with filling me up with the tumescent solution. It was a very strange feeling, because I could feel the cannula going in and out of, but it wasn't painful. It was like the other skin that wasn't numbed (tops of my legs, boobs, flanks) were also being moved because of the cannula, but again not painful - just an odd feeling.

If I said this experience was totally pain-free, I'd be lying. My experience is different than most because I had scar tissue built up from my previous lipo procedure. Dr. Connors had to forcefully break through that, which was painful, but nothing unbearable. Pain is beauty! There were also a few areas (mostly on my bra line) that I could feel pain when he hit, but that was a huge problem area for me so I didn't mind taking some pain to get rid of it. Overall, the procedure was easy.

They said that most people sleep through it, but I was somewhat alert and aware of what was going on (which I didn't mind at all). I kept asking questions, like "are you injecting the tumescent solution now?" "do you do a lot of lipo procedures?" "when can I start working out again?" etc etc. They were super nice, but I'm sure they wished I would just shut up. I could help that I felt a little loopy and wanted to babble!

Afterward, they stitched up 2 of my incisions and left 2 open to drain. I was then put into my compression garment, which is crotchless (thank god!), has shorts, comes up below my bra line (so I can wear my own bra) and has straps. It's actually really comfortable. They packed me with gauze pads over my lower stomach where the incision was made, and then some foam padding over the rest of my stomach. They must have packed me in really good, because I haven't had any drainage at all.

4:45pm - I was back in my recovery room, and was totally alert and aware of what was going on (but by no means was I completely "sober." Still had lots of drugs in my system). I called my roommate and gave her directions about where to meet me when I got wheeled down in the wheel chair. I was given pretzels and ginger ale, which I devoured and chugged. I also brought a huge powerade with me, which I also chugged. I get in the car with her, give her directions home, get home and pretty much immediately get in bed. I had no real pain on my tummy yet because I was still anesthetized.

5:30 - I'm drifting in and out of sleep for about 2 hours, then wake up and realize I'm in some serious pain. I hadn't taken any of my pain meds yet, so I take 1 of them. I was prescribed 2mg of Dilaudin (I'm allergic to all things codeine, so no perkoset, vicodin, or hydrocodone for this girl), and the directions take 1 every 4-6 hours. I'm not a wuss when it comes to pain at all, I actually have a very high threshold for pain, but I was really hurting. I deliriously called Dr. Connors office to ask them if I should take the Dilaudin or the Lyrica (if I was in my right mind I could've answered my own question - Dilaudin). 1 was not enough AT ALL, so 15 min later I took a 2nd one. 30 minutes of so after I took the 2nd one, I had some relief. Tip: don't wait for pain to arrive to treat it. Treat it before it happens, and don't be afraid to take your prescribed meds. That's why they're prescribed to you!

7:00 - I get a call from Dr. Connors to check on me. He asked me how I was doing and made sure I did a few things I was supposed to. I LOVED that. It was so nice to hear from him.

7:30 - about a half hour after I took the 2nd Dilaudin, my bf got here with Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I wasn't hungry at all, but needed food in my system bad. I got the Skinnylicious roasted turkey, avocado, and bacon sandwich. Hit the spot in a big way. I made him get 3 different types of cheesecake, too, because I was in the sampling mood (I gave him my order pre-surgery). I had no appetite, but I LOVE sweets, so I had room for some cake. I probably ate 1/3 of each slice and he had the rest. I felt a little sick afterward and could've vomited, but didn't want to because of how bad it would hurt to contract my stomach like that. I sucked it up, and we laid in bed for hours. I was drifting in and out of sleep the whole time.

I also had to go to the bathroom, so I get up to walk over there. Getting out of bed is AWFUL! Having to use my lower stomach muscles (where all of the incisions are) sucked. But I have a wrought iron bed, and I have now figured out exactly how to pull myself up and get in and out of bed with no problems. Sitting on the toilet was painful. It's tough to sit at a 90* angle like that, so I came up with a solution ... Somewhat gross, but I don't care. I close the lid on my toilet, have a huge bowl that I put on top of it, stand over it and pee, then toss it in my shower. Gross, I know, but no pain and easy so I don't care.

11:30 - Bedtime. I take 2 Dilaudin for pain. I was instructed to wake up every 2 hours to walk around to prevent blood clots, so I set my alarm for 1:30am, 3:30am, etc. I don't remember this very well, but my alarm goes off at 1:30am and my bf comes over to help me up. I told him there was no f*ing way I was getting up bc I was in too much pain. He goes back to bed, and then the 3:30 alarm goes off. He comes over to help me up, and I slowly get out of bed. When I stand up and all of the blood rushed to my stomach, I was almost in tears. I had to stand up and bury my head in his shoulder before I could walk to the bathroom. That was the last really painful moment I had.

5:30am - Alarm goes of again. I get up, walk to my kitchen, get back in bed. Wasn't feeling the need for pain meds at all. I was just sore, but I ended up taking 1 Dilaudin just in case. I didn't want to get back to the point of severe pain.

7:30 am - Same thing, but I go to the bathroom. I am feeling sore, but not painful.

10:30 am - Take Lyrica and antibiotic.

1:30 pm - Call Dr. Connors office to ask Ashley a few questions. I got a prompt call back and answer to all of my questions. His staff is A-mazing. I cannot speak highly enough of my experience.

3:30 pm - Nothing eventful has happened today. I've eaten some chicken w/ olive oil, fresh fruit, and some oreo cheesecake from last night. I've drank 2 huge powerades, and have gotten up to talk around 6 or 7 times. Sore, not in pain, and groggy from the Lyrica. I think tomorrow will be much better.

*Oh, I forgot to mention that I saw my stomach before they put the garment on. All I can say is that when swimsuit season rolls around, I'm gonna be one happy girl :) I have decided to leave my garment on until my post-op appointment next Thursday, so I will post pics once I change it.

*10 Days Post-Op* The worst is over!! I have to...

*10 Days Post-Op*

The worst is over!! I have to admit, it was tough for a few days. The most frustrating part for me was that I had to wear these 1/4" thick foam sheets (the size of a piece of paper ... 2 of them) covering my stomach because this was a revision. Dr. Connors said it was to prevent the lumpy-bumpiness, so I was more than happy to wear them! Unfortunately, they were SO hot and irritated my skin, so I wore a shirt underneath the foam. So my layers went tank top, foam, garment, normal clothes - I was one hot girl for a few days.

But that's over, and I am glad to be out of it. I had my post-op appointment at the 7th day mark. On the 6th and 7th days I was extremely swollen, to the point of it being hard to breath in my garment. I began icing often, putting arnica gel on my stomach and sides 2x a day, and taking an epsom salt bath 2x a day. What a difference! My garment now fits comfortably and I am noticeably less swollen.

I have noticed that when I walk quickly that I swell up really bad. So, now I walk extremely slowly and will pick up the pace in a few days once my swelling has stayed low for a little bit longer.

Still very happy I did it! Can't wait to see the final results.

His reviews, on this website and others, are fantastic. He and his staff made me feel well taken care of and at ease. I was treated with the utmost respect, never waited when I had an appointment, and had all of my questions answered. His bedside manner is unmatchable; he is personable, concerned about the patient and their wants/expectations, is skilled at what he does, and personally called me an hour after my surgery. Plus, his office looks like it was designed by Candace Olson. I will recommend him to literally anyone I know!

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