Coolsculpting Inner Thighs-30 Year Old Avid Fitness Enthusiast. Atlanta, GA

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Im 5'3" 125#. I'm pretty fit everywhere-except for...

Im 5'3" 125#. I'm pretty fit everywhere-except for a few areas which I feel I have "pockets" of fat that never seem to go away no matter how intense my training is. I have a clean, healthy diet, I limit my amount of processed foods & do cardio/weights 5-6 days a week.
Had several consultations for lipo of inner thighs over past few years. This area has always bothered me since high school & never seems to diminish or get better in anyway. They touch, and this has made me self conscious in a swimsuit. My stomach is flat-thighs & upper arms are really the only areas I would say I truly have "stubborn fat." Every time I went to get a consultation-the surgeons officd would always try to upsell me on other areas, try to add a boob job, etc... The cost I was quoted was usually around $5,000-$6000 , but they always seemed to want to do more areas or add things and I literally came SO close to doing it like twice-scheduled the appointment & everything but then always cancelled. The downtime was just too much for me and I hate being under anesthesia. When I heard about coolsculpting-I instantly knew I had to do it!!!

I went in for a consultation. Sadly they said my thighs were really the only area with enough fat to do coolsculpting. I know I say "sadly," but I guess this is a blessing. They pinched my thighs and said I was a "perfect candidate," lol... As for my arms which I wanted done, they said there isn't a handpiece for your arms yet? They said they thought doing arms was too risky, and in the past they had tried to attach the piece to people's arms but it wasn't quite long enough (horizontally placed of course) & ended up leaving a small fat bulge near the elbow that even small lipo job couldn't fix!!! I would be interested to know or read about someone that had their arms done, because I have seen pics on arms before so I thought that was strange...
Had procedure done at after consultation at 2 pm. They took before pics & had me rotate in a circle while snapping away.. Then led me to coolsculpting room. I undressed & stood in front of a mirror while the nurse marked my legs with a sharpe in a horizontal line. Then she had me lay on a bed propped up in front of a tv, she placed a cool gel pad on my first inner thigh and then placed the machine. I felt light headed because I always freak myself out when it comes to these things... But everything was fine. The initial pull is quite intense and the cold is of corse, shocking. I found it to be rather uncomfortable the whole time but not unbearable. It sort of stung and ached. An hour later I was done. The worst part is the massage afterwards. My leg was red and raw and she was massaging all around-I actually winced in pain. Don't let anyone tell you this is painless because it hurt like hell.i had to pee halfway through and it felt real funny to walk through the halls in a robe to the restroom but oh well... After that she did other leg for the next hour. She left the room but came back to check on my periodically. I also had a button to press in case of emergencies. I was much more relaxed with second leg because I knew what to expect. Again-the massage was the worst part.

Afterwards she wiped marker off-wich hurt again... My inner thighs were incredibly sore, but numb? Lol sounds weird but really felt like a "cold burn..." I felt heavy and numb for first 5 days. Like abnormally heavy. I don't eeigh myself much for personal reasons but I knew I had to have gained a few pounds because I haven't been able to wear jeans-only maxi skirts/dresses. I was incredibly bloated, uncomfortable, felt like I had two solid water filled tree trunks for legs. Today is the 6th day and I'm just now being relieved of the swelling. And it wasn't just in my legs-it was my whole body! Apparently everyone's body reacts differently, but I'm glad I didn't schedule any important meetings these past 6 days because I feel/sort of look like a balloon. I'm just now getting the "deep itch" everyone says try feel. It's almost a relief to me because in my mind anything is better than the massive swelling I had. I mean I'm too embarrassed to even share pictures-I know this had to be a rare reaction although some others have probably experienced it as well.
But as for right now, my inner thighs are extremely itchy, like deep down inside. I'm trying to massage them but they are still sore and it doesn't help anyways. I hope this means the procedure is working. I guess we will play the waiting game now... I will post before /after pics when it has been the proper amount of time. I'm really hoping this works-they say you are supposed to feels "stinging" and "butning, electrical" sensation by now but all I feel is intense itching!!! Will post again in a week.

Cool sculpting inner thighs 3 week mark

So I didn't really experience any really bad twinning or stinging in the first few weeks-only a very "deep" itch (if that makes sense) that could not be relieved. It was uncomfortable but tolerable. The worst part was feeling so swollen & numb for 2 weeks +. I felt heavy, bloated, my whole body not just the thighs.
It's been 3 weeks and I'd like to think I am starting to see results. I almost wished I hadn't done it 2 weeks ago because I felt like a huge balloon but now that I can see results starting to happen I don't regret it at all!!!! Can't wait for 2 months to go by.

Coolsculpting inner thighs-TWICE! Not worth it.

So I had cool sculpting of the inner thighs in April 2015, and then again in the same area in October of 2015.. It made such little difference to me, I wish I would have just went with REAL lipo, or possibly a thigh lift.

Before the procedure they draw lines on you down your inner thigh with a sharpie, and the placement of the lines is sort of strange-it goes down the inner thigh and sort of wraps around to the back of your leg instead of just going straight down. So if you were to look backwards in a mirror, you would be able to see the lines wrapping outward from the inside of your legs, if that makes sense... Anyways, I kept telling the nurse that I thought she should have grabbed more of the inner thigh fat rather than the fat on the back of my leg area-but she insisted that what I was pointing to was "skin" and not fat...That is what made me think I should have had lipo with a thigh lift instead of cool sculpting, because I do have some more loose skin with stretch marks there.

All in all, both procedures were the same and the second one was definitely more pleasant because I knew what to expect and I wasn't as anxious about anything. As for the results, it is very very VERY minimal. I think cool sculpting works best for people with a very small tummy bulge. For me, it wasn't worth a couple thousand. I would rather pay a few K for some real lipo.
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