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Well, it has been a short time in the 'thinking'...

Well, it has been a short time in the 'thinking' but I am going for it-breast implants; saline, about 400cc MP is what I'm thinking; I want to be about a 34D (34b presently). I nursed my only daughter-four now, and it is time that momma got her boobies back. ;D

My first consultation is this coming up Friday (March 29th) in ATL, GA with Dr. Kavali. After doing sooo much research and looking at thousands of boobies; I've decided that Dr. Kavali may be the fit for me. As long as the price does not exceed my budget-I'm going for it asap! I'm hoping for April 25, 2013 if the date is open! I am a bit nervous about the risks, but I am just hoping for the best!

The reason that I've made this Realself profile is because the members seem to be very supportive of each other and the profiles have been so helpful to me through this journey so far.

All went well. PS and I agreed on about 475cc HP...

All went well. PS and I agreed on about 475cc HP in both breasts. I was surprised, but my husband has talked me down to 450cc. I will not drop below 430 I told him. Hoping to schedule pre-op on April 24, surgery on 25, and head home on the 26th back to TN. If that date does not work, then I have to wait until the end of the semester, which isn't that long really. Thanks for the encouraging comments. The price is set at about 5500 for saline and 6300 for silicone; I can go ahead and pay it off, but I am thinking about going ahead with credit in order to build that up by paying it off fast. All is a GO, though! So, exciting!

BTW-I'm 5'3" and 128lbs. Will be about 115-120...

BTW-I'm 5'3" and 128lbs.

Will be about 115-120 soon! I am not used to (and was shocked to) weigh 128, but it's no thing to fix that with a little cardio and resistance training. The semester has just gotten the best of me I guess.

Well, everything is happening so Fast! I have...

Well, everything is happening so Fast!
I have filled out all the financial documents; sent payment in full to the PS office (now to wait for the place of procedure to bill me three days before surgery); scheduled for pre-opp April 24 at 3PM, staying in ATL at a family friend's house, then surgery on the 25th!

Wow-all of this has taken place in less than a month---consultation, confirmations of everything, and then the procedure is next!

Honestly, I feel blessed; I could cry.

I won't feel or look like a un-matured teenager anymore, but a WOMAN! My husband is excited to have his woman happy and to...well...enjoy his new woman. ;D

I really hope and pray (believing) that all goes well with surgery, post-opp recovery, the period while these implants will remain in me, and whatever after that!

I am trusting the PS, the staff (very respectable, kind, and informative-also good with communication), and most of all God's sovereignty through this journey.

I've sometimes felt selfish for doing this; but my motivations are pure at heart.

My husband jokes around telling me not to be flashing me new boobies around; I told him that I of course would not do that; I am a lady, not undignified; but that doesn't mean that I won't get a little undignified when it's just him and me. ; )

Now, to use this excitement to push me through to the end of the semester! Finals are coming soon, lots of research and papers to write before and after the procedure! Focus; stay on task to task; and the achievements will add to the climax of the thrill! Oh what peace and security!

Oh my! Just got a burst of excitement! :D This is...

Oh my! Just got a burst of excitement! :D This is so awesome!

Sealed the deal with 455cc saline HP sub muscular...

Sealed the deal with 455cc saline HP sub muscular -so far! Final confirmation or adjustment will be made the day before surgery-less than a month away! :D Is this real?!?

:D PS just called with final confirmed time for...

:D PS just called with final confirmed time for surgery! 9AM-gotta be there by 8:15! Now 'surgery' that makes me a little nervous, and the thought of the pain afterwards, but I'm all in and letting my excitement be my courage!

Registered with the surgery center in ATL today!...

Registered with the surgery center in ATL today! They will be contacting me for payment a few days before the procedure to make payment!

Also, surgeon's patient coordinator left me a message that BA time is 9:45 AM 4.25.13! Getting there by 8:15 AM!

PreOpp is the day before at 3PM! [leaving class early at 11 am from Knoxville, to make it to ATL by 3-typically a three hr drive-hopefully the crazy traffic will be not so crazy during this time! Hoping for travel mercies at this point!
This is not normal, but I am young and healthy as the PS put it; so, I should not need lots of blood work done weeks before.

So, in exactly one week I will have breasts,...

