Remove Buttock Implants and Get Fat Injections - Atlanta, GA

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My motivation is to fix the eneven butt implants...

My motivation is to fix the eneven butt implants that were done by a cheap Dr. I have wanted this for years but decided I would not chance another surgery unless I found the perfect doctor, believe me I have done my research! I feel so horrible about my self because it's discussing, this surgeon did lipo on me also so I kind of have to find out if I even have enough fat :-(..... Everything about my body I hate because of this doctor, uneven stomach too! My biggest worry is wondering how long I have to walk around without butt implants, before I can have my fat injections to replace them? I am sick to my stomach everyday thinking about how I look because this doctor ruined me!

Finally a consult

Hello, I am excited to begin my journey to a better me. I will be posting lots of pictures, even the dreaded after pics of the implants removed from my butt. I fear the saggy, wrinkled sad droopy bootie! But, I have decided to have them removed during the winter so I can heal through 3 months with jackets, baggy clothing and ruffle skirts. I have also researched some supplements to increase the healing process. I shall return with hopefully a surgery date sooner then layer!

butt implant removal soon

So, its that time, I have been not sleeping or eating well because of my fears to face this world without my famous big bootie. 3 months I have to go without a I did the next best thing and bought a $30.00 temporary bootie lol. I cant wait for it all to be over. I need to post some wish pics and before pics. I will do it

before implant removal pictures

Right before surgery! !!

Post op buttock implant removal

Finally had my butt implants removed, I am a little sore but not too bad. I cant wait until Christmas so I can get my deformed booty fixed. I posted some pictures of the saggy, wrinkled booty because it was very hard for me to find any pictures to help me get an idea of what I would look like. If anyone goes through this, you should seriously be emotionally ready, because its tough!

16 days post op implant removal

So I'm feeling a little down, wanting to hid from the world, but today has been kind of a better day. I am pretty sure I have a seroma but its not bothering me although I am sure it slows the healing process. The nurses and dr say it will resolve on its own and I am hoping it will resolve quickly so I will be ready for the BBL in December. I was 140.lbs but I was told to gain 10 pounds, I gained 10 pounds and now Dr. JIMERSON wants me to gain 5 to 10 more, kind of scared since I'm only 5'2" tall. I told him I didnt really want to to gain anymore, so he put me on this special scale that determines your body weight proportions like how much water, muscle, fat, and even in your extremities. I have way more muscle then fat, I was really surprised. That explains why he wants me to gain weight. If I lose the weight after BBL I will lose my booty. Here are some pictures of my scares between my butt.

Finally healed and seroma tubes out

It has been one heck of a journey, I had two times were I needed me seromas drained and then final I needed to get drainage placed again, they were in for about a month, I got them removed when the fluid was at 12-13cc. Dr. JIMERSON and his staff are wonderful and truthful. I did not hear what I wanted and that was for me to wait a little longer for my BBL; just to make sure I am healed, he did not want the fat to fill the empty pockets where the implants were, because there would be no blood supply to keep the fat alive. I am nervous and excited to get it done 2015 is looking good! Two more weeks left of my ugly booty! I will post pictures in a few weeks.

New BBL date JAN 2015

Ok, got a call from Aziza, she said Dr. J wants to wait another 8 weeks before the BBL just to be sure I am completely healed which I am truly thankful for. I have gained the 20 pounds I was asked to gain and it made me remember how before I even had butt implants, how I loved my juicy booty at 150 lbs while I hate how big my face, arm and stomach had to be at the same time. At 120lbs talk about a perfect body until you seen my "lil booty"! Lol. So I am waiting for my day to come and healing to be over. So thankful for Dr. Andrew Jimerson and his staff.

counting down the days until my BBL

I am getting more and more excited but so ready to go. I have made my goal weight and feel like a cow! I do plan to go down to 140-150 a few months after surgery, I know my butt will go down but at least it won't be flat. I will take some more before pictures right before surgery, I look a hot mess right now and feeling a little down. I Dont like all these emotions running in these veins.

