34 JJ Breats Finally Gone. Atlanta, GA

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I was practically flat chested my first couple of...

I was practically flat chested my first couple of months in 9th grade. I kid you not, I went from flat chested to Ds by the end of 9th grade. Ever since then my boobs seemed to grow a cup size every year. I am 23 years old and I have 34 JJ size breasts -__-. I just found out my real size about a few days ago when I went to get professionally measured. I measured myself and thought I was at most an E/EE, so you can only imagine my disbelief when I found out that I am actually a JJ!

I think the ONLY reason why I never went to get fitted before was because I was in denial and wanted to remain in denial. But ever since my insurance approved my surgery for the 30th of April, I have endured this surge of confidence and I haven't even had my surgery yet! The main reason for that was by the help of this website, so thank you for that! I'm here to return the favor.

By the way, when I went to get fitted at LivieRae's store, they measured me and gave me a bra in my correct size to try on and it fit perfectly (they have a TV show that you guys should check out called Double Divas, they are located in Kennesaw Georgia). I even tried on my shirt to see the difference it made, and they made me look like I was about 10 lbs lighter! Unfortunately, those results aren't permanent and it doesn't alleviate the shoulder/neck pain or make it easier to exercise at the level I want to. So I decided to go along with the BR surgery.

5 more days and I'll be liberated! I'm both excited and nervous. I'm excited to have smaller, more manageable boobs, to be able to fit into clothes better and go bra-less :). I'm nervous about my stitches splitting open or having any other complications! I'm not too concerned about scarring, but minimal scarring would be a plus. I want to go down to a small D.

I will post "before" pictures tomorrow.
Happy healing

Before Pictures

Here are my before pictures as promised!

Temporary fix??

For the women out there who are afraid of surgery and just want a temporary fix... get measured for the right size bra! It will make you look more proportional/lighter.
This is the before picture of me wearing the wrong size bra (??) to me wearing the right size bra (34 JJ).
I don't really remember the sizes of the bras that I currently own because all of the sizes have rubbed off! I haven't bought new bras in a while. Oh and I wear sports bras a lot because they're the only things that barely fit me.

4 more days!
Happy healing!

What size should I go down to?

Hi all, I need some help! What size should I go down to? I was thinking Full C/small D... Do you guys think that will be in proportion to my body? I want to go as small as possible and not look weird. I don't really want to be in the double letters either, but if I have to, I will still be happy with smaller breasts.

Happy healing

Surgery tomorrow!!

I'm uber excited!! Can't wait to get all of this weight off of my chest! I know I'm going to feel like a new woman. I'm a little concerned that I'm not even nervous one bit... but, oh well.
Thanks to you guys, I see how much this surgery can have an impact on oneself... a positive one.

I decided that I will go down to a Full C/small D. That way I am small enough in case they decide to get a little bigger over the years and not too small in case I finally decide to lose some weight!
By the way I am 5'8 and 223 lbs.. I don't feel like I look that heavy, but I've been doing sports my whole life so I have a lot of muscle mass... especially in my legs. Losing weight won't hurt though. I'm already looking forward to be able to workout at a higher intensity than I do now without these JUGS hindering me.

About 24hrs until snip snip gone! :D

It's about that time!

I wasn't nervous at all... Until now! Eek! Less than 2 hrs til my surgery, I just hope everything goes well. Prayers going up!
I just want to wake up lol... And wake up happy!

Wow! After all of these years.. it's done!

My surgery went sooooooo well guys!!! For pain, out of 10, I'm a 1! I have NO stitches! He only used glue! So awesome, I didn't know that was possible! Will take pictures tomorrow when I am able to shower. I thought I would have to wait a couple of days to shower but I don't have to!
My boobs are so small!! They look like a C. Wow from a JJ to a C... I'm so freaking happy.

When I saw them I started CRYINGGGG... Tears of joy, my best friend cried with me lol. My neck/shoulder pain is completely GONE. My body looks SO much smaller! They're so perky. My posture is amazing. I feel so much lighter. They aren't really swollen, just tender.
My doctor is amazinggg, would recommend him to EVERYONEEEE considering this. I feel like a child at Christmas!

I'm not sure how much he took out yet, but he said he would take out close to 1000g in each breast! I'm so grateful. Can you tell how excited I am?? Lol :)

1 Day Post-op!!

Shiny substance is the glue he used, no stitches! I didn't know it was possible to glue the whole breast together! I guess I'm kind of glad because I wasn't looking forward to having stitches removed... Or the tubes.

There's enough room for them to get bigger over the years too!
I'm so small and perky and happy! Just waiting for them to drop and fill out a little.. Then they will be perfect! I'm in love with them already though.

I now belong to the itty bitty committee :)

Can't wait for them to heal and start working out harder! Don't want my belly to look bigger because my boobs are smaller!
Omg I can't wait to buy cheaper bras and cute bathing suits!! I'm ecstatic!