So, in exactly one week I will have breasts, hopefully luscious breasts! :D It's funny, though, how my husband has been giving the little ladies extra attention the past two weeks and saying how nice they are already. He is sweet and so passionate, but momma's gotta do what she's gotta do and give daddy the handful that he deserves! ;D What excitement! I'm so anxious to drop and fluff and buy new bras and bathing suits! Wow! I just might cry. On a less sentimental note, I have a tough final in less than a week, and that is not something to look forward to. :P

It's the week of and I was shaking earlier...

It's the week of and I was shaking earlier thinking about it; I guess that means that I am a little nervous on top of stress of this final in two days. The excitement will really set in after this exam stress is over with. In four days I will have big tits! haha! ;D

Ladies, give what you've got. I am four days away...

Ladies, give what you've got. I am four days away from the procedure. Any last suggestions. Diet, rest, activities, patience, healing, pain, scar cream, and just whatever. I keep wondering if I am going big enough. I think that I am, though. :D This is so rad. Pray for me if you're in to that. :) Shalom.

Driving down to ATL in the morning for pre-opp at...

Driving down to ATL in the morning for pre-opp at 3pm. BA the next morning at 9:30! :D Is this real?! Going to take me Restoration History final now, then it's all boobies from there! Yay! So anxious to get them settled in; not so anxious for the wait. ;P

Pre-opp tomorrow. yay! BA next day in AM. :D

Pre-opp tomorrow. yay! BA next day in AM. :D


GETTING IN THE CAR TO HEAD DOWN TO ATL! My mom is going with me, but my husband has to stay home with our daughter and he has a huge final, too! So, he says they will have something special for me when I get back. We'll see; I just hope they keep the house kept up. ;) Well I gotta get on the road for pre pop at 3 pm. Shalom. Here I go. No turning back.

Well. Going to bed, getting up at six; leaving by...

Well. Going to bed, getting up at six; leaving by 6:30am to get through ATL traffic to the surgery center at 8:15! Whoo Hoo! BOOBIES! :D

Implants are in! 455cc HP saline! They are looking...

Implants are in! 455cc HP saline! They are looking pretty nice; pretty much what I expected-I am soooo happy right now! I think that I could have gone on up to 475cc, but as active as I am, I am very content and thankful! :)

The whole experience of surgery was pleasant with the staff at Perimeter Surgery Center, ATL. The staff were so kind and professional and took great care of me. We became 'like family' you might say. :)

I feel great; got to eat a salad and take my pain med. I am pretty tight, but it is not unbearable and neither is the pain because there isn't much with the meds. So, it's just healing from here. No massaging, yet, and the doc. did put me in a bra, so I am not supposed to wear one unless they tell me to next week at post-opp appointment. :)

Getting ready to head back to Knoxville, TN. My mother is driving me; she is so awesome! Now, I am ready to see my husband and daughter! Oh, I wish that I could pick that 30 pound toddler up, but I really just want to see her sweet face. :)

Thanks for the support ladies. It means a lot to me.

Home now, and really tight, but I have been...

Home now, and really tight, but I have been tighter when nursing; Now, I am remembering how hard it was to move much with all this firmness. :) About an hour ago my muscles began to spasm a lot and that was wild, but my muscle relaxer is kicking it. I'm setting an alarm for about 1:30AM to take my pain meds, then, about 3:30 for muscle relaxer and IB Pro. (So, every 2-3 hours I'm alternating meds pretty much) Antibiotics once at night. Taking them while I need them till they are gone or flushing if I don't need them anymore, but the price (excluding the Ib pro. ) was $57, which is better than what I expected.

I have post op 5-1 (Wed.) For now, no massaging, no anything really except lifting my arms straight out and up on sides for stretching. :)

Thanks for the kind comments; they make me feel even better about the decisions I've made that go into this procedure. I appreciate it. Shalom, ladies!

Oh yeah, and my husband says they are REALLY nice!...

Oh yeah, and my husband says they are REALLY nice! ;D That's all I'll say about that. hehe.

Well, it is the first morning in what many around...

