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I have wanted to change my shape for about 15 yrs...

I have wanted to change my shape for about 15 yrs but I have only been seriously researching how for the last 5-6. I have been to 2 consultations, 1 with Dr.Johnson here in Atlanta and with Dr.Roberts in South Carolina about a year before he retired. I am really leaning towards a Dr in DR because doctors here in the states charge more than I can afford. I want to have my armpits,upper back,lower back,abdomen,flanks and maybe my inner thighs lipo'ed and have the fat transferred to my butt. I want a small waist, with a nice round butt. I really like the dip tht Dr.Jimerson gives his patients,but I don't have the $$$$ for him. I have been following different members on RS for abt a month now. I am a mother a 3 the oldest is 14, and the youngest is 4 and I breastfed all of them for over a yr! I hv noce sized boobs( DD) but they are not perky which I wld also like. I know tht having all thos areas lipo'ed is gonna put me in alot of pain so I might hv to think abt a breast lift later. I'm 38 and I feel like I hv to do this now or else it'll be too late. My mom is supportive, she wants it done too! My man...not so much. Lol. I appreciate you guys being so open abt your jounies. It helps more than you know. It's like all the women I see here in Atlanta and even celebraties, are soooo secretive abt getting work done. Wtf?!!! I'll share any/all info with my sisters here on RS. Hell I'll share with anybody tht asks me. Wish me luck in my search for "my quest for a donk",lol. Good luck to everybody.

Pre-Op Pics

Ok so I want to add my pre-op pics bc I am grateful to those ladies tht hv bared everything in their journeys to a more beautiful body. I just need help with covering my 1 tattoo. I've seen some ladies pics tht had like a scribble mark on their tatts or a cartoonish balloon type pic over their tatts,how do I do that???


I admire the unselfish men and women that support their wives/girlfriend's/partners decision to improve their bodies. I thought my fiancé was supportive until I expressed my NEED to get my sx. He says that I don't need it, my body looks good the way it is,etc... I think that is selfish,selfish,selfish! I'm glad I have a mind of my own bc although I'd love to have his support, I don't NEED it. I'll be alright. *Just my thoughts ladies carry on with your Sunday.

Pics (finally!)

Ok here goes

Lettin it All Hang out,lmao!

Me in my tired old birthday suit...

More pics

I'm gettin my life together girls!

So the need for hips, a big round butt, and a lift to get these boobs off my stomach. Speaking of this huge stomach, I want it outta here! I want my stomach to look like I'm hungry all the time,lol. I want the fat sucked out of my stomach,inner thighs (for a slight gap), back,flanks and armpits. I'm emailing my top 2 choices for docs today. Wish me luck. I might even contact Dr.Salama. Idk,his prices are moving up to Dr.Hollywood's (dr.jimerson) level now because his work is sooo good. I also think alot of his popularity is because of his location. His being on the right side of the border (for some ppl) makes him the ideal choice. I'll go wherever for great work. I ain't neva scurrrred! Ha ha.


I stayed up reading yall stories and comments alllll night! I am so ready to get my bbl &bl! I hv never been able to wear a tanktop w.o a bra. Strapless dresses, tube tops,etc. I cannot wait! No more $55 convertible braa for me. I just want to wear a halter top 1 good time. Whew! Ok sorry ladies, justing venting a little.


Oan:Does anybody kno who or where you can have (gulp) anal bleaching done? Might as well get everything perfected!

I got a response from Dra Duran

So less than 24 hrs after I emailed Dra Duran for my quote she replied.
Here's what she said:

If you are healthy and hemoglobin level is over 12 ok
My price for you us4,000
Liposculpture and bbl
Thank you so much!! Happy holidays for you too!!
You can call after 26 to my office and get availability
Here the general information:

Medication before surgery:
i like To know hemoglobin level if It is possible If not You can use a month before: Iron with ácido folico and vitamin C and B12 (only It before surgery)
Use 2 days before surgery antibacterial soap for take shower like dermiscrub liquid soap.

