41, BF, wt lost, lift w/anchor w/shaped silicone

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Well I have googled and finally found realself. I...

Well I have googled and finally found realself. I used blogs during my pregnancy and loved the support. I am 40, done with kids, and doing a lift with breast implants (400cc). I'm having it done Thursday and hoping to be back at work Monday - I work from home at a desk so thinking this is possible. I'm already bummed that I am missing both of my boys football games this week... but fingers crossed not next week LOL - I know I'm dreaming, but hopeful. I exercised 3 months in advance, took my bit C, purchased the makemeheal.com 30 day postop vitamins, purchased, my postop bras, plan to sleep in my lazy chair and my mom lives with us. So fingers crossed. I am bummed about no exercise for four weeks but very concerned of the recommendation of no chest exercises for 3 months postop? If anyone can let me know who soon after surgery they did chest exercises, such as, pushups, barbells, etc and how they felt that would be greatly appreciated!

Day Before Surgery

It's the day before surgery and I have to say I am grateful for all
of the real self stories. They lessens my anxiety a lot! I mean anxiety
like writing my children letters in case something happens anxiety ...
And a 97% happy rate consensus! I also found someone here who had the
same PS and loved her results .. Triple bonus!!!!

I am getting lift with under muscle silicone shaped implants - mentor
memoryshape aka gummy bear implants- with anchor scar. I have extreme
saggy skin. I breast fed both boys which just caused me to sag ... It
was my newfound low carb diet that obliterated what little breast fat I
had creating just skin. I went from a saggy handful to cupping skin not
even 1/2 a handful. That was when I was ready. My boobs did not match
the rest of my body and DH was willing to cover the cost. My first
consultation cost $100 and I had his undivided attention. He provided me
a wealth of information along with the $15k price tag. Yeah, not in our
price range. 6 months later and after my low carb kick, DH and I
googled PS in the area and the best pictures were of a Dr. McCluskey.
Consultation was free! Great start. At the consultation it appeared that
I was in between appointments and there was more wait than talk.
Everyone was very nice buuuuut I didn't get 1/2 as much information as
the first consultation which in my head was fine because I consulted
more than 1 doctor and was able to piece together everything. I had
already been on vit C for 6 months as recommended by the first consult

Then came the price $8k! Yeah we were sold.

So hear I am day before surgery.

My personal pre op prep:

Gallon of water a day couple of days preop because I only started googling suggestions a couple of days ago.

I was already on MVI and vit C, stopped my vit E, fish oil per dr instructions

Exercised a lot knowing I would be going 4 weeks without

Kept up my healthy low carb diet

Found Real Self and has been obsessed with results ever since!

Next post will b day of or after depending on my anxiety..


I don't want to scare anyone so please that is not the purpose of my post. I just want to vent to people who understand. I awoke from my surgery today in a lot of pain. PS wouldn't give me anything IV because they stated they already had and gave me 1 Percocet instead of 2 because they gave me the IV Toradol. I remember when I had my GYN sx several years back it does appear that I awake from surgery unhappy. Last time was a really bad stomach pain and this time chest pain. I had GYN sx and c/o severe stomach pain did find that my foley was also accidentally torqued where it was not emptying. And this time duh BA sx. The ride home was not pleasant. Every bump I felt. When I got home DH refused to give me any Percocet for 4 hours per PS instructions and refused my request for Motrin because the PS did not specifically say I could have it. Soooo I went to bed greatly propped up and was in and out of sleep. Every turn or shift I made I groaned in discomfort. I took my percocets at 2:45 on the dot because DH refused to give it to me even as early as 2:44 "per Drs orders" so I was very bitchy. Still am actually but I get it. Percocets took 30 min to kick in because I was watching the clock and I drifted back in and out of sleep. I have been to the BR several times by myself (first time I had and definitely needed assistance) and have walked to the kitchen and back to Bedroom twice. PS did not order muscle relaxers but I had read on RS that some surgeons do so I took one of my older rx for flexeril when I first got home and that defiantly helped with the muscle spasms which is what it felt I was having. I finally Called my PS on speaker with DH and got approval for Ib for breakthrough pain. He cautioned us but explained to DH that I'm having muscle pain, PS gave me Toradol post op which is IV form of Ib so it was ok for breakthrough pain.
I went into OR at 7:30am home at 11:30. Right now my pain is increasing but I think it's because I'm moving around more. I will be waking myself up every 4 hours throughout the nighttime for percocets and try to wean myself by tomorrow afternoon. I'm going back to work Monday so best get started on that asap
Oh I have been icing and it feels soooo good sucks that I can only do it for 20 minutes at a time though
I don't regret the procedures but honestly I have been in too much pain to look at my breasts let alone take pics. I am showering tomw and will have DH take pics to post. DH did see my breasts in recovery and said he was very happy with what he saw so I will end on that positive note!

