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Absolutely not worth it. I asked my well known and...

Absolutely not worth it. I asked my well known and trusted aesthetic dermatologist for opinions for facial plastic surgery docs and she did not hesitate to recommend Dr Maloney. He was recommended by someone I trusted and specialized in facial plastic surgery only - all this made me confident and excited to finally get work done that would correct a few flaws that made me self conscious.

I cannot begin to tell you how mortified I am. My brows: too high in the center, drooping on the lateral and touching lashes and the worst part is a huge indentation in my forehead. I've had botox and numerous consultations from other plastic surgeons who feel sorry for me and still can't fix it. My neck: I have neck sagging, jowels still sagging, and worst is a huge dent under my chin with irregular contour. Postop: I had a huge corneal laceration from the eye drying out during surgery, staphylococcus infection behind my ears and the worst ear infection that I was in the Emergency room and have it antibiotics and thought by 2 MDs to have an abcess. Dr. Maloney was contacted and I was being taken for a CT scan but he told the Emergency room doctor I didn’t need one... Over the phone... He was in Texas... The Emergency room doc cancelled the CT scan. I felt scared, in severe pain, medicated with iv pain meds. I was given high powered antibiotics and antifungal meds eye drops and pain meds. 2 weeks after my Ophthalmology MD said the laceration to the cornea was still there and couldn't believe an ophthalmic consult was not done in post op, that is standard medical practice with eye injury from surgery. Not doing so keeps the incidence of complications look lower.. But is against all standards of practice.

I could not hear our of my affected ear for 2 months.

As to the results of the procedures overall: it has been over a year since surgery, I don't look in the mirror, I don't take pictures. I'm growing my bangs to try and over my dented forehead, I cry a lot, I've gained weight. I feel depressed, swindled, foolish. I've seen 3 plastic surgeons since got consults to possibly fix the problems. I would love to have anything remotely close to the computer images Dr. Maloney gives you before scheduling surgery. However at this point I would be happy just to look how I did before the surgery. I absolutely look worse, obviously flawed.

Would anyone in their right mind ever allow the same surgeon to redo surgery when so much had gone wrong? I wouldn't let him touch me for free, or even if he refunded my money and gave me more.

I am now more scared than ever to have anyone try to fix it through surgery. Botox hasn't fixed anything.

The surgeons have all said the techniques Dr. Maloney used were extremely outdated and caused the volume loss, asymmetry and there is obvious laxity on my neck, cheeks and brows.

Also: I was only 42 years old when these procedures were recommended to me by Dr. Maloney. Every plastic surgeon I have been to has basically said it is ludicrous to have been recommended to have a full Face-lift at that age. I can't believe I was such a fool.


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disfigured neck

need reconstruct surgeon

infection and incision not in hair

now my scar shows if I wear my hair up. hairline unnatural.

hairline scar

chin scar and forehead dent.

4 years later

Well, I look back to not only my pictures but my life prior to surgery. I really wanted to just have brows lifted and fix some minor sagging of the neck. Now, 4 years later, I can honestly saw that I am way worse. It would have been nice to at least have SOMETHING better after 20 grand and all of that physical and emotional suffering. The brows are hideous and absolutely ridiculous looking. The middle of my brows are high and the lateral of my brows are low. The eyelids are sagging touching my lashes. Having the sides lower than the middle with sagging lids is not cute. So what do I do: I wear bangs and thick glasses to cover my brows completely. I hide. My neck- I just don't look in the mirror anymore. My hairline: I don't wear my hair up. I made the mistake of trying to wear my hair in a ponytail twice. The first time a casual aquantaince said "what kind of accident did you have?" The 2nd time a friend (who I hadn't told about this) said "your hairline is so strait, that's weird!" (she meant it jovially and never would have said it if she had known I had such an problem and depression over this. If I didn't have the scars, if I didn't have the neck disfigured, if I didnt have the brows disfigured..... If I didn't have the surgery.... Should I get fillers? Should I have more surgery? Should I continue to hide, gain weight, keep invisible? I ask myself these questions every single day. My life prior to surgery was optimistic and vibrant. I was dating, enjoying life. Since then? I do my absolute best to be invisible. No eye contact, no makeup, gained at least 40 lbs, glasses, I wear a lot of black. I'm on medication for depression. I feel like if I can just not make eye contact then I cant see people looking at me like WTF?

This isn't what I expected

Why I did it

Here's my before on the left. The computer imaged results I was supposed to get after having surgery. As you can see, I look worse and definitely NOTHING LIKE THE EXPERIENCE AFTER PICTURE
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