Two Years later & ready for round 2 with Dr. Hasan

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Hey guys, I'm 22 yo and I am dying to have this...

Hey guys, I'm 22 yo and I am dying to have this procedure done. I am in nursing school so finances are a little right, does anyone have any ideas? I want to have everything lined up before I call and schedule my consultation. I would like the butt augmentation with fat grafted from my inner thighs..

Okay so i'm reading all of this hype about the...

Okay so i'm reading all of this hype about the prices rising since Dr. J has been on the show, do you guys think that I should at least pay my $500 deposit to lock my price in? Because I don't want to chance the price going up simply because of publicity.

I'm SUPER excited guys!!! I scheduled my...

I'm SUPER excited guys!!! I scheduled my consultation!!! February 25th is the day!!! I'm looking to schedule my surgery for July!! I am soooo excited!!! I need to start getting my things together, because I don't wan't things to hit me all at once. I'm ready for these J curves!!!!!! I'm going to upload my pictures so that you ladies can see why I want my procedure. I'm not in horrible shape, but I want to exemplify what I do have. Please give any advice, i'm open to all comments.

I just got a huge sigh of relief!!!!! I called a...

I just got a huge sigh of relief!!!!! I called a financing company and I basically don't have a thing to worry about!!! I wasn't sure how the company worked, but they pay half of the procedure cost as long as you don't have any bankruptcies!!! I am STOKED!!! Does anyone know when would be a good time to start getting thins together?

I haven't had my consultation yet, it's scheduled...

I haven't had my consultation yet, it's scheduled for Feb 25th, but I have decided that I want to schedule my procedure for June or July!! Does anyone remember what days Dr. J is in surgery? I know I have some time, but I want to have everything set up in advance!! This is sooooo exciting having you ladies to walk through this with me!! I love it! I am addicted to this site!! Can't wait to get my big ol bootayyy!! I have been getting a little nervous, I know im not the smallest thing in the world, but I have lost a lot of weight recently and I hope my inner thigh, my tummy and my flanks are enough for him to lipo from!! Can one of you ladies look at my pictures and tell me what you think!! Right now, I am 148 and I would love to be around 135-140 after my procedure, and i know that he said that you should be about 10 pounds over your ideal weight for the best results. I hope I dont have to gain weight because I've worked so hard to lose it! BUTTTT i want my big bootyyy, so I may have to compromise!! I have seen GREAT before and after pictures of Dr. J's work and I can not wait!!! These 7 or 8 months that I have to wait are going to drive me crazy! LoL! I'm literally on here every day!! I get so excited reading you guys post!! I'm trying to stay positive and realize that these months have been flying by!! 8 months out from today i'll be closer to graduation, so I have a lot to look forward to :)

So ladies! Do you have any helpful tips that you could offer that I should start doing at this stage? I'm not too sure how all of that clearance stuff works and what all they need. If you know how that works please let me know!! I hope things are going great for everyone!! Can't wait until we all have our bootayyysss

Okay ladies, So thanks to my BBL sisters tan824...

Okay ladies,
So thanks to my BBL sisters tan824 and bubblegum28 I had a consultation with Shelly this morning and Dr. J will be calling me back shortly!! My sx is SET for July 3, 2013 :) I am super excited!! Excited to have my buddies!! Shelly was AWESOME!! She goes "girl your body is banging!!!! You have the cake and we have the icing" ;) I have all of my dates to have things turned in, deposit made, and the planning begins!!!! I am super excited!! If you guys are looking to have your surgeries in the summer, go ahead and book NOW because Shelly said that June was pretty much full. So Shelly recommended hips, so i will be adding hips to my package and we are still trying to see what Dr. J is going to say about my thighs. I dont wan't to pay an extra $900 for that because thats honestly the main place with the fat! He should go there first, so i'll let him figure that out ;) but anywho ladies, I AM EXCITEDDDDDDDDDD!!! I didn't want to plan without having my date set, but since July 3rd is the day (damnit right before the 4th) I AM ABOUT TO START PLANNING :) I know I have 8 months but I dont want time to fly by me too fast, and since i'm in nursing school, time will fly by! Anywho ladies, if you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to leave comments :)

So I just left my nutritionist and I must say, I...