Morning After Surgery

I feel much better. I took 2 percocets q4h throughout the night. I am starting to wean down to 1 Percocet q4 hours today and see what happens. I am moving my hands more than I thought I would be able to. I'm not opening anything of course not even a water bottle but able to carefully do personal care.

My breasts are hard as rocks... Does this end on its own? Have any BA with lifts started massaging b4 first postop visit? It reminds me of the Braxton hicks during pregnant Only it's my boobs and increases with activity.
It's not pain just tight what would u ladies suggest?
A. Don't take anything but same pain pills as long as not causing pain
B. Take muscle relaxer even if no pain?

I still don't regret the surgery. I will be seeing my boobs for the very first time later today during my shower and will definitely post my first post op pics at that time!

Thank you all for your support! It feels
Wonderful to have a place to share this experience with and receive positive reinforcement.

POD1 Pics

Happy so far. I wanted 400cc ended up with 350cc per dr recommendation. Very scared because I like the size right now but know it's swelling .... I have a very active lifestyle and enjoy wearing tanks at my boys sporting events so thinking 350 will satisfy me without making me feel self conscious in tanks.


I slowed down on the percocets. Overnight no pain just chest muscle discomfort and bilateral boogie tightness and heaviness feeling. This morning I am starting a extra strength tyelonol. Right now at breakfast I am having what feels like incisional pain R>L, I am right handed. I am taking my postop abx, MOM and make me heal.com vitamins twice a day. I have not had much swelling above and beyond my boobies. I am drinking at minimum 64 ounces of water/day and maintaining my lower carb, higher protein diet. The most carbs I have had in a long time is the crackers I take with my pills overnight LOL, but I don't feel guilty. I can't take those on an empty stomach. Will update daily, my next pic will be 7 days post or Friday Aug 26 after my first postop OV.

I do have to say I have not received any phone calls from my PS. I am disappointed and will be relaying that to hime at my postop. PS stated I was going to get a phone call next POD. It is 2 days postop and nada. Luckily, I'm a nurse and not a codependent clingy patient. I would have liked the call because of bedside manner and knowing that my PS gave a sh** about how I was doing postop. But luckily, I researched a lot and have my RS family for support.


Yesterday I tried to go without any narcotics. I alternated between ibuprofen and extra strength tylenol. I lasted until 10:30 pm at which time the pain was too much and I took 2 percocets, awoke at 4am in pain and I took muscle relaxer with ibuprofen. Awoke at 9 am no pain. I notice the more active I am around the house the tighter my chest muscles and my sternum starts aching. I am again alternating with ibuprofen and extra str tylenol today and may stick with percs at bedtime.

the surgical bar provided started irritating my lift incision underneath my breast so I switched to the brilliant contours butterfly bra I pre-purchased upon recommendation form other RS blogs. When I tried to use it on POD1 it felt like it was squeezing my breasts and I couldn't tolerate it for more than 5 minutes. Yesterday POD2 my incision line was so irritated and itchy I gave it another try adjusting the straps and was able to tolerate it overnight and today. This bra goes down well beyond my lift scars and I have noticed that they are no longer itchy. They were slightly raised, but because of the steristrips I'm unsure whether the irritation caused it to thicken, or its they say PS stitched the area. I have never keloid before with healing so I am keeping an eye on it. first POV isn't until this Friday. The top of my left boob definitely feels softer than the top of my R. I can only contribute that to the fact that I am R handed, so I am trying to use my L hand/arm as much as I can.

I cleaned out my BR so it no longer looks like a hospital ward. I return to work tomorrow and I will need to adjust my keyboard so I am not reaching all day. Its a desk job in my home so I am able to be cautious and go slow.

Yesterday I wen't to my son's football scrimmage and was able to wear a fitted shirt and NOT look like I just had a boob job. I'm not sure whether that is good or bad LOL, but at the time I felt happy that no one could tell. I often used well padded push up bras and remember saying and thinking, I will be happy if I look like I do in my padded push up VS's and it appears I do LOL.

Good Luck to all of my RS sisters that are undergoing sx the rest of this month and Good Luck to all of my RS sisters healing. The stories I've read have been very positive outcomes...let's keep the good vibes...or good boobs rather going!


I am back at work which is working at a desk at home and my boobs are spasming double time. No pain just the discomfiting feeling of tightness. I will be sure to take muscle relaxer after work. In the mean time, just taking motrin. Last nights sleep was better than the last 3 nights - it wasn't back to normal but felt deeper and I only woke up once. First POV is this Friday.

I Can See Clearly Now the Rain is Gone....

POD # 6. Everyday I have been asked how are you feeling and everyday I tell them it's been baby steps forward. So when I went to sleep last night thanks to motrin and 1 muscle relaxer, I expected to wake up a baby step forward, except I woke up feeling 90% myself! Shocked me! I was able to bend to pick up something off of the floor without feeling the tug or chest cramp which is how I have felt in my sternum since surgery. My mind is 90% less foggy. I feel good.

