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I couldn't get lipo because my iron levels are...

I couldn't get lipo because my iron levels are really low. I received coolsculpting on my lower and upper abs. the 1st 3 days was fine. on the 4th day i was experiencing extreme pains. for 2 weeks straight i could not have anything touch my stomach. I tried norco's and I had to take 3 just to go to sleep. I finally came up with a plan, where i used cold compresses on my stomach during the day, and take ambien at night to sleep. I only work outside the house on the first week, I didn't go. on the second week I put on a waist trainer belt which in it self in painful, so I didn't really feel the pain of the coolsculpting. around day 11 i started to feel better. on day 13 i had a appointment to get my flanks done, which I almost didn't go to but I read reviews for people that had pain, and they said the flanks wasn't painful afterwards. so i went ahead with it. its been 2 days since I had the flanks done and im just able t touch me stomach with any pressure, and i feel lumps. uhhhh!!! i read more reviews and some people stated that they do not go away. they've tried several thing (you can search lumps/coolsculpting) I also did another search where some doctors admitted that some of their patients experience lumps but they went away after 2-3 months. im going to call my doctor to let him know tomorrow. i am so afraid this is permanent. Ive seen post where it says to message the lumps, so I will do that. stomach is still tender but I will endure the uncomfortableness to try to get them down. Im praying i dont get lumps on the flanks to... has anyone out there had lumps and has had some time pass? im on 2 weeks and a couple days for stomach. I will keep you guys update. please if anyone has had this please let me know..


Its been 2 months and 2 weeks since i got my abs done, and 2 months since i got my flanks done. If you experience pain i would highly suggest you get Gabapentin (Neurontin). It really helps. If you get hard lumps, purchase a hand massager. I got one on ebay for $30. I used it 2 times a day. Lumps are gone. I see results. Its not exactly what I wanted but I still have 2 weeks left for the 3 months. Im hitting the gym trying to get the final results I want
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