After surgery You'll need:

-fraxiparina o mexaprin
-amoxicilina con ácido clavulanico
-hierro (Iron)
Vitamina C, B12
Proteína (ensure)
Lioton gel (heparin gel)
Arnica (tab y crema)

toallas sanitarias (pad)
Franela o t sirt cotton (blanco, white)
Toallitas húmedas (wipes)
Ropa cómoda (confortable clothes)

This price includes:

•Pre-surgical medical examinations

•Cardiologic Evaluation

•Photographs (before and after surgery)

•Operating Room


•Post-surgical Accessory (1 Garment)

•Supplies and disposable materials

•Medicines (analgesics and antibiotics)

•Medical fees

•One night at the clinic

•One night of nursing care

•Consultation and medical checks before and after surgery

•Physician examinations and consultations, pre and post-operative

This price excludes the cost of medical insurance and post-operative medications. The medical insurance is a requirement and its purpose serves to ensure that you are covered in the event that you will need to be transferred to a local hospital in case of an emergency. The cost of this insurance is $130 or us150 USD. The cost of the post-operative medication is around $150 USD

The patient is responsible for reserving their flight and stay. I recommend that my patients stay at a recovery house to ensure they are receiving the proper care during their recovery. Please reserve your stay and send me the details of your choice upon confirmation of surgery. You will need to be here for at least 10 days

Angela’s Recovery House
+1 809-595-3109
Jazmine RH +1809 916-3543 and 1809531-2988
Soraya RH 1809 856-2002

If you would like to secure your date for surgery, please send a us250 deposit
Bank Account (for deposit, You can transfer money from Citibank To my bank Banreservas) not electronic transfer please (it is personaly from bank to bank in us money)
Banco de reservas República Dominicana.
200 02 092 000588 4
Agustina Hilario Duran
ABA 021000089

Please note: This deposit is non-refundable unless due to medical or emergency purposes, which then must be accompanied by proper documentation.

Our airport is located in the city of Santo Domingo and is called Las Americas International Airport (SDQ).
These are the airlines that provide commercial flights from there United States:
· American Airlines

· Continental Airlines

· Delta Airlines

· Spirit Airlines (Cheap)

· Jet Blue (Cheap)

Please send me an email once you have sent the deposit so that I can confirm and secure your date. Also provide me with your flight information and recovery house details once you have them so that I am able to ensure you have everything you need for your stay.

Thank you,

Dra. Agustina Hilario Duran

The International Center of Advanced Plastic Surgery (CIPLA)
137 Avenida Pedro Henriquez Urena, 2nd. Floor Suite 212, Sector La Esperilla, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
(809) 565-5348 | Cell: (809) 707-7163 | (809) 331-5050 ext. 212,

That's good. I had a price range in my head and it was on point with what she quoted me. Now on to Dra Yily for her quote just to compare,Duran is my top choice. It's only between her and Yily now since I'm removing Salama from the list. Plus, I read one of you ladies comment about Duran doing Yily's BBL, that did it for me. If 1 PS trusts you to do her own sx Duran must be as good as everyone says. LATER SISTAHS!

Yily quote

Good Morning Ladies. Ok so yesterday I emailed Dra. Yily some pics and asked for 2 quotes,1 for a BBL with fat lipo'ed from my whole back,armpits,flanks, upper and lower abdomen and inner thighs. The 2nd quote I asked for included a breastlift. i'm not so sure if I want her to do my breastlift because I am not a fan of that dreaded vertical scar. I've only seen 1 doctor that does a bl without that vertical scar,he's a male,hold up I just forgot his name. When I remember I'll post it. i just wanted to see how much more Yily would charge with a bl included. She responded within an hour! I was kinda surprised because of the reviews I've read on RS about everyone having such a hard time getting a reply, oh well anyway I'll post the prices she gave me:

Thank you for contacting the office of Dra. Yily de los Santos.

We appreciate your inquiry and have prepared the quote below based on the information you have provided us. We have also included relevant information on the requested procedures and as well as important things you should know before and after surgery. Please read through the email and feel free to reach out to us should you require additional information. We look forward to help you achieve your dream body. Kindly note all prices quoted throughout this email are in US dollars. The quote is valid for 6 months.

