28 Year Old, Hate My Round Pregnant Looking Stomach - Atlanta, GA

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I went for a consultation for my laser liposuction...

I went for a consultation for my laser liposuction in May 2016 and I was ready to take their next available date that's how excited I was about the procedure! I am 28 Years old, no kids, pretty great career but I have always had a big stomach that wouldn't move with exercise and diet! I had a female surgery in August 2015 that made my stomach protrude worst. So I decided to go for it, here are my before pictures!

Before pictures June 14, 2016

My before pictures didn't upload...

Day 10- June 23, 2016

I put my review in late but I'm on Day 10 now and I am starting to feel a little better. I will be honest on Day 5 & 6 I was thinking what in the heck have I done to myself. It is a lot of soreness and pain! I am better today still extremely swollen so I'm still discouraged about my results. Hopefully soon I can show some new pictures.

FYI- I thought having a desk job would be better but it is horrible! Every time I get up I feel like I'm dragging someone pulling my stomach. I may end up with a humpback lol. No seriously this has been a tough week to endure!

Not good at reviewing lol

I'm not great at reviewing as you can see but I forgot my fat pictures! This is almost 6900 ccs ! My doctor was great he didn't want to pass 6800 but he was willing to go a little more to make me happy with my results! We got close to 6900 and he was going to go a little more but I was burning too bad! So that's where we stopped :)!

Day 12

I'm just laying in the bed lumpy and hard. I need a new shaper but my mama can sew so I'm going to let her run a seam down this one. I'm still not excited like I thought I would be but I'm trying to be patient. This site really does help. I think I made a mistake by telling those I'm close to that I was having this surgery because their expectations aren't occurring and they are making me feel bad. Anyway here is one picture from today and I didn't want to take this one :(.

2 Weeks!!

I am feeling so much better now! I'm still swollen but I'm noticing some subtle changes! I was able to put lotion on my legs this week lol. I do want to clear some things up my doctor did not give me any false expectations! I'm using this for exactly what I wanted and that is a jumpstart to better nutrition and exercising. I do not expect to have a flat stomach from this procedure because my stomach was huge.

Now, I have been eating bad for the last two weeks because I'm stressed out about a lot of other things. However, this week has been good I'm eating fruit and veggies. I only had bread yesterday for lunch. Anyway I will check back in at 1 month. Here is a lil update picture, not a lot of change but I do feel better!

2 Months!!

Almost 2 months. I just have a picture. Thanks!
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