20 Year Old, Brazilian Butt Lift, Breast Implants - Atlanta, GA

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I want to get breast implants and a Brazilian butt...

I want to get breast implants and a Brazilian butt lift. Breast: Saline implants - 2800$ (Miami - coral gabes) I have a very small 34b and im not really worried about this surgery. I just wanted to know should I do it all at the same time *bbl + implants* or how long do I have to wait to do it at two different times. BBL - 3400$ (Atlanta - image cosmetics) im planning on doing the bbl maybe in April or May. I want to do 12-1500 cc's of fat in each butt cheek (maybe 200cc's to my hips) im very curvy already I just want my butt to stay they same size my weight is always going up and down and I lose volume in my butt. i weigh 138 pounds im trying to gain 30-40 pounds before my surgey. but i honestly do feel that 1500 cc's would be way to much maybe like 1000-1200cc's each cheek.


im so excited, I emailed yily but shes taking forever to get back to me - im going to contact duran. I was considering baez but her work isn't amazing. i want to get my breast done before the summer as well as my butt - i don't want to get them at the same time, right now i only have 2300$ saved, and its to my ba funds b.c ive always wanted breast and i want to be an Urban Model but the way my funds is set up - ima just be a stripper lol, only because im not old enough to bartend, but i will be soon so i might just hold off on stripping.

breast aug -

so at coral gabes you have to put down a deposit of 1000$ im going to go with them because they are cheap and they offer flexible payment plans, it has to be paid in full 2 weeks before surgery date. im going to put my down payment down for them and book my surgery in may or june. I want to start the summer off with breast - YES! im going to pay them off around april/may.
I am putting my deposit for yily (or duran but i am leaning towards yily) soon - like the end of march, then ill pay off my breast - i have bbl funds as well lol like 2500. i don't want to dip into my funds to pay off my breast but i might lol. and get that out of the way. then ill work on my butt and saving *blahhh*
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