Well, it is the first morning in what many around realself might call boogie world or boob land. haha. I think I def. have what I hear of 'morning boob' I guess b/c when I started to get up a bit, I was so tight and achy. PLUS when I finally moaned and groaned and laughed out loud at the stiff pain enough to make it up out of bed, the cold immediately struck me stiff and made my boobie muscles spazz out! It made me shake and cry and try to get back in bed as painless as possible. So, my husband got my meds. for me and water and crackers-for an early pre- breakfast. haha. He really is being a big help. He had nice soft yellow roses and some other big beautiful flower that I just cannot think of the name or get up to go look at + my favorite chocolates, which I am anxious to get into sometime maybe today.IDK. I really just feel like eating really healthy today: some white meat chicken, greens, oranges, and water to help with healing and just make me feel good about what is going to my body at the moment with these foreign objects in there. :)

PS- I forgot to mention that I had to go by target a while after surgery yesterday for some things and of course went through the swim suits, annnnd...I of course tried some on to get an estimate of what size suit I might need. Yeah, I need a large to modestly fit, but my husband really thinks I could go a bit less modest and 'show a little more boob.' haha. So, I will post pics...sometime of that and some other shots. I am so happy and I feel very fortunate. Let's see what the day holds. I want to hold my daughter so close and tight, but just hearing her sweet voice waking up right now is so fulfilling after being away from her for such a procedure. She's my joy and keeping me smiling through the beginning aches. So, today holds mostly rest, homework, eating good, meds. stretching, and ...maybe letting the hub pick out a suit that he likes his woman to wear. This should be fun. Peace ladies! :)

So, all was going well until yesterday. I ended up...

So, all was going well until yesterday. I ended up having a reaction to my muscle relaxers (Robaxin)! I had taken it with my antibiotic about 10AM after eating some cereal kinda fast b/c we had to leave the house within an hour. So, my husband was driving down the road to my parents' home, and I began to feel a little pain in my right incision, but it was nothing dramatic. Then, I got really hot, threw my glasses off my face, began fanning myself, and then I fainted. I could see the tunnel closing in on me, and I came to with my husband on the phone with 911 dispatch. I told him to take me to UT hospital. I could barely keep conscious, and we really thought that I was like dying. My husband says that I acted as if I had a seizure while I was unconscious and that I was gasping for air.

So, the doc said that I had a vasovagal episode. You can look that up, but it is common when taking the Robaxin apparently, and the doc. prescribed me valium instead. I probably needed more fluids and a better meal with that pill as well. Other than that all is pretty good.

I started having 'boob envy' last night, and got depressed thinking that I did not go big enough, but I am also on my period, and I am getting over that slowly and sincerely appreciating with enthusiasm these 455 salines! To see how happy my husband is for me and how in to me he is is such a special bonus.

I really am thankful for what I have and to be alive. My husband is traumatized by all of this, but we are getting through it.

My boobs are well, and they really do look great to me; I think that I will be about a 36D when all is filled out. I am anxious, but in due time, patience and endurance through the academic work will pay off. :)

Shalom, ladies.

So, it's 4 days post pop. and I am very happy and...

So, it's 4 days post pop. and I am very happy and glad that it is a new day. My boobs have dropped slightly; they are beginning to fill out, not be so over the top literally and settle in the bottom more. They both occasionally have this tingling sensation; I am not sure what that is. I guess it has to do with them adjusting. I am very pleased, though, with how they are fitting me so far and look forward to the changes to achieve a final look and feel. I really cannot wait to feel normal; oh what a day that will be.

I suppose that it is a bit difficult to breath somewhat; they implants are a little heavy on me but nothing major, just more than before, and it is so tight that it's hard to really get full breaths some. Im managing though. Oh, to not be so self-counscious though will be nice and to feel loose, not so stiff and not able to do much like hug my husband close.

Other than the breasts, my butox is suffering from being in one position all night and day, but really just in the night sleeping. I feel bruised. :( I'll be walking around a lot more today I expect. The weather is nicer, rain holding off, and nature and sunshine are calling me out. My hub will take me for a walk after breakfast; he's my 'house-husband' for a little while and such a good one! I'm one blessed gal.

