A detailed review of my BBL experience

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I've been researching this procedure for over a...

I've been researching this procedure for over a year now and finally got motivated to do it. I hate how low my but sit but always have been told that I have a nice ass. It looks good in some clothes and some not so good. Im happy that I found this site and im looking foward to the reviews of everyone waiting to have sx. I had a combi-tuck in 2010 and always wanted more work done so that everything would look good but always just put it off for different reasons. My thighs and arms are huge and I always said that I was going to get them done next but never did.

I started researching butt injections and have read that they were not safe and stumbled upon Brazilian butt lift during that time I found Dr. Jimmerson web site and was sold since then. I love his work and already have had my consultation with him on September 4, 2012 and it went well. My sx date is 12/19/12 and I am so excited. I have been reading reviews on this site and have received very good information on some things that I needed to know. I'm getting BBL - with lipo to bra fat area, flanks , lower back, stomach, inside thighs, and arms. My total price is $12,000 and I will receive a $500 discount for paying cash. I've worked long and hard to pay for the sx and I deserve every ounce of Ass that I will have after sx.. Lol. I don't think that my husband wants me to do it but he can't say much since I'm paying for it myself.

I'm adding my wish pic but will wait until the...

I'm adding my wish pic but will wait until the week before sx to add my pre-op pics

OMG!!! One week until I'm bootylicious..... I...

OMG!!! One week until I'm bootylicious..... I CAN'T WAIT!!!

I'm at the office y'all about to get...

I'm at the office y'all about to get bootylicious!!!! Keep me in your prayers, I'll see y'all on the other side.

Hey ladies, I had my sx on 12/19/12 and so far I'm...

Hey ladies, I had my sx on 12/19/12 and so far I'm happy with my results. I had lipo to my arms, inner thighs, lower back, flanks and bra rolls, yes DR. J did get my bra rolls too. I feel every spot that he did lipo to. I'm not in much pain just really sore, especially my inner thighs. He took out 5000cc's and put 950cc's in each butt cheek. I've been drinking plenty of fluids and walking as much as I can and that really helps with the stiffness. I'm so swollen right now but I do see things going down daily. I will have my hubby take pics of me tonight and post them asap. I want to thank all of you for my well wishes and prayers. I want to give a shout out to my girl luxiousmindbodyandspirit and wish her a healthy happy recovery. I'm open for any questions that anyone may have and will try to answer to the best of my ability, until next time xoxo my BBL MAMA's!

Hey ladies, I need to know how long do I have to...

Hey ladies, I need to know how long do I have to wear the foam triangle above my butt that forms the shelf, I don't want a deep shelf at the top of my ass... Lol thanks in advance.

Hey all of my bbl mama's! I just wanted to give a...

Hey all of my bbl mama's! I just wanted to give a detailed review of my experience to answer some questions that I was asked. First of all I had to be at the office at 10:00am but I arrived about 9:35am. They called me back about 10:00 and started the process of me changing into the gown and stockings and my IV and shortly after that I met the anesthesiologist and he explained to me the meds that he was going to give me and then the famous Dr.J came in to mark me up and he answered some questions that I had. I showed him my wish pic and I was very detailed about what I wanted. We discussed my bra rolls because I had initially got my money back for that area until I spoke with him in person about what he was able to do for my body because of all of the areas that I was getting done. He was very detailed about what he could do and that he would take out 5000cc on me because he thought I had a little more than that. So I added the bra rolls again and the next thing I remember is them putting the meds in my IV and after that I remember waking up lying on my back and the nurse asked me how was I feeling and I told her that I wanted to turn over on my stomach and she helped me do that and then I asked for some crackers because I was feeling like I wanted throw up and she said she didn't have any. Then I was having a reaction from the meds that had one side if my face jumping like a heart beat and they have me something to stop that and some more fluids and shortly after that I was ready to leave for my hotel room. Now! The ride to the Hotel was funny because I was in the front seat on my knees and I was feeling sick at the same time. Finally my mother got me inside of the room and I laid down and ate some chicken salad and crackers and water I immediately felt better. I didn't really have an appetite for the first few days but I made myself eat as much as I could and I stayed on my Gatorade and water and I'm still drinking plenty of fluids. I think I woke up every hour to walk as much as I could because walking makes you less stiff and sore at the same time. I took my garment off after 48 hours to wash up and I felt light headed and nausea so I took a pill for that and laid down for a few mins until it started working, I've had to do that ever time I take my garment off except last nite. My body is so bruised and sore especially my inner thighs and arms where he lipoed. For the record ladies I think that Dr.J did a very good job on my lipo and it was worth every dollar that I spent because my arms and legs were horrible and I see progress already with all of the swelling. I must say that I've always been curvy but he sculpted my body very well and I'm very satisfied with my results. Ladies you must have realistic expectations and know that he's working to make what you have better than it is NOT PERFECT! No one will ever have perfect results because we are not perfect and DR.J is not perfect, he's just good at what he do. I know that with a healthy diet and exercise my results will be better, after you get off of his table it's mind over matter so it's all up to us to do what's got to be done to make us feel better about ourselves. They took out 5000cc's and put 950 cc's in each side. I will post pics as soon as I'm allowed to do so, hubby has a problem with me posting pics so soon with all of the swelling and bruised skin. I respect his wishes because he has been by my side through it all. Every day is getting better, I'm walking better and moving around better daily. If anyone have any questions please feel free to ask. Until next time, hugs and kisses xoxox!

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