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In 12/2010, Dr. Brian Maloney of Atlanta did brow...

In 12/2010, Dr. Brian Maloney of Atlanta did brow lift, upper/lower eye lid lift, tightening of lower jaw line, and chin implant. Surgery went well, healing went well, and everything looked pretty good at about the 6 month mark except for the upper eye lid and brow. They had dropped back to where they were. He went back in and tightened the upper lids again, to no avail. Now 2 incision marks and he still didn't get them tight enough and/or he should have redone the brow lift. He also pulled my hair line up so high on the base of my scalp, that I am self-conscious about wearing my hair up anymore, looks ridiculous!

Around the 7-8 month timeframe, I expressed concerns about the lower jaw line which was already sagging back where it was because he had only tightened up under the ear, didn't pull skin up over cheek bone and into hair line. He asked me to wait until the 1-year anniversary in 12/11, which I did. Looking at the before photos compared to the 6 month photos, compared to the 12 month photos you can see that it appears that NOTHING has been done, in fact some areas look WORSE! I haven't had anyone be impressed with his work on me. This all cost $25000+. He wanted me to let him go back in and do some more work. I got a 2nd opinion from a different plastic surgeon, who confirmed that the work done was very bad, and that old, ineffective procedures were used. Now why would I want to go back in and have the same doctor do the same procedures that never worked to begin with? DO NOT GO TO THIS PLASTIC SURGEON!!! He also refused to reimburse me for ANY of the $25K even though I was completely dissatisfied.

Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon

Worst quality in cosmetic procedure ever. 1 year after face lift, couldn't even tell that anything had been done. Never received a compliment. In fact, some areas of my face look WORSE!

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