So I just left my nutritionist and I must say, I am excited! These measurements are BANGING!!!!

Weight 163 to 147
Bust 38 to 35
Waist 35 to 27
Hips 44 to 44

This procedure is going to have me looking like something that you would see off of Jet :) Tooooo excited!! lol Let's see what Jimerson can do with this bodaaayyyyy ;)

Okay guys i need your opinions!!! My sx is set for...

Okay guys i need your opinions!!! My sx is set for July 3, 2013 at 1p. Has anyone had afternoon sx's and do you think it makes a difference whether you are first or last? I have read about Anesthesia being better in the morning or whatnot, but Anesthesia is Anesthesia around the clock. I just would like to hear you ladies who have personally experienced afternoon's input.

Soooo ladies, I moved my date up, June 28th @...

Soooo ladies,
I moved my date up, June 28th @ 7:30 am :) I want to hurry up and get this over with! I have been extremely anxious!! I know it's only a week earlier, but hey, I had to jump on it since someone had cancelled. I'm going to start stocking up on my things now, so that I wont have to buy a lot of things when the time comes!! I am super excited!!! I need to read through my info that they sent me again to make sure that I get what's required. I completely missed the "no artificial hair" memo! lol i love my weave!!! Has anyone ever worn extensions to their surgery? I plan on having my Senegalese Twist, i don't plan on dealing with hair during this time. Let me know ladies!! Anyone going around June 28th? If so, let me knowww :) I need to make sure that I start taking my iron pills in February or March because I don't need anyyy bleeding issues. Also, I've found a few places that do the Lymphatic massages, but if you guys have found any reasonable places that offer packages or even places that accept insurance, please let me know, I'm open for all suggestions. Also, do you guys suggest waiting to buy the second garment or getting it in advance? I have no clue about these types of things.


Sorry ladies that I had to remove my photos. I...

Sorry ladies that I had to remove my photos. I have a few tattoos that I don't need anyone identifying me by, so I deleted them. I MAY or MAY NOT post anymore pics on here bc I'm not too fond of this policy


If I see ONE MORE MF POST ABOUT A PICTURE I AM GOING TO SCREAM!!! I have no I dea why some ladies are on the defense side and jumping down others throat simply because they want their pictures down, did you catch that? THEIR PICTURES!!! You either continue to follow their journey, or you don't, keep it moving! This crap has gotten way out of hand, just let it rest. I'm sure WE ALL have more important things to do than "make a point" on here (at least I do). So basically what in saying is If you don't like the fact that others are taking pics down, cool, follow someone else's journey, if you are taking them down (as I have) also cool, continue to blog IF YOU WOULD LIKE & keep it moving, there's no point for all the going bck & forth & she arguing with her bc she wanted HER PICTURE taken down. Worry about important things, redirect your attention on positive things. LORD HAVE MERCY!

NOW! Have a good day!

Happy Thankdgiving Ladies!!!! I hope everyone is...

Happy Thankdgiving Ladies!!!! I hope everyone is doing well!! Have a blessed Day

For all ladies that have been wondering if whether...

For all ladies that have been wondering if whether you finance or pay cash makes a difference, yes it does. I'm not sure what all things are different, but I know with the new policy's is if you finance now, yu can no longer get the 7:30am slot.

Last date change, I promise!! I have a had a few...

Last date change, I promise!! I have a had a few things come up and I will need to be up and ready to go in July, so I moved my date up a few :) Super excited!!! Me and my boo MsGradBooty will be linking up and crying together lol!! I am going to miss my girls tan824 and bubblegum28 :( But I should still be in ATL when you guys go, so I will surely come and check on you ladies :)

Okay ladies, So the rumor has been confirmed. As...

