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Had surgery on 7/27/2012, Dr. J did a great job. 9...

Had surgery on 7/27/2012, Dr. J did a great job. 9 weeks post op as of today. Id be happy to answer any questions ask away ladies. The only major problem for me was finding a good fitting garmet. My backside is a little big so the garment that was placed on me after my surgery was very painful, & so was the garment that I purchsed (in photos above), So at about my 3rd week I took my garment off.

Hi I am 14 weeks 3 days post op. Im healing very...

Hi I am 14 weeks 3 days post op. Im healing very well. I failed to mention before that I am a 26 yr old mother of 2. 10 yr old and 7 yr old both natral births. I had my kids very young and felt like it destroyed my stomach since my kids are much older now and I dont want anymore. I decided to fix this problem. My goal is not to be thin I never have been, but I just want to look good in clothes. Now that my tummy is flat I plan on getting a breast reduction within the next 2 years.

I still fell pain sometimes in my stomach or on my sides its not horrible pain its mostly when i workout like jogging,it feels as if someone garbs ahold of my side and is squeezing it, but i find that wearing my binder works while working out Also if I dont wear my binder for 4-5 days at a time my stomach tends to swell a little, my boyfriend notices it to and he'll always say umm wheres your binder lol. but after a day of wearing it my stomach is right back flat weird right?? Has anyone else expirenced this at 14 weeks post op?

**When I say binder Im talking about a Golds trimmer Waist Trimmer belt that I got from Wal mart
please feel free to answer questions

I was asked about the waist trimmer belt I got...

I was asked about the waist trimmer belt I got from WalMart here is my reply

when I woke from surgery i had on a binder that just went around my waist problem with this one was because my butt is large it folded and was very painful, one of the ladies at the dr office suggested I put thick maxi pads there for comfort. That didn't work. I was already warned beforehand that this may be a problem so I actually bought a spanx like binder for $150 it was painful as well. So at 3 weeks I took everything off. My stomach started to swell and I was very discouraged because everyone says if you don't wear it the results will be horrible. I searched the internet and saw something similar to the waist trimmer for post op patients. I already had the waist trimmer way before surgery and at this point i was desperate. So i threw on a pair of old spanx that i had and wrapped my self extra tight with the waist trimmer and went to sleep, i woke up to see that i had flattened out again it was such a relief!! I was about 5 weeks at that point. To be honest with you if i had thought about the waist trimmer belt i would have worn that from day 1. I feel it does the same thing as the binder and you can just adjust it when needed, with the binders as you get smaller you have to purchase new ones. I used my waist trimmer belt sooooo much that i broke it, i went to sports authority and found one that is a little wider and i use it everyday.

25 week post op. Im doing good now, stll having...

25 week post op. Im doing good now, stll having pain on my sides so i wear my band to bed. I have not been to Dr. J office in quite a while.
Im already planning my next surgery. I am getting a breast reduction much needed as you can see Im a size H.

I HATE my scar also, you can see under the scar there are 2 little dents that is where the drains were, the drains were pretty deep down in my skin so they may take a while to become flat. The scar still is pretty tender so I dont think I can take getting a tattoo yet.

Do any of you have a tattoo cover up yet? If so how long did you wait to get it?

Also if you look at the photos in green i have a pocket of fat on my side Dr J that those are my thighs and he wasnt going to touch that. I wish he would have because in some clothes it looks weird. So I really am debating getting more lipo

Trying HCG shots for 40 days and about to get butt...

Trying HCG shots for 40 days and about to get butt shots. I already lost 12 pounds with hcg in 1 week. I'm looking forward to seeing my body change:) I will keep you guys posted

pic update

Been over a year now. Quick update.

DR. Jimerson is very good at what he does NO QUESTION!!!! I had my original consultation in 2009, and I was not quite ready to do it then, but DR. Jimerson not as famous as he is now his prices were cheaper and he spent a great deal of time with me during my consultation. So when I was 100% ready in 2012 I went back to him. This time everything was more rushed and the wait times were longer. I think i sat in the consultation room for about 90 minutes before he came in. and that was the only time I saw him. I saw him at one post op visit for about 2 minutes when I had a issue where I was leaking fluid. He is not a dr for people who need more hand holding, he is a very busy man so I respect that.

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