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I try not to write a review that could impact...

I try not to write a review that could impact someone's reputation, but I feel that people who are considering surgery should be able to see the result of his work. It has been almost 9 months since my double eyelid surgery and I can confidently write a review with enough time to see my final result. I knew something was wrong when I went in for consultation and on the surgery date. I had asymmetrical double eyelids before surgery. I went in for consultation and wanted to fix the asymmetry and to also raise my crease and make it bigger. I also wanted parallel and not tapered eyelids. He used some paperclip like thing to show me a simulation of what my crease would look like and I liked what he showed me. It was a medium crease and that's what I wanted. He told me I need full incision and an EPI. He said I have ptsosis and he will fix that as well. I said no to the EPI. I came in for surgery, on the surgery date he told me he can't give me parallel crease without an EPI. I was curious to why, but opted to get the surgery without the EPI anyways. During surgery, when I gained consciousness, his assistant was feeling fainty and she had to be replaced. I heard her whispering that she did not feel right. Another assistant came in and helped him and then I heard her whispering that she needs to stop and take a break. I was scared b.c I thought something had went wrong with my surgery, but I didn't question them. After surgery one of my eyelids were everted. My lashes were sticking up and you could see my waterline. He said that was normal and it will go down. My eyes were uneven, but he said that it was due to the swelling. When he took the suture out my crease fell drastically lowered. I asked him about it and he said it was due to my brow lowering. This was 1 month into the surgery. How could my brow lowered so fast in 1 month? He said I needed a brow lift. I knew then that I do not need a brow lift and that his surgery was a fail. About 3 months in I found a very thin thread sticking out my eye. I immediatedly called him and he advised me to cut it off. He said it was the suture underneath my eye, it's working it's way out of my skin. Those were supposed to dissolve, but I guess it didn't. Now I am thinking it might be a suture on the eyelid that he didn't take out. I tried to have faith that my uneven eyelids were due to swelling, but it's been almost 9 months since the surgery. Now my eyes are uneven, more uneven than I started out with. The smaller crease before surgery is now the bigger crease, and vice versa. One of my eyelids has more fat in it while the other doesn't. It is a noticeable asymmetrical difference. I emailed the doctor to ask for his advice and what the next step should be. He has not responded to my email. I have been so depressed about my eyes. I regretted the surgery and wish I would've did more research before giving my eyes to just any surgeon. I am waiting until the 1 year mark to seek out the opinion of another surgeon. I cannot speak for this particular surgeon and all of his work, but I can assure you that when it comes to double eyelid surgery he is not the one to go to. I will not post a photo b.c I want to remain private. It is hard enough just to talk about the bad experience.

In addition

I also want to add that the eye with the everted lashline is less everted but you can still tell the difference b.w that eye and the other eye. I did not include this in the message above, but my crease has lowered drastically to where it looks just like it did before surgery except more asymmetrical. Of course it looks even more weird b.c the fat is not the same on both eyelids. So you have one eyelid that has a higher dimension while the other looks flatter. It looks like one of your eyes is swollen when it's not.
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