Upper and Lower Lid Surgery to Improve, Correct Previous Surgery, Very Happy So Far - Atlanta, GA

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Had upper and lower done this morning, second time...

Had upper and lower done this morning, second time on upper and first on lower. First time on uppers was to remove hooding and was covered by insurance...the eye doctor slightly messed up the structure of one eye the first time though did get the hooding removed satisfactorily. That was about eight years ago. This time it was for cosmetic purposes, to remove bags under eyes, correct the earlier mistakes of the eye doctor and to remove excess skin on upper and lower lids. So far minimal swelling but a bit of bruising that seems to be already fading with lots of ice packs. (I bruise easily) Very minimal pain. From what I can tell so far, I am going to be extremely pleased with the results. I have a lot of respect for the doctor and know three who he has done similar services on and all look great, including a local cosmetic dermatologist who highly recommended him. The surgeon is very conservative in his approach, explains the procedure with great detail and his staff members are all very nice and caring, which is comforting. He has lots of experience. He also calls the evening after your surgery and gives you his cell number and says call anytime. He is very sincere. I drove about 400 miles for his services. I will update my results with pictures as I can.

Sorry for the delay and the infrequent update. I...

Sorry for the delay and the infrequent update. I am 23 days post upper and lower eyelid surgery. I am certainly thrilled with the results so far. If I were giving a grade for the surgeon's work, it would be about a 97 to 98 based on a scale of 100.

I will say right off the bat I am 100 percent happy I did the surgery and very, very happy I had planned three weeks away from work. I traveled to Atlanta to do the surgery by myself, spending five days post surgery in a hotel before driving to the coast to spend six more days by myself in a hotel. It took about this amount of time, 10 or 11 days post surgery, to feel comfortable going out into public without sunglasses. (I had surgery on a Thursday morning; a week from the following Monday is when I started feeling very comfortable in public without sunglasses, if that makes it clearer). At this point only a very small bruise under one eye that was fading each day, and at this point too, still a bit of mild swelling.

In the next 12 days, which brings me to the present, the swelling was persistent in hanging on. I started taking cortisone tablets at about day 11, which seemed to dramatically help with the swelling, almost overnight. Now, at day 23, I feel 95 percent of all bruising and swelling has left. My lids do still feel a little numb, but they don't look inflamed or swollen. I returned to work this past Wednesday.

I feel the surgeon did as he said: opened my eyes more and removed bags under my eyes for a more rested and refreshed look, while still looking like myself. I feel like my outlook on everything has improved because of this surgery. I would do it all over again. Very happy overall.

1. Find a conservative surgeon. It took me a year to find who did my surgery and I used him because of his conservative approach and his extensive experience. Be wary of gung-ho surgeons.

2. Plan to be out of the public eye for about 10-12 days or longer. As I said, it took me that long to be around those who know me without sunglasses. (11 days to be exact)

3. Ice, ice, ice for the first four days. Sleep with your head elevated for two weeks if you can handle it that long. Don't be tempted to run look in the mirror the first few days after surgery, because there will be swelling and bruising, and changes from day to day. ALSO, avoid aspirin etc. for the two weeks prior to surgery as that can dramatically increase bruising.

4. If you go out of town for surgery, and I found it was more comfortable to do it this way, be sure to arrange for a friend to help you as you won't want to get out in public for a few days, or if you stay in a hotel, get one with a suite so you can stock up on food and beverage before the procedure. Feel comfortable tackling it on your own, too, if you are like me and don't want a soul you know to know you are having the surgery. Most surgery centers can arrange for someone to take you to your hotel and stay with you a few hours immediately post-op. I did perfectly fine on my own.

5. Know that each person heals at different rates. I have seen recovery for this type of surgery listed from 10 days to 2 weeks, with almost all bruising and swelling certainly gone by the three-week mark. I fell into this category perfectly so I imagine this is a good measure of recovery for most people.

OK, I hope this helps.
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Came highly recommended by a local cosmetic dermatologist who had same procedures done. I also felt comfortable with his conservative approach and those who work for him.

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