Tumescent/Lipo/Fat to Butt!!!NO foreign body implant/The Count Day is Here...God's Speed - Atlanta, GA

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*Treatment results may vary

114 - 116 lbs ish..petite 5 4 Wellness Center...

114 - 116 lbs ish..petite 5 4
Wellness Center offers a range of services to enhance appearance and support a healthy body. Gifted cosmetic surgeon, Dr. M. Carter can transform your body into a curvaceous figure with liposuction and buttock augmentation. These safe and effective techniques remove stubborn fat deposits and enhance your silhouette.
Doc says I'm a good candidate for moderate fat grafting. The date is set for tomorrow May 14th, 2014. After thorough research my option. I'm relax with this option..NO foreign body..TO BE CONTINUED!

Day uno...

Arrived at the facility 30 minute early for my 10 am appt. Let get show on the road. Dr. Arrive, filled out paperwork initial all bullet points. Paid my remaining balance. .Full payment! Taken back to room to de- clothe. ..cap, gown, socks. Time pics by doc. Went back to private room to relax..here come Doc with a white pill, blue pill and red syrup taste in a syringe taken by mouth. Felling mellow after few minutes:) Got marked up...Escorted to gurney, then fat process begins from back, flanks and stomach to butt. I think whole process 2 hrs. Dr. mentioned around 500 cc to each cheek. To my surprise NO PAIN!! was walling around waiting for my ride home. The nurse said I should lay down though. My ride arrived 2 pm..back seat towel down with under pads..yes was letting out blood tinged fluid. On my home picked up Antibiotics and pain Meds..came in handy cause pain started on left side rib cage.. Didn't feel tired at all..slight discomfort getting in out of bed..Did it all alone! Day 2 wraps comes off in 24 hrs let air - dry per Dr. Compression garment 4-6 weeks..

Day uno...

*meant was walking around..

Day uno continue

Day Tres..

Saw Dr. Yesterday. .was able to drive myself sitting on a tube 15 mins away...as per him looking fabulous, I agree!:) no pain at this point. Stomach, still little bruised and swelling. I cheated and went out last night dinner date sat on my thighs the whole time. The guy was a talker with interest, just wanted to get up and stand, because I was somewhat hurting . Dr. Mesotherapist recommend no hot shower olive oil rub down before and cold press. Abominal board for compression on my stomach and small compression garment $!! One more day on the antibiotics. Recommendation my Dr. lymphatic massage in week and a half at 5 session...ummm?

1 week..woohoo!!

Been 1 week...Blessings!. .pain has subsided. Somehow most pain from left side stomach area. Swelling, getting there, hardness to softness on the butt pending...
It's easy to take advantage for the simple things like sitting. .no sitting on butt yet as per Dr. orders-2 weeks after surgery. Am able to go out, short- drive myself sitting on tube. To be continued. ..

1 week photos added...

2 weeks mark!

photo update

3rd Week

Had 3rd synergy massage. .it helps!

4 Weeks..compression garment off!..pending how I feel 6 weeks max

4 Weeks

Dr. Carter

Phone conversation. .very patient, attentive and answer all questions..always available a phone call away..

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