7 weeks Out !!!!!!Atlanta, GA

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Finally I'm getting my new azz. A little scared,...

Finally I'm getting my new azz. A little scared, don't like the thought of those drains. A necessary evil I guess. I trust Dr.J, I'm just buggin out. Butterflies. Hopefully he'll be taking some fat from my inner thighs as well as my waist line. I want an exaggerated hour glass figure. A real figure 8. Lol. I'm 5'9" @ about 170 so I really expect a good result. Nervous tho.

Ok. 4 more days. I feel waaaaaaay better today b/c...

Ok. 4 more days. I feel waaaaaaay better today b/c I spoke w/Michelle. Shared my concerns about the drains. She said that I will only be getting the 1 drainage @ the azz part. Yay. Getting excited again. I'm going for my pre ck up tomorrow. Again. This will be my 3rd trip. Yes 3rd @ $175.00 per visit b/c I don't have insurance. My iron was to low for surgery so I've had to postpone my procedure twice. I've been taking PurAbsorb. It's a liquid form of iron. I'll put a pouch in a 1/2 cup of orange juice and take a Ferro-Sequels timed-release caplet once a day. My iron went from 8.8 to 16 in 1 month and that was almost 2 months ago so I know I'm good to go. Anyhoo, got some supplies.
Depends, vitamin C, Arnicare, Sanitary pads, ice pack, antibacterial soap & ointment. Aziza says begin taking the vitamin C and the Arnicare 4-5 days b4 surgery to help heel faster and to minimize the bruising. Arnicare come in a cream also to rub on the bruises. Michelle did say my recovery should go really well b/c I don't drink or smoke, I've had a gastric bypass in 1994 and a body lift in 2002. So I'm use to the discomfort. I gave birth to 2 people naturally. Lol. I'm good. Y'all hear me talkin junk right? Lol. I'll touch base again tomorrow when I leave Dr J's office after my pre-ck up. Oh yea, gotta get that Boppy pillow tomorrow too.

Ok. Had my pre-ck up. Boy Boy Boy. I was in...

Ok. Had my pre-ck up. Boy Boy Boy. I was in Physicians Immediate Med for 3 hrs. I was hot. On fire. All new staff. Training on me. Really???? Anyway, text book perfect blood pressure. 122/80 and YES YES and YES my iron is GOOD!!!!!! got the clearence. Left there and hauled azz to Dr J's office . I was like over an hr late behind these stupid people. Didn't see Dr J tho :( But I'll sho see him on Monday. Lol. Ran into Michelle, she looks frickin amazing. Spent time with Kim. She went over everything, sign some paperwork and gave me my prescriptions. I'll get em filled tomorrow. I'm tired. Didn't sleep well worried about today. Stressful. My Boo is mad cause he already know. Don't really care that's his toothache. Lol. He gone have to step up. If he don't somebody else will. Lol. I'm just playin...... Not really:) Ok ladies, I'mma lay down and read all the paperwork Ms Kim gave me. It's a lot to take in.

Yikes !!!!

Yikes !!!!

Hey y'all, I forgot to mention. My meds were...

Hey y'all, I forgot to mention. My meds were almost $500 bucks. It was like $478.00 or so. I don't remember b/c I had passed out and the lady just took my debit card. When I came to, I was sitting in my car with tears in my eyes. Damn !!!!

Ladies Ladies Ladie. On my Goodness. Oh my...

Ladies Ladies Ladie. On my Goodness. Oh my Goodness. It's 6:45 a.m. By the time y'all read this I'll be in route. Laughin with my girlfriend. Cracking on people. Lol. I'm good actually. Not nervous at all. Don't feel like eating. B/C they say u can't eat, it makes u wanna eat. Lol. No appetite tho. To many butterflies I guess. No room for food. Wanna laugh?? My Boo didn't call me at all yesterday. WooooooooW. I know I know. U don't have to say it. It's interesting, don't u think? Let's do this. Should he call or text anytime today to see about me, we'll let it pass. If he DOES NOT call or text to see about me today, he will get the gas face. Phone calls going straight voicemail and no reply to the text. Lol. Boy O Boy. Hatin allllllready. I ain't even get it done yet. Lol. Damn !!!! Just another pit fall to being a strong independent woman. Oh well anyhoo, fixin to run out the house. Gotta go to the UPS Store mail some hair. After that I'm home. Gonna chill. I will touch base with y'all as soon as I can. Will post lots of pics. Ck out my site. jmjvirginhair.com

24 hrs later. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch. The hell. Lol...