Okay ladies,
So the rumor has been confirmed. As of February 1st, financing decreases to $3,000 from $5,000. Thanks to all of the ladies that allowed Dr. J to transform their body, but not pay. Smh. Thanks a lot ladies! I'm not affected but it's unfair to those who are.
Have a blessed day loves.

Hi ladies!! I thought I'd come and say hi! RS...

Hi ladies!!
I thought I'd come and say hi! RS reminded me that I hadn't updated in over a month, so I said why not update? I'm on here everyday anyway!!! These months really flew by!! I went from having almost nine months of waiting to just 2 months left!! I am SUPER excited!!! Flight is booked, my housing is situated, my caregiver/BFF Nurse08 is a team player and going to help her loving best friend get through this & while I'm at it I would like to give her a S/O for her upcoming sx!!!! YIKES!! 11 says left!! I can't wait to see Dr. J work his magic on her!! My boo PinkMonkey will also be accompanying me when I head to ATL!! Not too much to update! Just about everything is in order!! Sx is paid off, clearance appointment set, insurance set to pay for my meds, pre & post massages arranged (insurance cover those as well), supplies are just abt done with and I picked up a few maxi dresses!! I will be packing very light. ATL airport is huge and I refuse to tug luggage through the airport in pain!! Lol well ladies! Just wanted to say hi and let you guys know where I am with the planning! Congrats to all of the ladies that have recently had their sx and good luck to the upcoming!!

God bless!! Xoxoxox

Hello ladies, I just wanted to update my post to...

Hello ladies,
I just wanted to update my post to clear up a few things. I want to remind you ladies that no one journey will EVER be the same, so I think we should all spend a little bit more time focusing on our own journey, and not Jane Doe that had her sx done 2 months ago and how her communication was with the office. I am the type that I don't believe anything I hear unless I get it from the horse's mouth, and so far, that has worked in my favor. This entire uproar about Dr. Jimerson no longer doing pre and post op appointments was simply misconstrued and I wanted to talk to the office myself to see what was going on.
First off, I called the office with a positive attitude and spoke to the only person that i've been speaking with throughout my entire journey. I do not like talking to a thousand different people, just to make sure that I am getting accurate and consistent information. I spoke with Shelly, and i simply asked "Hey Shelly, could you explain to me how Dr. Jimerson is going about his pre and post op appointments?" I can not remember what she told me verbatim, but she basically confirmed what I thought. Pre op is to sign all paperwork, get your prescription and to ask any questions and address any concerns, if you would like to see or speak with Dr. J at that moment, all you have to do is ask, there is NO WAY that he will refuse to see you during pre or post op. The day of sx is the most important, Dr. Jimerson will spend 20-30 minutes with us while marking us up and making sure he understands what our wishes are, to me, that is the most important time to speak with him, right before sx, i want my wish to be VIVID in his mind. If i were to tell him what i wanted in my pre op appointment, the day before, im sure he would forget, and im the second patient, so i personally would prefer to speak with him the day of sx versus the day before when im filling out paperwork, but for the ladies that would like all of the appointments to be with the doctor, FYI, YOU CAN MEET WITH THE DOCTOR AT PRE & POST OP!! I wanted to clear that up because I am so tired of the uproar. I understand that we as women may have these concerns, but I personally don't believe a thing that I hear unless I hear it from the office. I've gotten inboxes and text messages about women wanting to switch PS simply on something that they HEARD. I did not pick my PS based on RS reviews and the patients on here, therefore I refuse to allow them to sway my decision. I did my research, and again, no one review is alike, therefore just because Jane Doe had a horrible or excellent experience doesn't mean that mine will be the same. A word of advice for the upcoming patients, you get a lot more accomplished when you call and talk with a calm demeanor and a positive attitude. If i would have called the office all hood "Uhhhhh Shelly, i heard on RS that Dr. Jimerson wasn't doing pre & post ops, whats up with that?" I'm sure that the coordinator would have been a lot less warm and welcoming, it's all about how you talk to ppl. They understand that we are paying an arm and a leg for this sx, so our concerns are very important. So basically my point of this post is to say, do your own research, call about your own concerns, RS Is not the answer, call the office and get it from the horse's mouth!
Have a great day ladies!!