OK. So, I'll be really excited to get into bras and such! I'm not wearing anything till PS says different. My nipples are pretty sensitive from feeling my shirts rub against them or just cool air if bare, and that is a bit discomforting. Otherwise, I'm trying to stay positive and patient. I've got work to do to keep me occupied and a husband that is so reassuring and helpful. glad that this bloating is finally going... glad that this bloating is finally going down; with the surgery plus menstruating it's been bad. I'm glad it's settling down and I'm looking slimed down again. I'll be ready to do some real exercising, hiking, and climbing! I'm really enjoying this full bust thing; what an accent to the bod! I'm thrilled! Hope you ladies in boobland are well! :D

...really tight and muscle spasms going on. not...

...really tight and muscle spasms going on. not comfortable, but i'll get through it. : /

...still trying to get used to these heavy ladies...

...still trying to get used to these heavy ladies on my chest. Still really tight and high, but only 5 days post op. starting to have back pain and just muscle discomfort. Ready to feel normal already. :P I know I have to give it time, though. : / Mercy.

....the tightness and muscle spasms are almost...

....the tightness and muscle spasms are almost unbearable. :P Neck and back and hip pain no good either. Other than that, going for 6 day Post Opp. visit tomorrow. :) Yay.

Wow! Woke up feeling AMAZING today-like myself!...

Wow! Woke up feeling AMAZING today-like myself! and my boobs are looking great! Softer, dropped some, and not so heavy feeling on my chest! I can barely tell there is an implant in now. I hope it just keeps getting better b/c I could really get used to this feeling. So thankful that last nights pain and discomfort led to this mornings relief!

It exactly one week post pop, and I feel great and...

It exactly one week post pop, and I feel great and I think that I am looking really good. Post Opp visit went pretty well except my doc. was surprised that I did not call her about the 'incident,' which I can understand, but she lives in ATL, and I am in Knoxville, TN; there is not too much that she could have done about it. Either way, she removed my tape, and my incisions look great. I can bathe normally and just pat dry, and I begin scar/treatment cream next week. I continue my stretches and reaching, but no massaging. I'm off of the Oxy and just taking three 200 Ib pro.s at at time about three times a day.

I will post pics of one week post opp now and of the incisions later.

Thanks for the kind comments about how well they are looking, ...
However, I must say that I am not so flattered but rather sickly amused at the Lurker's comment below. :P Please, refrain from the sly attempts to flatter me or yourself.


Got sized at VS at two weeks post opp. 32DDD. I...

Got sized at VS at two weeks post opp. 32DDD. I bet I can pull off a 34D though b/c 32DDD size is kind of hard to find. I'm about 33" diameter, though. So, we'll see what time will tell. :)

3.5 Post Op

Wow. I havn't updated in a while. Just yesterday I began to be able to sleep on my side, and it is sooo nice to not be on my back all night. Also, my boobs are getting much softer and bouncy. haha. They are dropping slowly but surely. I have also been doing lower body work outs and did a first light jog yesterday since BA about 3.5 weeks ago. That is about it. Sometimes a I get these sharp kinda pains, but they are slowly going away. Will post pics soon.

3.5 weeks pics...

getting there...

Exactly 1 month post pop has been four weeks since the surgery and I am looking and feeling great. Sometimes I have a bit of a fall and regret not going bigger, but other than that I am very pleased and they are coming along nicely-slowly-but nicely dropping that is-still. haha. My neighbor has them and she tells me that it will be about a year and a half before they are completely settled in. I am being patient with that, but waiting on the scars is the most difficult b/c I can only wear these dmr's really and certain shirts over again. I'm not really going anywhere though I guess. haha. So, anyways. Here are a few pics from a month post pop. I wish I could take better ones. They look better in real life. haha.

4 weeks pics...

Five week post pop. 455 cc HP

Boobs have not moved much at all really. Hope they drop and fluff more, but IDK. (just seem a bit high and tight some) I'm content though. Been getting a bit of sun (maybe should've used a high SPF-all good though). See the doc. next week.

6.5 weeks post pop! :)

Well, each day I am loving these new boobies! They get a little softer each day (although, sometimes they get tense or tight sometimes, especially if my body is tense). They sure are settling in nicely, though! I still wish I went bigger, about 500cc, but I am still so happy, and I'll just save the big mommas for next time! :) Hope all is well out there, ladies!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Wonderful so far. Dr. Carmen Kavali and staff and the surgical center staff serving me have all been wonderful, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

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