4 Areas Treated - Awaiting Results - Atlanta, GA

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I'm 35 and recently lost 25 lbs however, I have...

I'm 35 and recently lost 25 lbs however, I have never liked my stomach and decided to treat it along with my hips. They used a large applicator on my lower stomach, a small one on my upper abdomen, and 1 small applicator on each hip totally 4 areas.

I was pretty nervous just before the procedure started because I expected some discomfort. Not to mention, I had a sunburn on my stomach after visiting the beach the entire weekend, so my skin was already tender.

When she put the applicator on, it took my breath away. It was pretty painful. She asked me, "you're not going to faint on me, are you?" and my response was "i don't know." needless to say, I didn't faint, but it was pretty painful for the first 10 minutes. Then it went pretty numb and I was comfortable again. Repeat 3 more times, although, I didn't have the almost fainting reaction except for the first time.

By 1/2 way through the last treatment, I was ready to get the hell out of there. I had been laying there for 4 hours.

Everything was numb, and still is. It's day 2 and I'm anxiously awaiting results.

I slept through the night for the most part. I feel fine now. We shall see what the next couple of weeks bring. I'm very swollen right now and have been living in yoga pants since the procedure.

So it's day 11 after coolsculpting. The swelling...

So it's day 11 after coolsculpting. The swelling has gone down. My symptoms are almost nonexistent. I still have some itching and numbness in the treated areas. After reading so many reviews from people who had intense pain, I was a little nervous. However, it wasn't bad at all. Sure I had some discomfort. A few times I used an ice pack. Most of my discomfort was at night when trying to sleep. It was pretty annoying to be woken up at night with discomfort. However, I felt the mild discomfort I was having is worth it if this procedure works.

Directly after the procedure I gained 3 lbs. It freaked me out, but it was due to swelling. Now, 11 days later, I've lost 3 lbs from the day I got the procedure.

I'm going to the Bahamas next weekend and I will definitely be sporting my bikini!

New pics!

3.5 week review

i think i'm starting to notice some change in my stomach and hips 3.5 weeks after cool sculpting. i'm very anxious to see what i look like at 2 months in.

Nice and friendly.

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