PS. My sx is QUICKLY approaching! May 17th i will be on the other side!!

43 days left until I head to GA!! Can we say...

43 days left until I head to GA!! Can we say excited?!? I started with 8+ months to go, now I have less than 2. Just about everything is set in stone, just ready to roll!! Are there any ladies that will be having their sx around May 17th? I haven't seen any at all, if so, hit me up. Im sure the recover would be easy if you have someone going through it as well. I have a very strong support system so i'm sure i'll be good either way!!
Anywho, Happy Healing to all of the ladies that have recently had their sx and good luck to all of the upcoming ladies :)

Medical clearance went great!! Waiting on Lab work...

Medical clearance went great!! Waiting on Lab work and the countdown begins!!!
29 days to go!!! :)

10 days left ladies!! I am super excited!! I guess...

10 days left ladies!! I am super excited!! I guess I should start packing 0_o I've been soooo busy!! Ughhhh!! Anywho! Counting downnnnnn

Wow guys. This is really happening!! Today was my...

Wow guys. This is really happening!! Today was my last day of work before I head to GA. I got a little emotional thinking about it. This will be a life changing event for me. I'm beyond excited. I guess it won't get 100% real to me until I get on that plane and take off. I have sooooooo much to do & will be out of town until 1 day before my flight. I thank God for my best friend Nurse08. She will be taking care of me during this very important time. She's done it, so she'll know exactly what I need to do. I've been having dreams about my surgery lately. I guess that's how I really know it's close. & To my baby loves Tan824 & BubbleGum28 thank y'all so much for everything that y'all do for me. I really appreciate it. Again ladies. I'm sooooooo excited and thanks for the support!!

Okay guys. So I called to confirm everything and...

Okay guys. So I called to confirm everything and make sure that I am good to go. I got the green light, in fact I got even better news. Instead of me being the second surgery of the day, I am now at 7:30!!!! First surgery!!! Whooop whoop!! I'm so excited abt that!!! :) guys pls keep me in your prayers

Well well well ladies!!! Today has finally come!!!...

Well well well ladies!!! Today has finally come!!! I am at the airport, checking bags and waiting to go through security!! I can't believe this is happening! I must be a nut because I'm not afraid or nervous at all!! Ladies get to the airports early as possible. Security has been really right now!! I've read a few people missing flights due to this!! Anywho, I'm super excited and can't wait to see all of yu Georgia peaches!!! :) Again, thank everyone for the well wishes and safe travels!! Hugs & kisses!!

Successful pre op

Hey my loves!! I'm one day closer to the new me!! I'm up, out and about. I had my pre op massage and it was AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!! That was the best hour and a half of my life!!! Lord she did that!! LoL so after my massage I went to my pre op. Everyone was so nice, Shelly came in and talked to me. She's just as excited as I am! Lol! I saw my girl Caramel01, I guess they were behind because it was 2 o'clock before she went back, she had been there since 11:30! I can't wait that long. My nerves are too bad!! Anywho, my pre op went great, got all of my paperwork and picked up my meds. It costed me a total of $30, pretty good considering that some ppl were paying $300+. Not gonna work for me! LoL! Anywho. I'm scheduled for 7:30 in the morning. I know I won't be able to sleep tonight. Ladies please send a prayer up for me. **hugs**

Today is the day

Morning loves. I must admit, I'm feeling a tad but emotional. I had a really rough day yesterday. I won't get into details, but I prayed and God has it all. Ladies please keep me in your thoughts and prayers. Talk to you soon.

Loving my new body

Well ladies I've crossed over!!! It wasn't as bad as I'd been expecting. Day 1 has been a breeze!! I didn't ask how much was taken section. But I do know they I got 900 in each cheek & 250 in the hips . I know it's soon but I know I'll love my results Even after the swelling. Dr, j ended up having to take from my inner thigh which I pretty much knew. Okay ladies!!