Quote #1 Total: $4,500 USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)
· Breast Lift

Quote #2 Total: $3,500 USD

The above quote total includes the following procedures:

· Liposuction of the abdomen, full back, armpits, flanks and waist
· Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

Also included in the quote total are the following:
· One compression garment (distributed by SILIMED)
· EKG test performed by our resident cardiologist
· Anesthesiologist Fee (Epidural Block)
· Clinic and Surgery Fees (room, operating room, nurses, IVs, 3 meals, surgical assistants, etc).

Optional Costs:
· Lymphatic massages $31 each session (10 sessions suggested)
· Additional garment $140
· Compression sleeves for your arms $60
· Compression Socks $20
· Blood Transfusion $250
· Medical Insurance. It covers any complication that may present withing the first 30 days after surgery. $150

So her price is $500 cheaper than Duran's. Idk tho. I like both Drs work. It's very similiar to me. The only difference to me,and someone correct me if I'm wrong I'm going based on reviews I've read. I haven't met either Dr. in person yet,is that Dr. Duran will actually look at the wish pics you bring her whereas Dr. yily won't. I read that she pretty much fresstyles but her results are always great?!!! Help me out ladies. Anyone met both Dra. Yily and Duran for a consult? What was your experience like?


Idk if I put this before but neither Dr.Yily or Dr. Duran asked me to lose weight before performing my sx. I'm around 165-168lbs, 5"6 1/2 and I've had 3 children. I told both Drs all tht. Hopefully it won't b another story when I get to DR cuz ain't nobody got time for that!


Hi Ladies, I found the Dr. I was interested in doing my bl without the ugly vertical scar. Here's what I found on RS:
I strongly advise you to visit the 'related breast lift Q&A' section of this site and look at the vast number of complications seen with vertical scar breast lifts. Trust me, I used to perform these back in the day and the vertical incision was by far the most problematic. Why place a cut at the point of maximum tension? Not a wise decision (pardon the pun!).

This led me to develop the Ultimate Breast Lift technique where the vertical scar has been completely eliminated. The skin envelope is no longer the only structure maintaining the shape and support (like the others). An internal bra (designed from your own tissue) reshapes and anchors your breast tissue beautifully. The inframammary incision is not a problem.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards,

Dr. H

Web reference:


Gary M. Horndeski, MD
Texas Plastic Surgeon
97 reviews

Uh oh nerves getting to me

Okay soooo,I've been procrastinating a lil bit and it's time to check myself. At first I sd "I won't join RS until I have a doctor in mind", then I joined. Next I said, "I'll wait until I hv all the $$ before I contact drs for quotes", then I got a little bit of heart and emailed my 2 choice drs,Yily and The Doll Maker-Duran. Mind you ladies, I'm paying for this by myself and counting solely on my income tax to make it happen. My significant other, no scratch that BOYFRIEND is not behind my decision at all. He says "you don't need it", "you can lose that in the gym", "you could do so many other things with that $", "etc. So now it's tax time. I've honestly been sitting on the income tax returns for abt 4 days now. I know some of you ladies are screaming "WHATTT?" Rt now. I know, I know, but I'm so scared to take this huge step. I used to be so fearless (read-impulsive) when I was younger, but I'm a month away from my 39th b-day and I'm super scary now. I hv 3 beautiful kids and I'm a little afraid of something happening during sx like I won't wake up. Look, I've tried God way too many times to count. I mean like really been in 2 life threatening situations so I'm smart enough now to know when to stop. Also, bc my bf doesn't agree is tht gonna ruin our relationship? I know, it's abt me being happy but, I'm happy in my relationship too! Plus, he's already fit. He's always been skinny but he works out like a maniac and never even had a beer belly. Plus, he's in a demanding job tht makes him workout all the time so he doesn't understand my struggle. Eff it! I'm doing my taxes tonight. I want something for me. I don't feel good in my clothes and I always wanted a nice round butt, so I'm buying one. Plus, I really think tht he's not so secretly jealous of what I'll look like after this sx. He made the mistake of showing his insecurity once before when I went out of town and he knew I'd be seeing my ex husband. If he could just be honest and say he's wooried than I'd understand tht but, he won't. It's crazy bc he was so helpful and attentive when I had to get sx before. It wasn't cosmetic though. He was like my own personal nurse! He fed me, gave me meds every few hrs, cleaned up after me bc I got food poisining while recovering from sx, and constantly went out to get me milkshakes and creamed spinach and jello since that's all I ate for 2 1/2 wks. It's not like he would hv to take care of me, my mom has volunteered as long as I return the favor(she wants a bbl,tt & br) after my sx.
I don't know... So sorry this is so long but I'm taking the next step tonight. I already hv to wait until early summer to get sx bc 1.)Duran is booked up and 2.)I finally enrolled in school after being out for 19 yrs so my recovery window is very small now tht I'm bk in I'm not stopping again until I get my degree. Well ladies, that's enough of my drama, for now :/