2 weeks left for Brazilian Butt Lift

It is going by crazy fast! I am excited and scared but ready to be done, I keep having dreams I have this juicy booty, I love those dreams. I found some awesome pictures..... Wish pics and hate pics. Dr Jimerson does huge bootys but i want mine more natural looking. I am still working on gaining that last 5 pounds too.

perfect Vasor Smooth Lipo video
This is why Dr Jimerson is more expensive, I would rather have this then regular liposuction for my fat graft, just thought I would share

BBL date changed again

Finally my BBl date is Feb 9th, Aziza called me to get my pre-op to make sure I am healthy for surgery. I ended up getting a cold the next day after they took my blood, but I am sure it will clear up before surgery. I found out that they want me to stay in Atl for 4 days because I live more than an hour away, Dr J wants me close to the hospitals out there, just in case anything happens, ha, that was worry some lol. Anyway, I am going to post before pictures like a day before surgery so you all get a more exact idea of what I look like as a big girl.


I tried to play with photoshop to give a closer idea of what I want. It was hard for me to find a more natural looking picture, I don't want my booty to look like two basketballs glued to my back, I want smooth curves to go proportion to my thick legs. I am not skinny and have med bone structure,. Yo, I just want everything to match and I am not down with being noticed, nor do I wish to attract men, this is for me.

Brazilian Butt Lift in a few days

I am cheap........ So I started testing out sleeping positions, I am a light and picky sleeper, so I needed to make sure I would be comfortable and my hips would not have pressure on them. In a lot of reviews women said that the hip fat graft would be gone, so I am determined to keep all weight off my hips and butt. If I could sleep standing up I would! Being cheap, I made a tube shape pillow out of a king size pillow slip and stuffing from beat down pillows. I put the body pillow over the tube ,OMG when I laid on this today, It was heaven and I almost fell asleep, hips don't touch the mattress at all. Now I dont have to buy the boppy pillow or the booty buddy, I can fit it right in a chair and it's perfect to lift my butt off the chair. So, I have all my supplies ready, I bought puppy pads because they are 7.99 for 15, which is way cheaper then the medical kind, I figure if they can hold a huge dogs pee or poo, then they can hold a little fluid. I also bought a yard of surgical foam for 14 bucks, I wanted to cut it out on my own "lipofoam" because I have a short torso, I will be cutting a triangle out for my lower back too. I Dont want any swelling to cut blood supply off my soon to be beautifully new booty. lady's I feel joyful, excited and thankful! Here are some pictures of the pillow, If you want to make your own, just inbox me!

3 more days for BBL, HAVING NIGHTMARES

Strange dreams and nightmares, what's the deal, did this happen to anyone else. First I had a dream my teeth fell out, then I had a dream I was talking to my mom during surgery and was yelling in pain, then I had a dream that I decided would go shopping instead of surgery. U was crying in panic because I missed my appt. Really.......I feel fine and I don't think I'm afraid lol.

Post-op day 1

Pain is ruff, there is a lot of drainage, I went through 4 puppy pads in 4 hours, but honestly I am glad to see, the more I see exit my body, the less swollen I will be. Right after surgery pictures!

3 days post op BBL

Wow! Lets keep it real, I'm in pain, I am swollen, I feel like this garmet is too tight! I have no desire to eat, I can't pee either. Lol so now the good part, my booty is huge, I'm kind of glad it will be going down as time passes. My waist was a 36 which is the size it is when im 150.... im 20 lbs heavier now. Pre-op breast 38, post-op is 35. Pre-op waist was 38, post-op 33. Pre-op hips 42.5, post-op is 48....damn Gina! Not a 48 lol. I am not going to get excited until I see my final results. My goal weight is to go back down to 150lbs, If I don't have any booty at 150 then I guess I will have to gauge what my weight needs to be to keep this booty! I hope this sweling goes down soon!

5 days post op BBL

Still not in the mood for food, I only eat what I can to take my meds, I sleep a lot, and pooping is not going so well! Today was the first day I desired to sit down, but of course I didn't. As long as I take my pain meds, Im ok to move around, I was also able to bend over today and grab something off the floor, so less stiff today. My booty is really hard, I am hoping this goes away soon. Here are some pictures for day 5.

BBL 1 bun bigger than the other 11 day po

11 days post op, I have been so sore, with a fever of 99.6 for 3 days now. Since day one My right butt cheek is way bigger then the left side. Im getting worried because the swelling is not going down. On the flip side I am moving around a little better and gaining some strength. Has this happened to anyone before? I still have swelling in my legs too?