Pics posted, feel free yo comment




2 days post op

Today is post op day two for me and I must say, my recovery isn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. The only issue that I have sometimes is the burning sensation in my lipo'd areas, but that's about it. I walk as much as possible and I stay on track with my meds. I take my garment off today, hope it's not too bad!! Well that's all for now ladies! If you have any questions, feel free to inbox me :)

Day 2 post op

Quick update

Hey ladies,
Just a small update, not much has changed. A few women have been asking me abt the amount off CC's that were removed during sx so I found out the info and will list it below

Taken Out
Lower back-1400
3400 removed all together

Put In

That's pretty good. I knew there was no way he would get 5,000 cc's off of me, But he made it work!
Okay so I haven't been in any pain whatsoever! I get the burnig sensation in my lower back and abdomen, but that's abt it. The only thing that I feel is pressure & it's very minimal. Y'all, when I tell you that I almost passed out taking that garment off!!!!! Lord it is no joke! It took 3 of us to get that tight ass garment over my big ass!! It was so painful! That's the one time since sx that I experienced pain. I took a pain pill and a nausea pill an hour before taking it off & it still got the best of me!! Again, if you ladies have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Day 4

Each day has gotten easier for me, but last night I made the mistake of not waking up to walk or take my pain meds and boy am I paying for it!!! I could barely move! My bck and abdomen was stiff as a board. I'm up trying to walk to loosen by body up but that was certainly a mistake that I won't make again! Happy healing ladies


More pics

First post op massage

Today I had my first post op massage and it was phenomenal!!!! When we started I could Bart be touched!!! By the end I was walking better, my thighs weren't as swollen & I felt like a new women! LoL I started anticipating an hour, my body needed so much work, we ended up going for a full 2 hours. Every minute of the 2 hours was very necessary!! I was going to get my drains taken out early today bc they weren't draining, but after my massage it drained a little more, so I'll just keep it until Friday! Anywho, happy healing ladies!!

Can't even fit my big granny panties

Few more pics dolls.

Drain free

Just got my drains out and I am a happy girl!! That thing was the devil!!! I feel like a new women without that thing!! Everyone in the office, including Dr. J was mesmerized by my booty!! He of course asked to put me on his website! I am so happy with this process! Everyone was so sweet. Dr. J asked me if he made it too big for me lol, I asked him "is there even a such thing?" Lol that man is a genius as what he does. Seriously. I'm so happy that I had faith in him And didn't let others experience away mine. I'm currently at the Health Mart Pharmacy across the street from Dr. J's office picking up some specially made scar cream that the pharmacist here has to create. He just got the insurance to cover it so I'm happy abt that! He said it works great. He said that it's better than Scarguard and Mederma, so I said hey, why not, insurance is covering it. Anywho ladies, let me know If you have any questions, I don't mind answering them.

1 week post op

Hey ladies!!
Today makes 1 week post op for me! I can't believe it. No one can believe how well I'm doing, I guess I'm one of the lucky ones!! I've started wearing my board and it has helped my posture a lot. I was unable to stand straight up, now I have no choice lol so that's another perk about the board. I showered today and man oh man was it awesome!!! I'll post a pic of how ghetto I had to get with this shower lol. I massaged my lipo'd areas while in the shower, it hurt so good!! LoL! It was tender but it felt good to be touched!! I think my booty is finally settling and I love every bit of it!! Happy healing to all of my boo's that have crossed over and happy waiting to the upcoming :) feel free to ask me any questions!! **hugs**

Finally dropping

Hey ladies!!
Everything has been great on my end! My booty is finally starting to drop! I posted a pic!! I love my new body!! Also ladies I personally thing that massages are extremely important!! Today I took off my garment and board and realized that I had a lot of scar tissue forming knots!! I got in the shower and allowed the hot water to hit the spot while I broke up the adhesions. It was beyond painful, but I had to get it done. I did my thighs as well. I almost passed out, that's how painful it was, I won't be skipping anymore massages!! Anywho, I don't have much else to update. I am feeling great!!

