Trying to Find the Best Surgeon in the Southeast (Georgia and Florida) - Atlanta, GA

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Hello! I have been on this site for years and just...

Hello! I have been on this site for years and just now getting the courage to post a review. I have wanted a Butt Augmentation for years prior to it becoming popular, so I figure this a great time to explore my options; however, I need help with finding a doctor. I am 32 w/no kids and my confidence have suffer with not having a fuller bottom especially for an African-American woman. After reviewing the site, I have narrowed the following doctors down as being a genius in their craft: Dr. Moises Salama, Dr. Soto, Dr. Mendiata, Dr. Perry and Dr. Jimmerson. I have a consult with Dr. Jimmerson on Monday; however, my concern about his butts is that he makes them too round and voluptuous, which is unrealistic for many of the woman body frame. Maybe the woman desire a bubble butt. I am in corporate so I must be conservative but my ultimate aim is to have a curvaceous, voluptuous (not bubble or shelf) round natural butt. If any of the ladies who have gone through this experience can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it...Also, if you can give me any questions to ask the surgeons I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for allowing me to share!

Well, I'm still searching...I refuse to settle!...

Well, I'm still searching...I refuse to settle! I've waited almost 8 tears to finally have the courage to move forward so I am determine to find the best doctor to give me the butt I aiming for...Please help me out!

Well, I have an online consult coming up with Dr...

Well, I have an online consult coming up with Dr.Salzhauer and I'm clueless to what questions to ask...Any suggestions? And have you'll know if he does great work? I want a butt like draya more of a slope ("C") curve not shelf.
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