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I haven't had the surgery yet, but I can't wait! I...

I haven't had the surgery yet, but I can't wait! I know Dr. Z. is the best choice I could make. I've been searching & reading reviews for quite a while now, & finally had my consultation. What a sweetheart! He's so down to earth, yet I know he's the best & that I'll be in good hands for what is going to be a rather complicated surgery. I never thought I'd need something like this, but due to medications & other problems, have lost every single one of my lower teeth along with quite a bit of jaw bone in only the last few years. The change has been devastating to my face. Thankfully I have had tooth implant surgery, but the damage to my face requires more of a fix than that. In addition, the irony is that my chin has slowly grown pointier over the years (too bad the bone grew there instead of in the jaw!), into a "witch's chin" effect. Believe me, I'm not going to trust just anybody to do the artistic sculpting needed to give me my face back. Yes, I'm nervous, but Dr. Zaworski's compassion, humility and reputation combined have convinced me I've made the right choice.
I look forward to coming back to give the rave reviews when I'm able to look in the mirror and see "me" again. See you soon.

Almost Made a Mistake -Dodged the Bullet!

So... I read a comment from somebody else here saying basically, "I don't really care how 'sweet' and 'friendly' a plastic surgeon is. They can be short, brusque & to the point, without a lot of chit chat, as long as they know what they're doing and are determined to do the best job possible."

I thought about that quite a bit, actually, & although I had written saying I was excitedly looking forward to surgery with Dr. Zaworski & "what a sweetheart", etc, but... I was wrong. Yeah, he's very chatty (especially loves to talk about himself), friendly, etc, and has 2 really nice women on staff, but when I became concerned about how he did lip lifts, after I'd said I really didn't want an implant in my upper lip, I began researching. Found out there're a number of ways to do lip lifts, so cut & pasted different info into a doc. & took it in to ask him about how he did it and what he thought of the different comments by other plastic surgeons. My oh my. He tried to act interested & all that jazz, but when I pressed him about it, well, he came unglued. Did not want to hear it, did not want to answer my questions and finally said, "Who DOES this?! Who prints out a bunch of garbage they find online & expect their doctor to respond to it all? I've NEVER had a patient do this kind of thing before! Why are you being so difficult?" In other words, dear ol' Dr. Z. had a hard time maintaining even a semblance of his previous joviality when pressured to answer some questions. No siree, and who did I think I was, anyway, expecting answers from him like that?

Needless to say, I cancelled the surgery. I'd already paid in advance, so when it came to refunding it, he kept about $350 for himself for all his pains, time & trouble with me. Nice guy, alright. I'm just grateful I didn't submit my face to his knife at this point.

I realized it's worth it to travel a ways if necessary to have the very best cosmetic surgeon. I did more research, & now feel very safe with my decision to see Dr. Little in Washington, D.C. instead. It means putting my surgery off for a few months, & yeah, I'm disappointed not to be "fixed" as soon as I'd hoped for, but in the end, all I can say again is, "I'm grateful."

I wouldn't recommend Dr. Zaworski for the reasons written here alone. If he's that upset and put off by a patient researching and asking questions, what is his problem? So, sorry for not posting sooner about this, but I will be back after seeing Dr. Little.

Just - for all of us - please don't judge a doctor by his "personality". You are putting your face (or whatever body part) in his hands to do what HE wants to do with a scalpel. You want the best. Keep looking until you feel completely comfortable and secure with your choice. And no, if you ask me, I will say, "Stay away from Dr. Zaworski!" He must have something wrong to be that dismissive and condescending.
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