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Hello my name is shantell and I'm 28yrs old, 5"5...

Hello my name is shantell and I'm 28yrs old, 5"5 152lbs. I have a husband and two beautiful daughters who are the light of my life. Recently while attempting to lift my smallest treasure I had a sudden painful muscle spasm. After that my back pain became unbearable, so I went to the doctor and she told me to get a breast reduction.

Let me give you a little background info. I began growing breast at the age of 9, by ten I was a 30B cup, 12 a 32C cup, 14 a 32D cup. I spent all of high school trying to be invisible to no avail. After HS I met a guy and had a little girl and with that bundle of joy came a new set of 34DDD cup breast. My back couldn't take the weight and my back pain began. After pregnancy my weight fell off but the boobs stayed.

I've delt with headaches, neck and shoulder pain and everything else that comes with large breast and now im done. I hade my first consultation today and the doctor was wonderful. She was very understanding and told me what to expect realistically out of this procedure. It would be great if I could be a B or a C cup but honestly anythings better than what I am now which is a 32H. Im going the insurance route so I'm not sure how long it will take to get this procedure but I hope it's soon. My doctor has started the process and said it takes a couple of weeks so we will see. I want to schedule my surgery for April 5, so I'm hoping insurance doesn't take too long.

I was approved today!!! My breast reduction is...

I was approved today!!! My breast reduction is well on its way. I'm waiting on the plastic surgeon to call and schedule a date but I know I'll have it on April 25 if not sooner, I have to check out my deductible to see if it can be sooner. I can't wait but it's so many things to do. I have a few more pounds to lose (I'm 150 now.) I want to be 135 when I go in and hopefully I'll come out if this with perky B/C cups. I never thought I would be writing this update but prayer really does work. Blessing to those who are waiting on approval, those who are in surgery and those who are healing.

OMG!!! The Dr. office called today to tell me the...

OMG!!! The Dr. office called today to tell me the amount after insurance and
It is so inexpensive that I can pay for it now. I made a joke about them bumping
Up the surgery day and she says to me how does march 28th sound?
I said seriously!!? My face fell and my heart dropped and now my pre-op is next
Week and my surgery is three weeks from now!!!! This is so unreal. Thank God for his many blessings!!

Today is my 2 year olds birthday, but a large part...

Today is my 2 year olds birthday, but a large part of me just keeps thinking 17 more days!!

Tomorrow is my pre-op then its two weeks to go....

Tomorrow is my pre-op then its two weeks to go. This has all been so amazing and I feel like I'm going to wake up any minute. I've wanted this surgery for so long and it was so easy to get it. I called the plastic surgeon she made the appt for the next week. Then I was told Aetna's aproval percentage was low and most have to appeal at least once, but then Aetna approved me in under two weeks. So we set the surgery for April 25 since my husband and I had to save money to pay for the high deductible and co-insurance because my doctor is out of network. but then the PS office called me and said that they gave me the in network price and we would only have to pay 2688.00. I asked on a whim if i could move my surgery date up and they moved it to march 28. It so hard to accept that nothing will go wrong, I don't want to get excited until I wake up in recovery. then I'll know it wasnt a dream and that i dont have to suffer through the pain and humiliating stares when people see how big my boobs really are under all the baggy clothes. I'll never forget the day i jumped into a pool fully clothed to save a child from drowning. I had to change into a modest sundress that i would have never worn out to a family gathering because of my breast. the pastor of our church showed up and even he stared. I didnt blame him everyone does it but it was still so embarassing. Here's to march 28, may I never be the girl with the hugh boobs ever again!!!!
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