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I have been on this site for the last 4 months...

I have been on this site for the last 4 months since I found out about it... DAILY! I have always had very full breasts 38DDD, and a flat square bottom (lol) so sad! I am blessed that I am healthy, pretty and smart but hate the way I feel in jeans. UGH! So I decided to do something about it.

I have been asked for months when I was going to start my blog experience, to be honest I was so scared that I would somehow jinx myself or be upset that I did and most importantly I did not want to stare at my square a$$ets online for long.. lol!

I am very excited that the new year is approaching, I am still saving for this surgery because I deserve this. Its funny how much we do as women to take care of our men, kids and family and put ourselves so low on the pole. This year I am loving on me first and serving love from my saucer, out of the overflow. A part of that will be doing this for myself. It is an expensive gift to myself, and trust I am not Balling YET :) however, I know that when your esteem increase so does everything else in your life.

I think about how I feel when I buy a new bra and new corsets, you cant tell me nothing I feel sexy and Lifted! lol and my attitude reflects it! Its time for that to reflect permanently! I would appreciate the love and support as I begin this journey.. any suggestions are appreciated! (Pics are coming soon.. I have them just have to upload)

I wanted to update this post with my measurements....

I wanted to update this post with my measurements.. 43-34-45.. Now wait the waist line is on the natural waist line. If I do the love handles 43-40-45.. eww!! no wonder I look so square. LOL!
Needless to say with that I am working out daily.. alternating between jumping rope & kettlebell and other cardio. The kettlebell is helping with toning my body, hopefully that upper bra roll.

Happy New Year to all my bootylicious sistas! I...

Happy New Year to all my bootylicious sistas! I am officially just over twoonths until the big transformation is due. It will be nice the closer it gets because I spend countless hours on here staring at A$$es all day (smh), but I know all my sistas feel me on this. I am still very excited, I think I think about this more than I have buying anything in life.. lol! Which I guess makes sense since this is my body.
I am working out about 4-5 days a week. I have slacked off the last few days. Then God knew what I needed, the weather broke some, it was warm enought to run outside... I was back at it hard again. Needless to say with my own laziness in that area last week I am down 6 lbs since I last posted. According to my tracker on my phone I will be down the 20 I wanted to get the best results I can achieve in Dr. J hands. The brother is Great, but he ain't God, I have to do my part so he can work his magic!
Nothing real major to report.. I am still at it! If you have anything that you think I should know, please share. I am one of the most down to earth ladies you will know. So please share! This is something I am investing a lot of money and many, many, Many hours of studying to get it right! Love you Ladies, thanks for all the support! Until next time.. xoxo

Alrighty dolls. I am just 47 days out from the...

Alrighty dolls. I am just 47 days out from the BIg day, just a little over a month. It's so exciting yet scarey that this is coming up. When I first started this journey I thought my surgery date was taking forever!!! I wanted to move the date up but due to kids being in school I had to wait until break so attendance is not affected. Whew, time is flying past!
I have been taking the liquid iron supps, gotten the cane chair to sit on post-op, post-op care provider, boppy pillow and other misc items to get ready.
Maarch 1 I will take my medical clearance so that its not too early, and then cruch time begins..
If there is anything my vet sisters think of plz PM me or post so I will know and use this to help another.
God bless you all!

Don't have too much to say. I have 30 days until...

Don't have too much to say. I have 30 days until the Big day, just spoke to Dr Jimerson office yesterday for them to confirm I am on track and answer any last questions before I fly in.. Whew! I was so Geeked about this last year, now that its almost here its almost scary! lol!!!1 I wanted it.. trust that hasnt changed just the pressure of getting ready for it all.
God bless all you sisters who are super supportive. FYI>> dont know if you all are experincing weird people seeting up profile pages, but I don't respond if you seem a lil' suspect! Don't play yourself this way... inbox another lady on another site:)

I may post one more time until my big day but that may be it. After that it will be pics!
God bless

Hey Beauties... Today marks my day 2 of having my...

Hey Beauties...
Today marks my day 2 of having my drains removed. My surgery was successful on March 27, no complications or added drama. I decided to not update until I was emotionally prepared for too much. I took this time to heal and communicate only with the ladies that have shown me the most absolute love and support..
Let me warn everyone.. this surgery is no H03!!!! not at all. I thank God that I worked my upper body until the day of surgery, needed this strength to get in and out of bed. The emotional part, I leaned on the beauties who went before me for this support.
I will say that it is IMPERATIVE....*****EXTREMELY IMPERATIVE****** that you have a nurse take care of you. Not your cousin, mom, sister, horny dude, or any other person you aren't paying that Will flake on you. Get Hired help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!! I know that I am by far one of the strongest women I have ever known and this surgery had me in tears some days, I managed because I didnt have the added drama of family who will show out at the wrong time. Ladies, I am not saying this to be a debbie downer.. trust! or endorsing anyone.. I just know what I experienced and what I overheard while I healed. DR J team does rock! But please remember they are there to get Paid! That is why he get his dough upfront no B$ at all.. the 24 hour care is mandatory to protect him and most importantly the patient. But please use wisdom dolls, save up the extra grand and get a nurse to help you.. it makes healing worth it!!
I am posting the one pic I took from my phone. Once I am back to normal with my family this weekend I will upload more.
Take care Dolls and happy healing!

Two weeks post-op and I feel pretty good. No one...

Two weeks post-op and I feel pretty good. No one knew about the surgery, so when I went to pick my baby up from her grand mother's house. Her eyes said it all, she started saying Dag, Nicki (minaj) where you been? lol... So that let me know that It was more than I thought. I went from 43" hips to 47"!! will that stay.. who knows, just at two weeks. and loving it! I feel so sexy and love the way pants fit now.
The only concern I am having is a small seroma pocket! Any advice of this ladies other than paying any surgeon to drain it? Headed for massages tomorrow.. will keep you posted and post more pics by end of the week!
God bless dolls!! xoxo

OK, ladies.. sorry about the delay I am about 3...

OK, ladies.. sorry about the delay I am about 3 weeks out from post-op almost 4 by week's ending. I am posting pics as promised.
I have had massages, felt great but not sure if it has done anything worth noting..(sorry). Had seroma, it has decreased in size due to massice compression. I have bought garments Galore to do double duty now to get back on track with healing.
Only concern is that my right hip is Noticeably bigger than left. I love the way I look no doubt but hey it looks funny will post pics. I am super happy with lipo areas first time ever with no love handles, so hey I am happy!

happy healing to you beauties recovering and enjoy your journey for our newbies!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Originally when I found out that my dream procedure exsisted, I started all the way in Florida searching for doctors because thats all I saw online. One night after staring at soooo many a$$es I thought they started looking the same, then I "found" DR J. Wow! what a difference, each seemed to carry the personality of the women, not just the same prototype, this man knew BUTTS and knew them well. After researching him and looking at countless blogs I chose him. He is board certified, graduated from the top schools up north, which I am familiar with his schools and how difficult they are. I was impressed and wanted the best for me. If I was going to go for it, I deserve the best! DR J is the best from what I have seen and hear of him. I am excited to meet him and be under his care.

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