Happy Memorial Day loves!!

Hey ladies!!
Just wanted to come and say happy Memorial Day!! Have enough fun for me. Hm laid up watching movies!!! :) lord y'all this booty is dangerous lol

2 weeks post op

Tomorrow is my two week post op mark and I'm feeling great!! I'm still having some bruising and soreness in my thighs but I'm doing good for the most part. I fly out of Atlanta Saturday night, this should be interesting. I'm going to try to stand as much as possible, bc I'm just not ready to sit. I have my boppy pillow of course but I'd rather stand. The closest to sitting that I've gotten in 2 weeks is when I have to have a bowel movement and even then I have a towel rolled under my thighs. Ladies I'm beyond pleased with my results. Until next time!!

Photo editing (tattoos)


Went out with no garment today

Today I went out with no garment and let me tell you, all eyes were on me!!! I was in the grocery store so it felt kind of weird! Like a piece of meat lol y'all my ass is dangerous!!! LoL I'll post pics!!

Plane ride back to Texas!!

Soooooo once again, I get lucky. At this point I won't say it's luck, I've had too many great things happened, I'd have to say that I'm blessed!! So I get on the plane and talk to the flight attendant, she was a JEWEL! Since the flight wasn't full she reserved a row for me!!! That was nobody but God!! I laid down on my stomach on all 3 seats the wholeeeeeee flight! I slept so good!! LoL! So needless to say, I've went 2 weeks without sitting on this investment!! Yes Lawd! Lol I am so excited abt that!! Well ladies! The healing begins at home. Lets see how many haters I get!!

Finally to my favorite mirror

For some reason I love my mirror at home!! It shows it all!! Lol I have put some before and after pics together at the same angle for you ladies!!

My little black dress ????

Hey ladies!! So I hopped out of the shower this morning and decided that I wanted to try on my favorite blk dress! Hmmm, lets say that thang is fitting!!! LoL I will post pictures! I am feeling great!y thighs have gotten a lot better. I would say I'm abt 90% healed. My stomach is still really swollen, but my back and thighs are the only things that are sore. My garment is too big in the stomach part, so I'll start wearing my cincher soon. I must say, God blessed me!! I know so many women with recoveries 10x's worse than mine. Im so thankful. Anyway ladies, happy healing to those recovering & good luck to the upcoming :)

Guilty pleasure

Okay so Friday makes 3 weeks for me! I must confess, while in ATL I shopped my butt off! Did a little online & store shopping! Well any who some of my dresses came in & lets just say shawtyyyy baddddd!!! Lol I'll let you guys be the judge!! I can't wait to get in a two piece!! My be advised that my stomach and thighs are still really swollen, so no fat jokes lol. Anywho, I start bck work on Friday. Lets see how that goes, I hope it's okay and not much. I'll let you gals know how it goes. Tootles!!

Serious matter

Honiessssssss let me tell y'all this ass is a serious matter!!! LoL I love it!! I went bck to work today. I work at a hospital so I move around allllllll day, well my back was on FIRE!!! That's all that really bothered me, but it was a mess! I couldn't wait to get home and take a muscle relaxer!! Anywho, I bought done swimsuits before sx. Lets just say I wasted my money on those larges!! Smh! I'll post a pic! Tootles ladies

Seriousssssss matter

1 month post op and loving it!!

Hey my loves!! So I hit 1 month post op about three days ago, and I must say, I love my boo back there!! Her name is Trixie ;-) she is a fatty!! I can't thank Dr. J enough!! My boyfriend said that he is gonna send him a thank you card every holiday lol!! We love it!! I haven't done much outside of work, so not many pics to post, but I will post them as I get them!! Toodles babes!!