24 hrs later. Ouuuuuuuuuuuuuuch. The hell. Lol thank u so much for all the well wishes. It feels like I've been hit by a Mac truck. 4100cc out. 1000cc in each. He the damn thing on my waist line. I'll tell u everything. Can't talk right now. Btw get DEPENDS. They r ur friend. Lol

Ok my BBL sistas, get ur popcorn, glass of wine or...

Ok my BBL sistas, get ur popcorn, glass of wine or ur cold beer. Imma bout to tell y'all rrrrrthing. The good, the bad and the ugly. My girlfriend and I got there maybe 11:40. They wanted me there 12:00. Procedure was scheduled for 1:00. Ok. So we were in the waiting room chatting w/Michele & they called me in @ 11:50. Yikes. Handed me my basket of stuff and showed me to the bathroom. Put on the white soaks and open robe and placed my maxi dress & sweater in the basket and the basket in my unlocked locker. Pee pee in a cup and walked to another room. There blood pressure was takin and questions were asked. My BP was 151/81. She told me she'll take it again later. Told me to calm down. Yea right. So I began to picture my pastor talking on the stage, me sitting in the 2nd row with the same folks in church week after week. It worked. My BP went to 120/80. Whew!! They put the IV in and then Dr J came in and I first showed him my wish pics of Nicole Murphy. Yes y'all I wanted the Nicole Murphy.

Then I told him to crack a rib. Suck it in. Upside down heart. He was cracking up. I was dead ass. I wasn't laughing at all. I kept repeating myself. Crack a damn rib. I wanted a very exaggerated figure 8. This man was on the floor. Yoooo what is u laughing at. Upside down heart nig***. I wasn't hardly playin. Then I told him if he gave me a shelf I was gonna kick him in his throat. I ain't playin. I realize $8,800.00 is chump change to him but its my income tax refund from last year. Y'all feel me??
So he began to mark me up. With tears in his eyes from laughing so hard. Told me I wasn't even. And he left. Laughin as he was walkin out the door. Laugh all u want to nig*** u best get it right. Lol.
Then some short ass nurse came in and gave me something to calm down.

I was then escorted to another room. That was where they bathe u down in that FREEZING orange stuff. I was cussin them out the whole time. Yooo y'all couldn't heat this up? I'm just saying. I laid down and that was it.

Baby, when I woke up I was FREEZING. SHIVERING. I was mad as hell. My girlfriend said I called them dizzy. I don't remember that, but I'm sure I did. They had to put my water in the microwave. They then walked me over to bathroom to pee pee. Said I couldn't leave until I peeed. Girl it was 6:45 pm. I know right. So they were mad too b/c they had to stay late. I never went pee. They put my dress on me and kicked me out. With NO CRACKER. That's right. No cracker. We gettin in the car and the office lights were shutting off. I am not lying. Lol. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts and I was able to get my coffee. Made it home. Diva made me some soup. The rest is just pain. Not pain. Soreness. Like uv been hit by a Mack Truck. Twice. Minimal bruising. Might be due to the vitamin C I had I my system. DO NOT TAKE the Arnicare While taking those shots. They work against each other. My waist was 37" and on day 5 it's 321/2. No lie. Lol. I was very very clear with what I wanted. My azz was 43" and now 48". Lol. Y'all better come get me. Lol. I won't be able to leave the house b/c my HEAD won't be able to fit thru the front damn door. Lol. Ooooo girl I am cute. Lol. Cute chile. Lol

Now about this stupid girdle thing. OMG. Just shoot me. I'm 5'9" about 170lbs. I ain't petit. I'm wearing a 3XL and this thing is problematic to say the least. B/c it has the shoulders it's pulling up. U know like frickin wedgy. OUCH. It's cuttin my coochie. So I ordered the corset in a med and the bottoms w/the azz out in a large.

