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Hello bbl im wanting a big...

hello bbl im wanting a big bootie i guess its the trend i had lipo last year 9vaser) and not sure if i was happy with my results did plenty research and bucked up on dr j the curve man him self.i have an consult jan 2013 i did speak with him by phone for a phone about a tt......i will post piks of my body soon.

change of doctor

Hello I was supposed to get my PPL done last year from dr jamerson now he's all booked up after the TI and Tiny show so I have to find other options now that I'm really ready to get the surgery done I check that Dr Fisher ran across your profile where a young lady looked at greats her name is feeling the dr office spoke with the coordinator she email me all the information that I need it right away I took my pictures and I will be emailing them back to her fiance and super excited and is willing to finance it yes sirso I will keep you guys posted on my journey I plan on having the surgery hopefully in March of this year

excuse my typos

Excuse my typos. ...New phone with a mind of its own.

Got my quote today

so I got my call today from Dr fishers office I was quoted 5000 which includes anesthesia and whatever else they gave me the email for my clearance also I need to put down a thousand dollar deposit. I was also advised to lose some weight because I am too short to weigh 170 coordinator advised me to get to 150 for best results being that I am 5 feet. I agree so therefore starting next Monday I will be doing the Atkins diet. I have a friend that did the Atkins and lost 15 lb in 2 weeks...

gave my deposit today...

Gave my deposit today n I'm soon excited....boy am I excited.....Dr fisher body....well journey states now wit loosing weight....will be buying my Atkins shakes n dinners.....

current weight 177 lb Goal 155lb

So I was advised to loose weight for best results I'm 5 feet 177 mostly chest....I agree wit weight loss I'm super excited. My Hobbie is too love the guy of mines. N my daughter is like mom mom lol

Hassan it is

Cant wait to be hanified next month. In process of loosing weight for best results. Currently at 175 need to loose 25 lbs to be at my goal weight and the bmi dr wants me to be which is 29 being that im 5 feet 177 lbs... sx fully paid for also RH


What im doing to loose the weight , plenty Cardio 2 shakes a day n salad for dinner plenty water with lemon, no sugar no carbs, also i drink chic weed tea from herbal store, i was 189 my weight crept up on me due to stress currently 175 im to short to weigh no 189, fux stress it anit healthy, so i really got my act together lost about 12lbs so far 25 more to go i can do it, plus not only for sx but a healthy life style. Couldn't fit my close much less stand in heels for too long the worst feeling. Been goung back n forth on this site since 2011 did lipo in 2011 move to Atl n just gained back the Fat, not good so now I'm wiser Thank God for wisdom. Also thankful for all that share your stories :)

ticket is booked

Got a call from vanity today asking did i want to move up my date, absolutely so my date is Aug 25th , they better not call me back with any crap cause i just booked my ticket woot woot, got a great price with South west airline. Still loosing weight to get down to 150lbs. Im doing great i just have to continue doing good when we go on vacation next week.

lab work done

So did labs today if u do not have insurance its costly so i did my pt,ptt,inr,cbc cmp today ill do others when i get to Vanity. Im packed n still loosing weight i went to my weight loss clinic and bought 8 fat burner shots got first shot yesterday that shot gave me life, doing another shot tomorrow will do two a week. It helps with weight loss n i have 20 lbs to go b4 the 24 of August. Im super excited and pray i get the look i desire. Sometimes i think im scared to actually look like that because of ppl taking but hey who cares right. We must please ourself.

here at Vanity

So flew out today , Yup im in Miami so the drivet was awesome greatest spirit in the world, he pucked me up from ft Lauderdale, and got a call to pick up this other toung lady we got to talking she real cool she doing her breast with Hasan, so im at vanity , wait was about an hour to do blood work only work i had to do was HCG i did everything els prior to getting here, lady who spoke no english did my blood n was doing everything im like only hcg is needed. Dammit i so dont like needles kmdt
So i paid for extended stay.

Dr. Macadoo was great

Changed dr at last min. Went to Mcadoo and i love his results.

6 months and loving my results

Hell Dolls I went to Dr macadoo in August 2015 I'm 6 months in, and I'll be going for TT with dr macadoo March 9th I choose Dr McAdoo because he knows my body and what I'm looking for he is a great doctor...

Round 2 TT time with my same doc... Mcadoo

Hey everyone so I'm ready for round 2 this time it will be a TT with my same doctor.... Dr. McAdoo he did my bbl at last min I switch from hasan to him . my bmi wasn't at Dr Hasaan req. So I love my results could have been a bit bigger with bbl but have to understand if u had zero azzz to start with your butt can only stretch to a certain limit and then u can go back for a round 2 and get more fat. But for my round 2 I rather a TT I think it will do the job. I had a friend I met when I got my Sx and she went to Fisher who also isca Wonderful doc, she too wants a round 2. .....

OK well anyhow I'm paid in full I need to do my labs which I will do wednesday . I'll order my band from amazon because Vanity charge too much. I'll upload pics of my tummy later today.

my tummy

Here is my tummy dr McAdoo did a grt job with my Lipo considering how it look b4 bbl, but I want a wash board belly. Give me that smooth transition McAdoo lol

Fat Arms

So I have FAT arms and I'm worried about how ill look after a TT... I pray I don't look like a f?reaking quarterback on a football team .... After this TT I'm going in on my work out. Cause I swear I don't want to be big on the top uggggg

order my labs

So I ordered my labs from walk in labs. Com only thing I didn't order was Hcg and the Hiv I'll do them both at Vanity.