3 weeks post op BBL

Sorry about the pictures, they won't upload correctly. Its still a little ruff for me right now, I have a fever for two weeks now, but the nurses are telling me not to worry because 99.9 -101 are not temperatures....thats strange, my right cheek is swollen and a bit painful. My skin is still tight, but I am able to bend over now. My measurements are 37 33 47.
I had to take my garmet off because it was cutting into my butt crack and caused bad swelling in my butt and legs. I have had it off for 3 days, my crack is healing and I have peed out all the extra fluid.

pics 4 weeks post-op BBL

So, I am happy to say I am blessed to not have a fever for 3 days now, my children layed hands on me and prayed for my healing, the purity in a childs prayer and their faith is unbelievable! I feel so good, my wound in my butt crack is healed so I am back wearing my garmet. looking at my abdomen, I see deformities, but most likely related to not wearing the garmet. I will keep my foam on daily and at night to hopefully repair the ripples in my stomach and back. Lord I thank you, I feel wonderful! Still sore and still doing daily body rubs. Finally light at the end of the tunnel.

Grapefruit size hard knots in both cheeks after bbl.

Is this normal to have grapefruit size hard knots in both cheeks? One side is still a bit larger then the other, and is painful if I sit on the pillow for to long. When I say hard it is solid as a rock.

abscess 6 weeks post op BBL

So went to see the doctor and was told I should have been seen weeks ago, when they drained the abcsess on the right side it was 420 cc of infected puss. there was also two other small separate abcsesses. I have a small seroma on the left two. They put a drain in, I am pretty worried that my results are ruined, but dr. J said we wont know until the 3 month mark, so I will just wait. The second day of draining, It kind of looks like seroma fluid.

Weight loss after my BBL

I am feeling so much better, my butt is still sore 7 weeks post op but I can sit now and drive. I have also started dieting but no exercise. So far I have lost 7 pound, I still have long way to go. If I see that my butt is shrinking to much then I will stop the diet and start working out. I will be posting pictures very soon.

Weight loss after Brazilian butt lift

I am now 10 weeks post op and feeling wonderful. I am still sore only when I stretch my abdomen, my right hip is pretty sore and stiff, last, my booty is sore in some spots. My left butt cheek is beautiful, but the side that had the abscess is a bit misshapen. As far as weight loss, I am down 12 pounds and my butt looks great. My original post op weight at 180, I was 37 33 47 now at 168, I am 35 32 46 and I am so excited to see my results at 150 pounds. That's a loss of 30 pounds, does this sounds crazy? Anyway, I figure I will be fine since my hips were 41 at 140-150 pounds when I had the implants. I will post some pictures in a couple weeks at my 3mo mark.

3mo post op Brazilian Butt Lift

Hey BBL lady's! I am fully healed after 3 months, now I am just working of weight loss, so far I have lost almost 20 pounds and working to lose 10 more to meet my pre op weight. Right now I measure: bra 33.5 waist 30.5 hips 45 at 160 pounds, and what I love is at 150 before surgery I measured bra 36 waist 36 and hips 42.5. Dr. Jimmerson listened to my needs and he gave me exactly what I wanted, I think at my goal weight of 150 or 145 I willing have darn near the exact results that I wanted, which was not so much a huge booty, but what I had before my implants. So my abdominal area is uneven but I went in this having honest expectations since I had bad liposuction done before, also my booty is uneven and one side is a little deformed from the infection I got, but I don't have plans at this point to reconstruct this since we are born with uneven sides anyway. As of today, I am working on toning my body and being grateful that I found a honest Dr who was willing to fix me. I will post more pictures after I lose the rest of my weight. If anyone wants to know I have lost 3 inches off my booty which includes my weight loss and 3 months time passing.

3mo 2 weeks post bbl

Still working on weightloss, but my but does not lose much weight. I have about 15 more pounds to lose before I'm happy, but I already look like a completely diffrent person and growing more excited. I have to ask dr. J about my stomach, it seems pretty uneven, but I have had lipo before, but I wonder if he can fix it? Anyway, I will be posting more pics soon with my final and permanent results.

6 months PO BBL with weight loss

This is the third time I have posted this due to the web having issues! After 6 months PO BBL I am 150 lbs now, me bra area is 33 inches, waist is 29 and my butt at the largest area is 43. So far I am happy and will continue to with weight training and cardio. I will also go down to 140 lbs since this was my weight before the BBL. I have noticed that the creases on my inner thigh is going away and my tummy is also looking better as the lumps and bumps go away. I will post some more pictures after I get rid of the last 10 lbs, it is always harder to get that last bit of weight off, but I am hopeful!

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