25 Year Old Female, Acne on Cheeks

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I have struggled with my skin ever since I was a...

I have struggled with my skin ever since I was a young teenager. I was in and out of dermatologists offices over the years, my Mom was desperate to get me help as well. I would go on retinals, a couple cycles of antibiotics and a couple rounds of different birth control pills. All of these things made my skin improve a little but it was never perfect. I would always have atleats 2-3 active pimples at a time. I never had horrible skin but it was never perfect. It would always bother me when I would wear foundation too because the texture of my skin was not great from either having an active pimple or ones that were healing. About a year ago I decided that I no longer wanted to take the birth control pills. I am an extremely healthy eater and very particular about chemicals and my body and it just no longer made sense to me to be putting these chemicals into my body, I especially did not feel like it was worth it because it was not making my skin perfect. Well about a month after stopping the pills my skin got even worse! I tried everything natural I could find, tea tree oil cleansers, AVC, oil cleansing, etc. Nothing was working and I needed help. It was starting to really effect me and I noticed I was becoming more of a home body and trying to find excuses all the time to get me out of social engagements. I hated looking at my skin in the mirror. My mother had called one day to tell me that a friend of hers son who had horrible acne was getting these treatments called Isolaz and they were really working for him. He had the kind of cystic acne that is hard to look at and looks incredibly painful. I decided that I needed to do something so I made an appointment to see a dermatologist that offered the Isolaz treatment in their office. When I went in the derm really pushed hard for me to try accutane. I was freaked out. I didn't think my skin was that bad, I had always thought of accutane for people with "pizza face". I believe the derm pushed the accutane because I said I had tried so many things over the years and that accutane would be a way to finally just be done with it all. That all sounds great but upon doing some research on accutane the side effects to the body just out weigh the benefits in my personal opinion. I was especially freaked out when the derm said I would have to get my blood tested regularly to make sure something to do with my liver was not getting off balance. I was like um no thank you. Anyways the derm said I could try out Isolaz because it does that same thing as Isolaz, its just not as permanent as accutane. I would rather do Isolaz as a maintenance treatment every so often than take a chemical as harsh as accutane. So I made my first appointment for an Isolaz treatment about a week later. Now I will say that since that first appointment I was prescribed Ziana to apply at night time before bed. I really like that gel. Anyways the first treatment went well, I did not see much of a difference in my skin but it did not get worse at all, which made me happy because I know some people break out after their first few treatments. The treatment feels weird but did not hurt me at all, I know not everyone feels the same way, but it didn't bother me one bit. The only thing to be careful about is the derm or who ever is administering the treatment cools the tip every couple of clicks because the light can get hot and almost feel like a burn. I started noticing a real improvement after my 3rd treatment. The small bumps that weren't yet pimples but probably would have turned into angry pimples were greatly diminished. From the 3rd treatment to the 4th treatment I say no difference and was actually getting a little discouraged. So on the 5th treatment we decided to do the Isolaz followed by a 35% salicylic acid peel. ( I was going for Isolaz every other week) After this 5th treatment I have seen a HUGE improvement!!! After some of the peeling subsided I haven't had any new breakouts, just old ones healing. If this continues I will probably go back from another treatment and peel in a couple of weeks just to prevent new break out and to start working on evening out the scaring pigmentation. I am so happy with the results and that I do not have to take accutane!!! These before and after pics are from my 3rd treatment to the 5th treatment. Isolaz does take some time to work but it is totally worth it and worked well for me.
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