Ummmmm, get some depends for day 1 and 2 b/c u won't make it to the bathroom in time. U WILL get up every 2 hrs. And u wont make it in time. U WILL pee pee a little b4 u make it. Get some Emergen C. Start taking it a week b4 and keep taking it. U take that no need for Gatorade. What else, ummmmm sleepin is a problem. Can't sleep on my stomach b/c of the DD's. so I sleep on my side. That hurts too b/c of my hips. So I have to turn over every few hrs. My next appointment is Monday. A week after surgery. My 1 drain is getting less & less so prayerfully he'll be taking it out. Not much of an appetite Giving myself the shots isn't to bad. Just do it. 7 shots. 1 everyday. Ummmm, wash up using the dial bar soap. Cuts down on germs. Wash ur hands using it too. The Flu is killing ppl. With the kids coming home from school don't want any outside germs. I'm just sayin. If I think of anything else ill hit ya up. Post more pics. Lol. Yea baby. :D

Hello Ladies, ok. So I'm 2 weeks out. Ms Kim took...

Hello Ladies, ok. So I'm 2 weeks out. Ms Kim took out that drainage thingy last week and i shouted for JOY!! The next morning took a hr long shower. Lol. OMGoodness. That warm water felt soooooo refreshing. Anyhoo, just walkin, stretching, drinking lots of water. I message the bruised areas while in the shower and when I put my Arnicare cream on. U have to. It doesn't hurt after awhile. No more meds for me.

Ok, now for the Boyfriend part. Oh brother. That fool called the NIGHT of the procedure ( I didn't answer). Called and text the next day. Again I did not answer or reply. Damn a text nig*** where are my flowers?? My get well balloons ?? Ok y'all. For TWO WEEKS nothin. He finally decided to call the other day i answered b/c I wanted to hear the Bull****. And that's exactly what he gave me. Smh. Soooo I explained to him how done I was and how action speaks louder than words. He never once asked if there was anything I needed. Was there anything he could do for me. Never mind the flowers lack there of. Soo now this FOOL is blowin me up. I explained to him I should be deleted from his contacts but he insists on calling and textin. Boys r funny. Now the hard part is over, he wants back in. Nig*** u musta bumped yo head. I was never one to ask no man for nothin. If ain't got it in his heart to see about me after SURGERY, have flowers sent to the house, make himself available to me, I'm GONE BooBoo. Deuces!!! I gotmygrooveback. Feel me?!?? Lol.

Now sistas. Found a new trick. Ck it out. Ever since Ms Kim took that drain out I got me a new girdle. They put a 3XL on me when I left after surgery right so I ordered a Large. That's right from a 3XL to a L. My waist went from 321/2 to a 32. But here's the thing. I also bought a corset. Size M. Now I wear the L b/c it's the whole piece. U know azz out and thighs compressed. I then put the M corset over the L one piece. Y u say? I want as much compression on waist as possible. And my Azz ain't hardly gonna fit in a M one piece. With both pieces on my waist is a 31. I keep it on. Can I breathe? Well no, tell u another thing. It fills me up. B/c my waist is soooooooo compressed I get full after a few bites. Mmmmmhhhhhhmmm yea girl. So that's it. I'll keep ya posted. Ck out new pics

I spent dozens of hrs doing research on a good plastic surgen and found what I was looking for. Dr.J is good at creating those J curves. Other doctors didn't get it right. Dr. J has nooooooooo problem putting 1000cc's in each cheek. Lol I ain't mad. I'll keep y'all posted every week with the pain and what not.

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