43Year Old Mommmy Ready to Lose the Mammys! - Atlanta, GA

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Just approved with Aetna. I think about a 38 F...

Just approved with Aetna. I think about a 38 F right now. Goal size is full D.

I am 5' 1", 170lbs. Just lost 30 and hope to take off 20 more before the big day.

I have been stalking your reviews for months and am amazed and what an informative, encouraging and supportive community we have here.

I'm not a great blogger, but I'll do my best in the coming weeks. Thank you in advance!

Choosng A Doctor

I really liked the PS referred by my OBGYN, however they could not show me ("due to HIPPA") any before/after photos. I'm sure this is valid, however it makes me uneasy not seeing any examples of his work...

Additionally, I am considering a tummy tuck and would need financing (not offered by this doc) as insurance wouldn't cover that proceedure.

My process:
Approved by CareCredit.com.
Cross-checked CareCredit PS's in my area who are in the Aetna network.
Compared photos from these doctors' websites and pick top three.

I will have consulted with all three by end of next week. I'm super excited to find my ideal PS! Just a little nervous that we'll have to be pre-cerified again and hope BR is still approved... Eek


Still Approved After Switching Doctors

I was able to switch my surgeons without too much hassle from Aetna. I did have to call several times to get someone who could actually answer my questions... Basically they keep the same case open and you have to get the original doctor to ask them to switch it to the new doctor. It's important for them to keep the same case number because if a new case is open, they have to do the entire approval process again. I consider myself very lucky to have gotten an approval in 7 days and then to be able to switch surgeons with relative ease.

Surgery is May 19th. So now we wait and prepare. Going to try to lose as much weight as I can before the big day. And looks like we'll do the tummy tuck as well.

Tic Toc

Just a quick update. I am now down to 162 lbs and getting closer to my surgery date. I don't think I'll make it down to 150 lbs, but I feel good and have been eating healthy and working out, so here we go...

Thank You, RS

Happy to see that RS is moderating well. A comment from a troller made it to my inbox and before I could even report it, RS had already removed it from my review feed. Thanks!

Now, while we're on the subject of RealSelf, I have a couple of suggestions... I have poured and poured over reviews but it is labor intensive when it doesn't have to be. For instance, I have to start over from the top of the page every time I finish a review, rather than going back to where I left off. Also, more robust search capabilities would be fantastic! For instance, if I could search for someone in the range of my age, height and weight, that would be SUPER helpful. :)

Just a couple of suggestions. I truly appreciate this site and what it has to offer. The community support is priceless.
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