Sorry abt the huge paragraph. I'm in school now, I'll fix tht next time.

consultation w/ Dr. Perry

Hiiiii ladies! Okay sob in this quest for a better me I've come to Miami for a consultation with Dr. Perry. I'm still a Duran Doll, just came with my mom who's having sx too. So far the office is really pretty. I'm adding pics so yall can see. Norma is really nice too. We got so lost leaving the hotel and she was very helpful.

Mar 2014

Ok so I hv to push my sx to next Dec or so. I'm not happy abt it but it's for the best. We recently had a health scare w./ my mom and I learned some things tht are detrimental to my health. I'll probably be going with a Dr here in the U.S for a # of reasons: 1.) Ever since the booty queens Dra.Yily and Dra Duran have increased their popularity as you can expect, their prices hv increased as well. I'm happy tht they are so popular, tht tells me tht their work is really tht good.Yily quoted me $3500, and Duran quoted $4000, then I hv to buy plane tix,recovery house,supplies,etc. With that being said, I can spend the same amt of $ on another booty professional, Dr Fisher. His work is phenomenal,(see wantingbetterresults to see wht I'm talkinbout)! His price is within the Dr doctors range and I don't hv to fly. Yes, the car ride from Atlanta is long but, with my mom's health scare I learned tht my family has a history of blood clots and flying anytime during the same yr tht you have sx can leave you at risk for developing life threatening blood clots(FYI- that goes for anybody,not just my family). 4 of my mom's siblings have them plus my mom so flying after sx is not an option anymore. No one can see how fat my butt is if I'm in a coffin. So I'll do more research on Dr. Fisher and make a decision. I want to be evenly proportioned and I want to turn heads but I also want to live same as I want for everyone on RS so I'll chill and do my homework. Plus after I decided that I wasn't going to Dr. Yily or Duran anytime soon, I went shopping! lol! So I have to get my stash back up anyway for sx. Oh that reminds me, what kind of jeans do my big booty sistas wear now after sx?Since gaining weight for sx and then losing control,I now weigh 165 lbs. I can still fit my favorite designers but what about after sx? Do you girls wear 7s, or Hudson, or Citizens??? I'm not wit the "ave" jeans. Or *gasp jeggings! Yes tights are ok sometimes but what about jeans? Somebody please let me know. Thanks

Forgot the Salama part...

I almost forgot, we also went to Salamas' office while we were in Mia but, I didn't even go into that consulation. For 1, the waiting room is super small. It was jam packed, like no seats. I understand that the DR doctors offices are like this too? Idk but it turned me off. I was so pissed after we waited 3 hrs that I told my mom to go in without me. I went and sat in the car. I know that some ppl like the fact that he's associated with a hospital but c'mon! He's on the higher end of the pricing scale! Dr. Salama, lease a bigger space. Or at least tell your reception staff not to fill your appointments. Space them differently, idk something. It's ridiculous. People were waiting so long they were eating in that tiny as waiting room, kids were rolling around on the floor in the hallway, ratchet *ladies were talking loud on their phones, ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE IN THE WAITING ROOM! It was a whole mess.
Dr. Perry's facility,completely different. The space was nice, his patient coordinator, Norma was professional and prompt, no long wait, and Dr. Perry was very nice. He knows his stuff, and he's passionate about it too. I like that. Anyway, that's all for now. Be well Ladies
I like the work of Drs Jimerson,Yily,Salama and Duran in that order

After extensive research I've changed my mind ,again. I'm now interested in Dr. Cabral in DR or if I stay here in the states and pay more money it'll be Dr. Fisher in Miami. I also like Dr. Manon but not enough to consider him for my surgery.

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