Like I did last time so for everything else I paid $100.00 exactly I'm drinking plenty water and cranberry juice I do my labs tomorrow.
And to be on safe side I'll do an at home pregnancy test first.
Then I'll my labs just being safe that's all????.

So other then that I'm excited happy and anxious. But I'll put all those feelings aside and just keep positive and healthy.
This is something I wanted for so long. Not to impress anyone but to allow me to feel better and its true we can truly have the desires of our heart if we believe. And I surely believe so to all you Beautiful Dolls and Barbie's go into your Sx and your journey with a positive mind frame and belief that you can have what you want the body you so lonGED for.
ItIt's yours.

On that note I'll go drink my water oh yeah ate my liver today it was tasty????
Made liver for lunch because its great in iron????

lab work

So lab work Done
Went in early this morning to do lab work it usually get back next day with walk in lab.

labs are back

Labs are back and I got the goooo woopie, so I think the hard part is over. Since im familiar with Vanity I already know theirs a wait uggg and I already know the office hahahha shoot Miami is my city so now all I need is positive thoughts ,vibes and actions. I'm more excited then anything else. I wanted a tummy tuck since I had mymy daughter she is 14 this year. I did BBL first cause it was most needed .... I'm fixing me next I hope is vaneers for my teeth????. So for all who read my post and don't comment guess I'll still keep ya updated until sx then n pics for the no love hahahahahha


I promise these coordinators be getting on my nerves, once u pay they pass you on like they can no longer answer questions . OK where is this attitude from all of a sudden. Once u pay it's all over you no longer get that I need you treatment. Listening to others I didn't go with my last coordinator from last sx, I might as well should have. Anyways I paid and thank God its the Dr doing sx and not the coordinators lol.

my tumny

Pre op Tummy , before bbl my tummy was 37inches yak after bbl with Lipo my tummy went to 30 inch I gain some inches back my tummy is 32/33 inches I praying this TT take me in the 20 inch ckub ..... My tummy came along way Thanks to Dr. Mcadoo

b4 pic figured iill show my b4 pic

The ugly truth that we all hate. Before BBL so as you can see Dr. McAdoo did wonders.
Every doctor had their own style
and sometimes I wish I went a little bigger , but our azzzz can only hold a certain amount of fat before it starts to reject the fat. I did consider round 2 but I figured a Tummy Tuck would take the cake, cause all though I wanted it a tab bigger I was also worried it will be way to big I wasn't going for the Nikki or Michelle k look. Just wanted to fill out my close a litter better and that was accomplished.

another pic

husband tripping

So why is my husband tripping I mean big time. Is it their self-esteemself-esteem or what he just has the worst attitude. I can't even explain it????

Yessss Round with TT

Yes that TT I did it made it fto the flat belly side????


4day p.o.

Four days post op
Good lord if anyone told me this TT would be this extream I wouldn't believe it . its definitely worst then my c_section I had. Meds making me itch. Day one and day 2 the worst
Day 3/4 very stiff and tightening. I can Harley get myself out the couch.
Have not did #2 yet been taking stool softener colace nothing yet. I can't wait for drain to be taken out. Think I may feel better after.

4days post op

Had sx 3/10/2016 and boy oh boy I'm 4 days p.o and I can say come on already . pain pain go away lol .
Very tight hate sleeping on my back . need to be back home so I can get in that recliner of mines. The bird bath I take let me know how much I miss my husband he definitely could have helped me with the spot bath ????. So tomorrow is my 2nd follow up to have drains removed both of them I pray from their on I can be planning my way back to ATL. This TT has definitely been real

Drainage Out

Yes Drainage out I feel so much better. Had to purchase to form boards they say helo with swelling. I already had 2 but they home in Atl, so $40.00 it was for bothboth form boards. I was told keep tape on for 21 days???????? I'm like u sure???? yeah I'm going to need to speak with McAdoo BM yet

Today makes 1week

Today makes one week since my TT . and I still haven't seen my tummy . I have tape on 69% if my tummy . I'm still very swollen it's kinda a hit n miss cause I'm very much so clueless n I Hate this feeling. Its really freaking annoying. Vanity is Annoying this whole exp is annoying.

pain pain

Pain pain go away lol???????????????? can't wait to be fully healed and snatched.

still very swollen

Very swollen. 11 days post op

11days post op

Still swollen

1st massage

Tummy swollen still

tummy swollen

Almost their

23 days post op

23days post op and the swelling is still realreal. I wear my foams also my garment everyday , it helps keeps the swelling down plus it smooths out your sides n tummy for the sleek look. It gets annoying but oh well. I can't wait for swelling to completely go away ugggg its real frfr. Other then that I had a belly button separation went to vanity and dr McAdoo looked at it and advise me what to do. Not bad its healing now

Not Going to Dr. J CURVE.....GOING TO DR. HASSAN..........Went to Dr Macadoo at last min

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