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Hello Real Self Ladies! After months of tuning in...

Hello Real Self Ladies! After months of tuning in to your stories and blogs, I want to share mine to help others like you guys have helped me. So here we go! lol... I am 31, 5'4 1/2 ,168pounds..I am 34ddd (spilling out of it )or a 34k...smh..yes! thats crazy.. I just got my approval! yaa me! was so happy I was crying tears of joy..Just the thought of no shoulder pain and cute shirts and bras! What a blessing...

I am however nervous as heck! I dont want to be to small, I dont know what to expect far as pain/recovery.. less than 30 days away Nov 12.! If anyone has any tips postive advice..please share! thanks :)

Well.. this time really went by fast! Tomarrow is...

Well.. this time really went by fast! Tomarrow is the big day..I have so many mixed emotions!! I have also had really crazy and corky dreams about the surgery..like one dream was freddy kruegar doing the surgery instead of my plastic surgeon!!lol lol... I know thats crazy... omg..I have been trying to keep busy all day to keep my mind off the nerves..I am hoping to be a d cup at the end of this...Thank you guys for all your tips,reviews, advice and love!! will updated as soon as I can.:)

Ok so I am now three dayss post-op..and everything...

ok so I am now three dayss post-op..and everything happen so fast it felt like a dream! long story short.. I got to surgery center checked me in,paper work, got dressed and etc.. I was so nervous I got teary eyed eveythime someone ask me a simple question..lol! my doctor came in we talked about size..etc.. and next thing I know I was rolled back to the operating room! I was giggling nonstop while having aconversation with the nurse..We were talking about all the cute shirts and stuff I was going to be able to wear after surgery..then I was out! lol.. I woke up in recovery it was all done! and I agree with the other girls the anticipation is way worse then the actual procedure. Dont get me wrong it was uncomfortable ,some slight pain, and sharp pains.. but I am happy with the outcome so far! Just trying to make it through healing.I took a real shower today and it felt like heaven on earth! lol! I feel so much lighter! I can not wait to see the end result! will keep you guys updated.. but right now Im icthing like crazy! does anyone know of something good to use??.... oh yeah and dont know my size cause I m still really swollen.. but the doc said I was about a d we will see :)

Wow its saturday already! five days post op.....

wow its saturday already! five days post op.. yesterday was my worst day by far! I was votmitting and feeling really hot. I think it had alot to do with the constipation! I have only gone once since the surgery and my tummy looks like a thanksgiving turkey! lol..cant wait till thebloating goes away.. I feel a little better today and the swelling is going down.. I must admit i have had a couple moments were I feel like the are so small or what have I done! but I think being on these heavy drugs had contributed to that..lol.. overall I am pleased with the result.. and the back/shoulder pain is gone! yaaa.... get I will rest for now...any recovery advice is apperciated and welcomed! happy recovery ladies:)

Hi ladies! Sorry for the late update...I have been...

Hi ladies! Sorry for the late update...I have been crazy busy since surgery,trying to play catch up,and i move to another state! so here we are! lol...it's been about three months and I am pleased with results so far...I still have swelling so one is slightly bigger than the other still...can't wait till this goes away!

Now the healing so far is going ok..Seems like my body changes from day to day...week to week! It's crazy...you definitely have to be patience throughout the changes..the only thing I have use so far is 100% coco butter..I massage it in after I shower...the scarring is healing..but it's only been 3 months..going to start using the silicion strips also..has anyone tried these out???

So far loving the new me, love shopping,feeling lighter,and working out more..well ladies happy healing and for the newbies trying to decide..say a little pray and go for it! I will up date soon! Any advice or questions are always welcomed:)

My revision update!

Hi ladies! I know it's been a minute it will be a year November since my BR! But since then I did have a revision done last month sept 30th.. Everything is healing well so far..I didn't want to get the revision and start the healing process over but I felt like my breast where still kinda big!! I could fit some dd's and I don't want to be a double anything! Lol.. Also my right side was slightly bigger than the other one when all the swelling went down..lastly although my nipples where nice size and round they where just place a little high for my taste! So now they are about a c or small d cup, they are even, and my nipple place looks great.Although i chose a revision I have no ....regrets what so ever!.. I enjoyed the summer with my new clothes,sundresses, and swimwear.

My advice to anyone having the surgery or revision.. Be very direct and clear about what you far as size ,nipple placement,shape..etc... They are your breast and you have to live with them! Happy healing ladies!

* oh and the scarring isn't that bad just take care of your self it will be fine :)
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