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I've never really had an issue as far as my butt...

I've never really had an issue as far as my butt was concerned. I always felt really confident in it, even. My boobs were the main thing I felt self concious about and I got that problem fixed with a breast augmentation 6 years ago. As I've given birth to two beautiful daughters, I've noticed a pudge that won't go away in my belly area and this is making my butt look smaller! I remember hearing about a procedure where they take your fat and put it in your butt and all I could hear was angels singing and the Heavens opening up! LOL! I know this is what I want, I am a strong, independent single mother of two and I'm going to reward myself with a confidence boost! I feel so excited and wish I could get it done today! LOL but I know that's not possible. Oh by the way, ladies, I just called up to Dr. Jimerson's office to schedule a consultation and the earliest they have is January 6, 2014!! That's right, 2014! So if y'all want him as your surgeon, go ahead and get on the calling because it looks like a year wait list. Makes me kind of sad BUT that gives me enough time to save up the cash and pay cash to get that discount. Ready to make this happen!!

Just got off the phone with the Patient Care Rep...

Just got off the phone with the Patient Care Rep from Dr. Jimmerson's office...was trying to see if I could get a consultation any earlier than my scheduled date of 01/06/14 and there isn't even anything till April 2014! Holy crap! Guys (or girls, rather lol) if you are looking to have this procedure done, book the consultation asap!! They'll be in 2015 before too long. I am anxiously awaiting this procedure. I can't wait to have a flat belly (something I have NEVER had, no matter how hard I worked out, always had a pudge) and a big ol' booty. I've mentioned the procedure to some friends, and they all are like "uhhhh why would anyone want that?" I mean hell, who wouldn't want a curvier body? Just like y'all black women say people expect y'all to have booties, us white women get the side eye if we say we want to be curvier. I don't want to be a stick! Never have! I guess I'm crazy in that aspect....I love my curves but I am ready to perfect them and I know Dr. Jimmerson's hands will do my body well! LOL! Okay, I'm signing off for now....good luck all you beautiful BBL women! *kisses*

Anxiously Waiting

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I have been looking at all kinds of booties and decided the one I have as my default is going to be the one that I want to achieve. I am firm on Dr. Jimerson as my surgeon. I have my consultation still scheduled in January 2014 but I'm working extra hours at my new job to make extra money to try and get this process rolling asap. I am so anxious to get all this done, I wish I could just come into the cash tomorrow so I could get it done next week, lol. I am soooooo ready for a new body. I'm turning 30 in July of 2014 so I want to give this to myself as an early birthday present. Making 30 look better than any other year in my life!
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All the ladies in Real Self really made me choose Dr. Jimerson. He has the kind of results I'm looking for in a location that's close enough to home so I can make a short trip and not have to pay for a hotel room or any type of accomodations. My mom is an RN so I plan on using her in my recovery to the fullest :-D

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