5 Day Post-Op Follow-Up Appointment

It's been 5 days now and I am wonderful!! The day after my surgery, I did some light shopping and even tried on a few things! For some strange reason I am in no pain at all... I can even lift my arms up above my head with no issues. Maybe it is because they are so small and I didn't have liposuction done on my sides? I don't know, but I am definitely not complaining. I started driving again my second day out and went to classes on day 4. I'm in no real pain and don't really get exhausted that easily. When I am home laying in my bed, I will take nice naps every once in a while. I'm a serious busy body and CANNOT sit still worth crap. I was a little worried about this issue before surgery because I really thought I would split open my incisions because of how "rough" I am, but my boobies are doing so well!

I went for my first follow up appointment today and the doc says they are healing well! The nurse that was with him says they are so perky and pretty and that I looked a lot lighter. A lot of my classmates also commented on how much smaller I looked too. If I must say so myself, I look/feel pretty awesome :) Dr. Nunn did an awesome job and I couldn't be happier. He said that I can have sex as long as my breasts aren't touched and I can start exercising also (Just walking for now and no upper body workouts). Whatever I'm doing, he says that I should stay supported with a sports bra or surgical bra.

Oh my goodness, he took out over 2000 grams in total! A little over 1000 grams in each breast! That's about 2 and a half pounds in each breast. So I lost 5 lbs of breast tissue and 2 extra pounds from not really having an appetite. I now weigh 216 lbs (pre-surgery I was 223 lbs). I really want to get down to 180 lbs, but I think I will be okay at 190 lbs. I can't wait to REALLY start working out.

I will post pictures a little later :)
Happy Healing.

Some before and after pics

Love the way I look in clothes now

I've had this top for almost two years now, but never wore it until now...

Bathing suits!

I tried on some bathing suit tops yesterday and was so excited that they fit SO well.. I didn't buy them yet though, just wanted to see what I looked like in them to be motivated to eat right and exercise (minimally). I have NEVERRRRR worn a strapless bathing suit top... or a bathing suit top with those flimsy spaghetti straps... But I tried them on and they looked so good! Made me so excited.

Happy Healing

The good, the Bad and the Ugly

Forgot to mention that I have some separation and peeling going on... I thought that if I'm going to post pictures on here, I'll post pictures of everything! The boob pictures I just posted are at 14 days, so a couple of days ago, hoping they heal all the way very soon! They look better already.

Apart from that, I'm so happy! I've never been this confident... Like it is an awesome feeling knowing that I'm going to look good in something before I even try it on! I'm also wearing a whole bunch of clothes that I haven't worn in years or haven't even taken the tags off of yet. So I don't really have to do much shopping, its awesome!

Hope everyone else is doing well.
Happy Healing!


Sorry, in my previous post, I meant to say the boob pictures are *11 days post op, so a few days ago.

Been a while...

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but this will be a month and a day post-op! Time really flies... especially when you aren't thinking about them much.

My boobs have mostly healed up all the way, just waiting on one problem area on my left breast (where it split a little). I go to my one month check up in 2 days, and I'm hoping I get cleared to workout at 100% because I REALLY need to start running!

A few updates throughout the month:
1. I was able to lift my arms up comfortably almost immediately after surgery.
2. I was able to sleep on my side at around a week and a half post-op and on my stomach (comfortably) around one month post-op.
3. I started using Bio Oil when all incisions and openings healed/closed up around 3 weeks post-op.
4. I haven't started using my scar sheets yet, but I will once my PS gives me the green light.
5. I started taking vitamin C chewies around 2 weeks pre-op until now (I didn't take them everyday, I forgot most times)... Not sure if they helped promote healing or not, but they were yummy.
6. Every time I had an internal stitch starting to surface I pulled them out! Some were really long and some were just knots that I had to cut through with a blade before extracting, but boy was it a relief for them to come out! I'm the type of person who will pull at foreign objects that don't belong to the body lol.. I'm just weird like that, I guess it's the pre-doc in me. They also won't heal all the way if the internal stitch is sticking out. I guess if you can't pull them out yourself then wait for your PS to do it... I'm just impatient (I posted pics of the stitches)
7. I've lost a total of 15 lbs since surgery (including the 5 lbs from breast tissue). I have stayed stagnant at this weight so I really need to start working out to get the ball rolling again.
8. My appetite is still very weird... I haven't regained most of my appetite yet.. some days I can eat regularly, other days I'm just not hungry! Not really complaining about that though lol.
9. I'm in zero pain and the scarring seems to be doing well so far. The horizontal scar underneath is darker and thicker than the vertical line which is fine by me because the horizontal scar doesn't show unless I lift my arms all the way up.
10. The right breast still has a little boxiness towards the bottom of it.
11. I never really had any swelling to my breasts, as they look like the exact same size from surgery day.
12. I'm really enjoying my SMALL perky breasts and I don't regret having the surgery one bit :)

...I think that's it for now!
Happy Healing :)

I loveeeee Dr. Nunn!! He took his precious time with making my breasts perfect! If I had to do it all over again with him, I will! He is a great PS and very sweet. Our consultation meetings were a little rushed, but I know he is a busy man. He answered all of my questions too. Would recommend him to anyone!

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