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So..... after months of deciding I've FINALLY...

So..... after months of deciding I've FINALLY decided to do it!!! Im ready for a new body:) (Hips & Butt) and I've had sleepless nights doing research from doctor to doctor, patient to patient, horror story to horror story and I have decided that Dr. Jimmerson in Atlanta Fl, will be the best doctor for me. I scheduled my consultation for January 7th and I am sooooooo excited. I'm confident Dr. J will give me the hips and butt that I've always wanted.

A little about me: I am about 5'5/5'6 and 150lbs with an athletic build. I do sports and work out on a daily basis so I don't think getting a fat transfer will work for me. I want permanent results as well as hips with lots of projection. I was quoted for butt implants with fat augmentation $10,300 cash but after my consultation I will know for sure what procedure my body specifically needs and the price. If anyone has similar plans or has already did a consultation , please give me a little bit of advice.

Also, I am a college student so I have to get my procedure done once school ends in May. So if my consultation is in January, what are my chances of paying in full and getting a date for early May? Has anyone booked around that time yet? HMU

Finally had my consultation with DR J. (DISAPPOINTED)

Soooooo...I've waited 4 long exciting months to have my phone consultation for butt implants with fat grafting and finally had it today with my patient coordinator. I'm as actually scheduled for yesterday but for some reason it didn't happen. Anyways...... Some good news and some oh so bad. :-/

About 4 sentences into my consultation I wash stanly stopped and suggested to NO LONGER CONSIDER getting implants (shockerrrrr) but instead to consider a regular fat augmentation with hips added. She also suggested that I gain 15 pounds in order to get results that are somewhat close to my wish pics. (Somewhat Close to??.... Oh no mam, I'm not paying 12 thousand for anything "close to")

I currently weigh about 145lbs and I am 5'5. She said my skin ran more on the tighter side vs loose side so the amount of fat transferred would be limited. (Duhhhh, that's why I wanted implants!!!) most of weight is carried in muscle. I barely have fat on me and the little fat that I do get is carried in face or sometimes my lower abdomen. I ran track and did gymnastics my whole life so For the most part I am pretty solid; I recently started medical school and I am no longer involved in sports, but I try to remain active by hitting the gym 3 times a week. Throughout the year I am constantly loosing/gaining weight rather it's purely muscle or fat. Either way, I still remain the same size. The highest weight I have reached was 180 last summer but when I show people pictures they never believe me. As a matter of fact, Up until this day people do not believe me when I say that I am 150| they swear me that I am 120/130lbs. The only give a way is my face--- Seems as if all my fat gain go directly to my face & muscle to shoulders and legs.

But to make a long story LONGER lol basicallyyyyy she told me THAT In Order to get a fat ass, I need to gain 15-20 lbs, get a butt augmentation with fat transfer from stomach and back--- + add hips, let them save/freeze some of the fat that I gain so that I will not have to gain weight again and mess up the new body (a method dr.J is looking to begin this year =2014) and THENNNN wait 6 months to come back and get 1 or 2more sessions to add more fat (depending on how much fat reabsorbs overtime vs. how much bigger I want my butt ) HUH????

So subliminally she stated that although butt implants with fat transfer will give me my desired look (but comes with a risk of course, just as ANY surgical procedure that exist, I.e. Heart surgery, brain surgery, ass surgery, etc.. ,) she ONLY recommends a fat transfer with the risk that the first sessions is almost known fact that it won't give me my desired results but I can always come back for more sessions.... $$$$$

So listen my RealSelf sisters... u mean to tell me that the first 11.5 bands (quoted) I spend will only be used to lipo the fat out , freeze 50% of it, and sculpt my body with the other 50% leaving me with a pretty much a small booty until I go back for the next couple session.....Basically a big waist of time, money, recovery, etc?????

Oh wait.....She said that this method (the freezing method) is now suggested because the skin can only hold so much fat at a time and to make it look "more natural" it is best to do a few sessions vs. one session at a time where u would normally transfer all the fat at once. Ummm if I want natural I would just do more squats or pay one of these other surgeons to inject a couple CC's in me. This is the ONLY reason I chose jimmerson: because i know he is the man To specifically give me the projection and size that I wanted rather it is through implants or fat transfer. Who ever said that they wanted it to be so natural that it looks 2 blinks away from what it did pre-op? If that's the case I'll let one of the cheaper good surgeons do it.

For one: My butt is that flat nor is my wish pics that crazy that all of those procedures would be necessary. I'm not sure if this is how the coordinators are trained to consult, if this is a coordinator error or if jimmerson himself would honestly recommend the same thing. I don't want to bash jimmerson at all because I have not personally spoke with him, but it Seems to me for some reason that the coordinators are only trying to SELL SELL SELL the most expensive procedure ever (I'm reference to multiple visits vs. what really may be necessary. ) I understand and 100% put my health first and want the best option but I don't understand how a service is offered (butt implants) but yet, during the consultation, you are pretty much persuaded/scared to even consider it anymore. Feel free to correct me if u you have had a similar different experience. I just reLly do to ape ant to eliminate Dr. J from the top of my list due to a possible coordinator error. IJS! Ok well back to the consultation...keep reading....

