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Hi I have been reading so many stories and decided...

Hi I have been reading so many stories and decided to share mine. I have had large boobs forever. I started to develop around 13 and they never seemed to stop growing. By the time I was 18 I was wearing a 32G. As I begin having kids ( I have 4 now) They just got bigger and bigger. When I was pregnant with my last child they got so big I could not find a bra to fit. I ordered the largest size off the internet which was a 34N and to my surprise it was too small. So it was hell.After he was born it took 6 months for me to fit in a bra again. 34JJ. I have now lost more weight and can fit in a 34h I am 29 years old 175lbs and I am 5'6 . I just want all the pain in my shoulders, neck, back to be gone.

So I decided to go to the doctor and complain. He said if I lost weight they would go down. I explained to him that 9 years before when I was 130lbs and a size 34G and went to see him he sent me to a plastic surgeon. I just happened to get pregnant and couldn't have it done. At that point he sent me to see one. I had my consultation on Friday July 19th where the Plastic surgeon measured took pictures and told me it would take up to three weeks for insurance approval. He also said once approve I will have to wait until I am off Phintermine for 2 months before he could preform the surgery. Which will put me around October. I hope nothing stands in my way this time. I feel like I can no longer live like this.

I got THE letter!

I can't believe I was approved and it only took a week. I'm still in shock! This is actually going to happen!

before pictures

before pics

It's scheduled!

I'm scheduled for October 17th. They changed it because the doc will still be on vacation. I feel like it's so far away. I'm nervous but anxious.

two weeks until my pre op

So I have two weeks until my pre op and I'm getting a little nervous. I know the insurance gives a certain amount that they want taken out, But what if it is too much or too little. I don't want to have this surgery and still be big and I don't want to go from this big to a b cup. I'm just not sure what questions to ask. I know he said I would most likely have to have a free nipple graft. I just never thought the day would come where this was actually a reality. Now that I'm two weeks away from my pre-op and 6 from my surgery I'm getting real nervous.

Is it normal to be scheduled for a 12pm surgery and have the drains taken out the next morning? my surgery is on a Thursday so is he taken them out so fast because he doesn't work the weekend? I know a lot of them don't use drains but it just doesn't seem normal.

one month to go

I can't believe I only have a month of waiting and guessing and worrying to go. I have been through every website Google is not always glitter I'm just ready to have this done with. I can't wait for my smaller and perky boobs. I just worry about all the normal things. Getting an infection, then being lopsided, nipples falling off. I hope in the end it is all worth it. I have my pre-op Monday any questions I need to ask? What are some good bras to buy?

pre op was today

My pre op went well I asked a bunch of questions. I feel like I am ready for my surgery. I need to shop for some bras. It just doesn't seem realistic when I go to buy a sports bra that one of my Boob's can't fit in and think that it will fit later lol. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what sports or surgical bras work the best? And what size to buy? He said I will be taken down to a c or d cup.

20 days and counting

I am so ready to have this done. It seems like time is not moving fast enough. I received a call that my surgery time was changed from noon to 7:30am. I'm happy with that. I haven't had any time to go shopping. I ordered front closure sports bras from walmart only 2. And I ordered a marena surgical bra off amazon. I think that and the surgical bra I get after surgery will be enough for now. Let me know if you think I will need more.

Three weeks togo

Three weeks to go and my bra is too big since I've been losing weight. But now it's causing that ugly black rash. and I am super uncomfortable everyday. But I refuse to buy another bra in that size! three weeks of

bra shopping

So I purchased some bras online because when I went to the store it seemed so unrealistic I would ever be that small. I got 2 front closure sports brad from Wal-Mart. I got the marena surgical bra. Some ahhh bras they all just look so small. I hope they will fit lol.

11 days and I'm getting nervous

So it less then 2 weeks until my surgery and now I'm getting a little nervous. I've never had surgery before. I don't know how my body will heal. What if my Boob's come out ugly, or lopsided, or too big or too small. I also have to have a free nipple graft which I'm not happy about. I need to lose more weight but I have no time to work out. Too much going on in my mind lol

6 days to go

I can't believe it's less then a week away. I have been slacking on working out and very nervous. All I can think about is what if something goes wrong. What about my kids and husband. I put on a strong face but I am freaking out. I have been wanting this for as long as I can remember. I have been praying for this. Now it's almost here and I'm freaking out. I know this is normal I hope I get over it before the surgery.

2 days until the smaller side

2 days and I am nervous. I hope everything goes well and my nerves settle. I haven't been sleeping. Working out is nonexistent I hope I didn't gain any weight. It's been a hard 2 weeks.

One more sleep to the new me!

Tomorrow is the big day. Pray for me. I'm so nervous and scared. My surgery is at 730 I have to be there at 530. On another note my husband got us a room at the W so I can relax the night before he is awesome!

I have itty bittys now

I am officially on the other side. I didn't have to have a free nipple graft. Yay. I think that he made me really small which I don't know if that's a good thing or bad.

Before surgery

Thank you

Thank you for all realself sisters. I am happy it is all over. Thank you for the prayers I needed them. I go for my post opp tomorrow to get the drains taken out. Will take better pictures then.


post op

I went for my post op today. He removed the drains [didn't hurt at all] and I got a little peak. They look so small and pretty. I can't believe the mine! I'm still taking pain med every 5 hours. I'm a punk so I'd rather be ahead of the pain.

