45 and ready for my boobs to look at the ceiling when I lay in bed and my waist to be small again

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Hi friends! I have been an avid real self reader...

Hi friends! I have been an avid real self reader for quite sometime now. I think I'm addicted???? my journey begin July 2014, I was given a few recommendations for surgeons before I made a decision to see Dr. John Connors. My first date for my BR was in Oct '14. I had my pre-op appointment and was advised to have my blood work done. I was so excited to be finally on the way! I scheduled an appointment with my primary care physician and the drama began.....the results came back revealing my anemia. My iron was very low, it was a 6.5 ???? so the surgery had to be postponed. During this time I had an insurance change and caused further delay. However I made sure to take my vitamins and iron pills religiously! Once the insurance was straightened out I called Dr. Connors office to reschedule. Yay!!!! I am on my way to less stress on my shoulders and back????. I was given a new surgery date of March 24, 2015. I went in for my pre-op and blood work (during my pre-op I decided to have lipo on my abs and flanks while I was already there????)! I continued to read your success stories every night. About a week prior to surgery I felt a lump in my left breast. I called Dr. Connors office and advised them of what I was feeling the nurse advised me to be sure to let the doc know before surgery so that he could check it out before. I was nervous and would only sleep a few hours each night, but I prayed and knew I would be ok. The night before surgery I cleaned my house changed the linen on the bed and made sure I had everything that I needed to recover.
March 24, 2015 I woke up at 5:30 am showered and dressed for the hospital. I was nervous, but ready! Once at the hospital I changed into a surgical gown, meet with the nurse, was given IV fluids and meet with the anesthesiologist while waiting for the dr to come in a start my markings. Once he came in he began the markings, I told him about the lump and he felt for it, he decided to do more blood work to rule out somethings. Everything with the blood work came back normal, however that wasn't enough for the GREAT Dr. Connors, he advised that I go next door and have a mammogram done of the breast and I am forever grateful. The mammogram revealed that there was some inflamed tissue and we would have to postpone the surgery yet again because the dr felt as if we proceeded once the inflammation went down I would be left with uneven breast and possibly have to have additional surgery to reconstruct. I was so sad and afraid!!!! However the nurses and Dr. Connors was very nice and assured me that I was fine and once the swelling goes down we could reschedule. I spoke with Tammy a few days later and we have a new date of August 28,2015. Being optimistic I have more time to prepare and I will have taken my son to college for the start of his freshman year. Happy reading! Good luck to all preparing and happy healing to all those on the other side????

Pre-op pics

I am now hours away from surgery

My date was moved up from Aug. 24th to July 24th and I am hours away from surgery :~) I am a little nervous yet still very excited! Please pray for my safety and smooth recovery.

1 week post-op!

1 week post-op! I must admit that my surgeon and his staff are the BEST! I have not posted since pre-op because my energy level was not up to posting and when it was I was enjoying my family. Day 1 leaving the Operating room the only thing I remember at the hospital was asking is he done already. Lol! It seemed so fast. The ride home was fine I just remember being in traffic and hot! ( I wore a sweat suit pants and zip up jacket) I am assuming it was around 5pm atlanta traffic. My house is about 45 mins south of the hospital directly through downtown/ midtown. However I was comfortable as far as pain was concerned. Getting in the house and to my bed is all a blur. I do remember being able to lift myself out of bed fairly easy the first day and feeling very little pain.
Day 2 & 3---I began to feel like quite a lot of work had been done on my midsection the pain kicked in full gear! Although still manageable with pain medication.
Day 4---first appointment with Dr. Connors to remove the drains from my breast. I was so nervous because of all that I read. There was a burning feeling when they were pulled out but it only lasted 15 secs and I was relieved. Both the amazing nurses stood on each side and removed them both at the same time so I would only feel that burning once. Genius!!! Kudos for whoever thought of that????
Fast forward to day seven
Day 7--- Bandages removed from my breast. The Big Reveal!
Dr. Connors out did himself ( did I tell you he was amazing yet? Oh he is! They look superb! Youthful and full????
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