Follow up appointment

Morning loves!
This morning I received a call for my follow up appointment. I spoke with Shelly and Blake, they are both the sweetest. Blake said that everything is looking good and that Im at the stage where no volume will be lost, which is great. No direct sitting until month 3, but I was cleared to work out starting next week, so I will be squatting it up!! I'm going to be a toning fool. I want my thighs, arms & stomach more toned. She did warn me that squatting would plump my butt up more, so I'll be careful with that & they advised against cardio, bc of course the fat will shrink. Anywho, overall the call went well. I'm healing fine and things are on the right track. She did tell me that my recovery was a lot faster than what she usually see's, so I guess my healthy lifestyle before surgery helped. Later ladies


Almost 2 months!!

2 months post op!!! **Beyond Happy**

Well, well, well! Just call me cutie with a big ole booty!! I have officially hit my 2 month mark and Trixie isn't budging!!! I'm pretty much set. My butt has gotten bigger and I pretty much want it to stop where it is! My stomach is so small that it sometimes look weird with a huge ass lol. I went to a pool party and wore a maxi! Ummm yeah, got more attention than the half baked chicks. I don't know what to do with all of this attention!! LoL I'll post more pics later. Just wanted to give y'all a little update. I still get the burning sensation in my back Andy sides still swell up a lot, but for the most part I'm getting around great!! Feel free to inbox me with questions :)

This girl is a headliner!!!

Excuse my different blacks!

It's almost 3 months and Trixie is still standing strong!! Excuse my two different blacks, I'm anal abt things like that lol so I didn't wear this anywhere! I hope everyone is doing well :)


Going on 5 months

New cincher!

Waist is tinyyyy

6+ Month update!!

Hey beauties!!!
It's been 6 months and I must say!", Trixie is holding up!!! This thang is dangerous!!!! So it's true, plastic surgery is addictive! My body MUST be perfect!!! I will be going to Duran in May for more lipo and possibly breast! Most likely I will go ahead and get it all at once considering I don't plan on going through this again until after kids! Lol I'm looking to get inner thigh, full stomach, full back, armpits (little meaty part when your arm is down) breast lift with a small implant. I'm not sure if I want her to touch my butt again bc it is THE BOMB, but I also don't want my fat to go to waste, so we shall see!! Duran emailed me bck with a quote & I spoke with her assistant for the date that I'm interested in! Me & my buddy plan to go together. I'm getting excited all over again. Smh lol good luck to all of you beauties!! :)


Here are a few pics babes!! :)

Still loving it

New pic :)

Man! I didn't know I was THIS damn fine!!!

7 months post op!!

New pics!!

Happy New Year Ladies

Well girls, Trixie is stilllllll holding :)

11 months later


Drama drama drama

Y'all when I say the drama is real!!! One of the lovely ladies have taken my pics and have been telling ppl that it's her, therefore I will be removing ALL of my pictures from this site. I know my results are amazing and I hate that future girls won't be able to see them but this is just too much!!

Round 2 with Dr. Anthony Hasan. August 25th

Hello ladies,
So here I am 2 years later & ready for round 2. My butt is still holding, in fact it's bigger but I need a touch up. About 8 months after Sx I started and new birth control and gained some weight. I've manaaged to get the weight off, however I want my body smooth again, so it's on!! I will be having Lipo to full abdomen, full back, flanks, inner thighs with bbl. I'm not new to this so I know what to expect, thankfully. Who are you ladies cordinators? I have Ana & that MUST be changed ASAP! I can not deal with her in-organized behind, poor English nor her lies. I could deal with th language if everything else was okay, but no. I've paid half of my sx to secure the date. I'm going to play it safe and pay the rest the day of surgery. I've heard too many horror stories and I don't trust them with that much of my money at once.

7 days left

7 days left until I get to see Dr. Hasan! Super excited!! :)
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jimerson was great with me. I was the very first surgery of the day so everything was on time. He came in and looked at my body, marked me up and talked to me abt 30 minutes. He's a really down to earth guy. Overall I think he's a very nice & professional guy. After sx all of the nurses and my coordinator made sure that I was fine and doing okay. I have not yet rated follow up care due to the fact that I haven't had any more appointments yet. The office did call and check on me so that's a plus.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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