So my surgery I got to the hospital at 530am paid signed some paperwork. Changed into my gown and paper undies. The anesthesiologist came in talked to me put s patch behind my ear for nausea. Then the doc came a drew on me and bunched it all together and said what if they looked something like this I told him that would be ok but I want to be a C cup so try and go smaller. After that the nurse came in and started an antibiotic on my iv and said now this is the good stuff and put something else in it. That is the last think I remember then I was waking up in pain. My husband can't believe I didn't remember anything. He said I was awake and talking up until he left. So that really was some good

I get to shower tomorrow then I will post some pictures.

shooting pains

I'm one day post op and I had my drains removed this morning. The left nipple hurts really bad. Like pains just keep shooting through it and a little on the rights side. Is that normal? It's real uncomfortable

Day two

update picture


I have feeling in both nipples. These zingers are killing me. My Boob's look boxy but I know they need time to settle. They left is more swollen than the right. But I love them. They are small and perky and mine. Now I wish I could go to the bathroom lol. My husband went to buy me some prune juice as my smooth move tea failed me. Just pray these zingers go away

left nipple looking different

I'm day 5 post and I just showered and noticed my left nipple has bruised or black areas around it. I have had no leakage of any kind. But I'm freaking out. Is this normal? I have feeling in both nipples since the day off surgery. I'm gonna call the doc in the morning just really worried now. My husband says I'm over reacting. But I don't know

9 days later

I'm on day 9 of healing. All is going well. They are really itchy. And I can't wear the surgical bra during the day it doesn't let them breath enough. So I wear my bali bra and it is so comfortable. Other than that here are some pictures to update..

12 days post and the pain is back..

Today has been rough. My left breast is still swollen. But it seems more swollen and is hurting. The right hurts a little. I have been icing them but with no relief. I took a Tylenol 3. I need something to relieve this pain. I go to the doc on Friday.

Changed my name (again)

I am truly enjoying my new small breast. I know the pain will subside and I will feel a lot better. I'm happy I made this decision.

before and after pictures

2 weeks 2 days t junction opened

So I got my stitches taken out yesterday. My left boob (my trouble boob) is still swollen. It started leaking yellow stuff my doc said that was ok. The t junction split a little I didn't notice that until today and I'm freaking out. It looks disgusting..

more pictures

Getting stressed and depressed!

So now the right side is splitting open at the T. I'm really not enjoying my breast. I'm not regretting my surgery but nothing is going as planned. My left is still bruised and swollen. The opening on the left is not getting any better. Now the right is opening and the cleavage area I don't like it. I just don't know what to do. The doctor said it's normal and it will heal give it time. But I'm impatient.and pissed.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to get this to heal faster please share. I'm keeping it covered with neosporin and gauze as the doctor said to do.

3 weeks post op

So today makes three weeks and I'm still really sore. When I bend over it feels like I could rip my stitches. The stitches that are where my breast meet hurt like hell. My left breast is still bruised and swollen it feels like a rock. As to my right is only a little bruised and feels normal. Both the T is healing well.

How long until my breast take a more natural shape? How long until the soreness goes away?

I just want to feel normal again. I haven't been able to lift my baby in three weeks.... I still have another 3 weeks until I return to work because I have to be able to lift 50lbs.. no changes in the way they look so here is one picture.

4 weeks post op seems like forever

So today is my 4 week point. I'm healing well I can sleep on my side and sometimes wake up on my stomach. I still have some bruising and swelling. The opening at the T on the left breast is still healing the right one is healed up. But I think overall the left will be bigger then the right and I'm OK with that because from what size I was in just grateful to be this small.

The ropey incision at my cleavage is what is depressing me. I hate it! The is no way around it I simply hate it. I'm going to make a appointment next week to discuss my options of fixing it. Also it is the only scar that actually hurts everyday And because I'm still not cleared to go back to work until Dec 1 and I want to a week earlier. I hope it is something that can be fixed easily.

My husband loves them. He is always complementing them. He says the ropey incision is fine and that I'm worrying to much. I love him but every time I look at them with clothes on I love them. But with clothes off all I see is the cleavage area.

Overall the healing process is going OK. A few bumps but I will manage.

Happy healing ladies

5 weeks update

So the are really no changes. My open incision is now almost closed. I was cleared to return to work on Monday. I went to get sized and I am a 36 D. But my left breast is bigger then the right and I could tell when trying bras on. The ropey incision at the cleavage area my doc said should flatten out if it doesn't he said he will fix it in a few months. Here are some updated pictures. By the way my husband loves them. A lot more then I do.

6 weeks and feeling good

Not much change but I feel a lot better. Everything is healing well.

7 weeks later and the pain begins again!

I went back to work last week but it was really slow, so I consider this week my first real week back and I don't know but Tuesday I begin to feel pain at my T area. Its the one that split but it's all healed up and hurts to touch, I can't even sleep on that side. I called the nurse advice line and was told it sounds like a suture trying to get through the skin and until it gets through it will be in pain. Has this happened to anyone else? She said to continue to massage vitamin e oil on it but its way too painful. And advise is welcomed.

Other than that they are healing well.
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