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As a teen, I lived with having back pain, neck...

As a teen, I lived with having back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. I constantly went back and forth to the doctors for it and was told that I should consider having a reduction. My mother is now and always has been very afraid of doctors so the answer was no! Now, that I am grown, I have decided to go ahead with the procedure because I am so tired of being on pain meds, physical therapy and chiropractors that is not helping! I have had several doctors recommend the procedure in the last 3 years so I believed that this would be the right decision. I currently wear a size 36H and I just weighed in at 205 lbs mainly due to recent stresses, normally I weigh about 180 lbs. I went to the PS about 2 weeks ago and he was very confident that my insurance would pay for the procedure! I am in the waiting process but he almost guaranteed me that the insurance would pay for it and now I am having the jitters just thinking about it. I watch youtube videos and that seems to make me more nervous but finding this site has made me feel so much better and I appreciate it!!!

I am still kind of worried about my insurance.I...

I am still kind of worried about my insurance.I haven't heard anything from them yet! Does anyone know how long it takes using state funded insurance? I went to the mall today and my back hurts like heck!! Went into the bra boutique and a bra my size was almost $50!!! I went home and immediately emailed my PS Assistant to see if I was approved but maybe she was already out of the office for today!!!!

I just received an email from my PS assistant and...

I just received an email from my PS assistant and she informed me that my insurance (medicaid) has me in approved status but did not give an authorization number like they usually do! So, she is having her team to speak with medicaid to see why this happening. She says she doesn't want to go ahead and schedule me and then I have to pay for a huge balance or something. Have anyone ever had this experience? I am pretty sure that it will be ok but my nerves are a mess!!!!

I received a call today from my PS and was...

I received a call today from my PS and was informed that my insurance was approved and that my surgery date is July 30!!! That's less than two weeks!! I am so excited but a little nervous too. Is there anything that I need to do before surgery that will help y surgery and what are some of the things that are "must haves" for recovery??? I really appreciate this community because It makes me feel a lot better then it would've not hearing you experiences!! Thank you so much or that!!!

I am about to go crazy!! My PS assistant has taken...

I am about to go crazy!! My PS assistant has taken a leave of absence for whatever reason but now everybody is telling me different things and none of them are turning out true so far!!! Ugh!! A lady that is filling in for the assistant told me on Friday that everything was approved and that my surgery is set for Monday July 30th. She would call me right back to give me the time for the surgery and pre op. Well, I had to call back on Monday to ask for the times, only for another lady to tell me that she didn't see where I was scheduled for surgery at all!!! So I explained to her what the lady said and she went to ask the doctor and another lady what was going on. They finally come back to the phone and says "Ok, we found out what happened and your surgery date and time will be emailed to you in a few minutes". It was this morning when I was emailed and it stated that I had to call this number to pre register on the phone before pre op which is tomorrow at 1 pm. I called the number and was told that they see my name in the system but they do not see any surgery scheduled for me at all!!!! This is crazy to me!! I called the doctors office back and now she is telling me that she will call me back later which I am probably going to have to cal them back myself!!! I am getting very aggravated because I am a person who likes to keep things going in order and if this is what you are saying then that is what I go by and I hate when it seems like I am being a nuisance by trying to get things in order!!!!

I made it through the surgery yesterday!!!!! I was...

I made it through the surgery yesterday!!!!! I was nervous when I arrived at the hospital but I was so blessed to have my husband and my mom to be there to level me out. The actual surgery took 4 hours and I stayed in recovery for another 3 hours. I woke up in too much pain!!!!! I didn't get nauseated but I can notice a huge difference in my breasts already!! I did not have to have the drains in them or the tight bandage that some people had to use. Everything went well except for my husband loosing the prescription by the time we got to the pharmacy!!!! The worst part is that my doctor had already left when he finished my procedure so the only thing that they could do was call a prescription in for Loratab just for the night. Anyway, Overall, I am in pain but I love the results so far!!!! He said that I can shower tomorrow so I will definitely be ready for that!! I had a terrible time resting last night but I made it!!! I am about to lay back down I am hurting. I hope everything went well with BamaMama as well!!!! I will post before and after pictures this week but please excuse my belly!!!!! lol

Almost two weeks post op and I am feeling better...

Almost two weeks post op and I am feeling better by the day. I still feel a burning sensation at the incision lines but for the most part I feel a lot better!!! My 2 week follow up is scheduled for next Friday and I am very anxious about that. I am still taking it very easy because there are times when I feel up to doing something and then when I do, I feel like I made a huge mistake!!

Dr. Mark Walsh. I found him using the Health grades website. So far, he listens and explains things very well!!!! I believe I made the right choice!

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