Hmmm... Well how much is the touch up sessions??? (Exact answer "The office has been so busy right now , so many people calling and emailing that the staff including dr J, have not had the time to sit down and come up with price but hold on for a second while I go in the OR to ask him, .........hello? Sorry for having you on hold, we are not absolutely sure but it will be Any where from $4500 to $5500 for each touch up to buttock using your preserved fat." -coordinator.

Not to mention that I think there is also a fee for every month the fat is held at the office prior to touch up session.

...... well well well , What we have here is a ... 20grand+ procedure, with 6 months in between each session before touchups with first a small then medium then damn near 12.5 months later FINALLY a large ass. Oh yea , plus the headache of all these recoveries I'm between that I will have to go through .... LOL SMH. Shoot after all that, it's 98% worth it to take the risk of getting implants through my faith in God that everything turns out nice,a age and healthy, have the guaranteed results that I want with with only one recovery, no touch ups and a one time flat price. Agree or nah???

With all respect to Jimmerson and his staff: the money is not the issue so let me clear that up first. Secondly, neither is traveling, the awful healing time, or any things else related to the surgery a perceived barrier. But damn, can somebody please let me know if this consultation sounded crazy or was it just me? Please let me know if anyone else experienced the same type of consultation where they wanted implants or a certain procedure but was convinced by a coordinator and not dr j into getting something else. And for the record I thought I paid 50$ for a consultation with dr.j and not a coordinator. I must have missed that memo because Dr jimmerson was no where to be found. I could have sworn I have read on here that people did skype consultations with jimmerson or spoke to jimmerson themselves for consultations , etc.... Is this true or no?
Oh and my pictures were pulled up while we were on the phone so I KNOW dr jimmerson probably has never seen my photos or what my body looks like to be able to recommend anything.

I understand butt implants may come with more risk than fat transfer but this still does not make much sense to me. I had scheduled a consultation with Dr Salama on Friday and was able to have a consultation on Monday over the phone with a coordinator as well who told me That I am a perfect candidate for Butt implants with fat grafting to hips & that I may want to gain 15lbs just to have enough fat to transfer around the implants and into hips. (Completely opposite from jimmerson coordinator) they also told me to come in this Friday for a real consultation with Salama himself. Yep! That fast and that simple. So i will keep you guys posted with that

For the record: I love Dr.J because as we all know his work is bomb, but this consultation today was a huge slap in the face. Not to even mention that my patient coordinator also told me that the last few girls who received butt implants by dr j had major complications , had to get them removed , and then wait 6months to get it fixed with the recommended procedure (fat transfer) and also said that they all come back to her and say that they wish they would have listened to her from the beginning because they end up spending more money than they would have if they would have originally got a fat transfer and them came back for different sessions overtime to get more fat injected. That scared me and made me think of the fact that I have never heard of these stories from dr. J. I don't know if they just don't care to share their stories on this site, if jimmerson doesn't want them to speak about it or if it's not true at all. All I've seen is success stories from jimmerson on here rather it's bbl or implants, so can so body please let me know if I m missing out on information elsewhere. Feel free to pm me. If you know of any people who
Has experienced these rejections lately or if anyone had any success with a fat transfer and the went back later for more cc's to get their desired look?

Please help I am so confused right now. all this time I was looking forward to butt implants with dr j but now my whole mind is in a big blur. Im also a Miami resident looking to have the procedure done this summer. Dr Salama and jimmerson quoted me with almost exact same prices when paying with cash.

Thanks for any feedback

Sorry for long post lol

specifically tried to avoid getting only a fat transfer due to my solid athletic body figure and the love I have grew for the size that

Pics (post op)

Here is some photos at my current size now


wish pics that I sent to both doctors

Volume and projection

Salama Salamaaaa

Hey everyone.....

So I finally decided to stop playing around and book my date. I am in school so I needed a May date and they were able to give me just that...:)

The people at EPS are so nice. I live in miami so I have been to the office twice so far: Once to pay and have a mini- consultation with my coordinator and then a few weeks ago with Salama. He was real laid back, very professional and explained EVERYTHING. He explained everything so good that I couldn't even think of any questions to ask. However, we did have a minute trying to decide which implants would fit me better. He said that because I have a "Apple shape butt"..... (whatever that means) lol that I can get either one and it would look fine. So I need some help deciding. I am about 5'6 and 155lbs and I want a nice biggggg butt lol. Oh & I'm getting hips also.

Anyway if there is anyone going in March let me know. ... And also does anyone have a checklist of things I may need to make my life easier during the time that I can't sit (6weeks) :( yikessss. That's the only thing I'm worried about. While I'm at home now I be trying to watch tv or sleep on my stomach for 'practice' and it is theeee worst. I don't no how the hell I am going to do it. Also where should I get massages done in miami. I know that the first two are included from the office but should I just pay for Salamas staff to do all of them or can I get the same thing done elsewhere for cheaper??

Thanks.... Smooches :)


Sorry I keep saying march .... correction "May"
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Not going to jimmerson anymore.

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