I have been having trouble finding a comfortable sports bra. I have tried 3 ranging rom $65 to $10. I had bought them prep based on reviews and dammit if the $10 cotton sports bra is the most comfortable out of the 3. Not THE comfort ablest in the world mine you, just the most month the 3.

My stitches have been itching but I have been real good in not scratching after having one of the bras rub my right lift stitch and thicken it a little. I can say I am very EAGER to start the scar treatment but still have at least one more week before the go ahead. I miss exercising.... but I am going to continue researching and honestly follow the most slowest return to exercise. If anyone has any website or suggestions please feel free to chime in and I am going to cut and paste a program that works for me.

Right now, the most cautious I have read is waiting until 4 weeks before re-starting any exercise program. At this point, my chest muscles tighten if I so much as get mad at my kids. So the nurse in me thinks if my chest is easily irritable and reacting to my moods, sitting for too long of periods at my desk (which they still do) I'm going to listen to that. I'm only POD 6 so my feeling may change, but I think that is my body speaking to me. At the fullest ROM I feel tightening and stretching - again - a sign I will be listening to.

Regarding chest workouts - I may be waiting 4-6 months for those. I am under the muscle so this will definitely impact me. I have worked hard these last 3 months and looked at my muscular, albeit flat chest, in awe... but 6 months vs 10 years with these boobies... I'll be looking for some of you for strength LOL.

How is everyone else doing? Any questions?

I will be reposting pics Friday, 1 week po and after my first POV appt. I've done photos in between for my personal fyi and have honestly not seen any differences...and since this is a year long recovery process, looking to put in some perspective. I do feel like my left boob dropped at like POD3, but I'm right handed. So I consciously try to use the left more and today at POD6, I would say my left probably dropped and looks at a great spot for my and Right is 50 % there...still definitely tighter than the left..

Can't wait to hear about everyone's success stories!


1 week POV

I was disappointed that I have some open areas along my incision but I was told and red that it is to be expected. I asked my PS why the unexpected change from our discussion to 350 ... He said that because the mentor impact is shaped that there is a conversion involved to get the same effect. Let me say that I am very happy with the size. It's the old me with my padded push up VS without the VS lol.

Pain is down but sleeping is still very uncomfortable. I normally slept comfortably flat with no pillows. I have fined from 4 pillows to 2 pillows but it's still a struggle to get comfortable. Tonight I'm actually thinking about not using a muscle relaxer. My Braxton Hicks of the boob has mellowed but it still occurs when I am moving around a lot. I'm still trying to actively drink a lot of water and I am still one he 30 day helpmeheal postop meds.

My next POV will be on 3 weeks. I'm hoping to look like some of your 2 week pictures. I'm very eager as I'm sure you can understand for my suture lines to fully heal and close. Now my fear is a skin infection :-(. The worst looking one is the 6 o clock on my right nipple it is shallow and it was cleansed with betadine and steristrip reapplied. It stung for the first time when I showers tonight so I removed the wet steristrips air dried dotted with and ointment and covered with steristrip. :-((

POD 10 slept flat for first time since sx

My boobs definitely tell me when I overdo it. Last night I took a muscle relaxer and Motrin but still couldn't get comfortable on my usual
Four pillows so finally I took 1 away then 2 away then 3! And I had the best seep in 2 weeks. I still woke up with morning boobs lol but not as trick hard right. This has definitely been a journey that continues. Now I'm eager for the incisions to heal so I can start scar therapy. For those on the other side at how many PODs were u able to start scar therapy?

POD 26

It definitely took me a solid 3 1/2 weeks before I felt 99% normal again. I have not yet started exercising but will be starting walking today/this week. My PS releases to film exercises at 3 weeks however my research on RS revealed slow transition is best so I waited purposefully until the 4th week. Also my breasts at the "stress points" are still healing. They are also at 95% I would say (pictures above). I have not yet started scar therapy. Worlds are still closing and I'm going to do a little bit of research on average start time. I'm sure it's when all wounds/scabs close an dim not there yet. I'm finally out of my surgical bra as of POD 25. I am using the under armor protégée DD (which I could only tolerate as of POD 25 and purchased playtex wireless comfort flex bras from target. I am wearing Hanes cozy all day bra to sleep. I am NOT yet sleeping on my stomach and tolerate side sleeping in short burts but long term pressure on my boobs including leaning on my elbows like over a counter or something causes muscle tightness that I'm not comfortable with so still avoiding chest pressure type positions while pushing my boundaries slowly.
Hi by has not yet played with them. It's not painful but it's not yet feeling good to squeeze in my opinion.
Nipples sooooooooooooooooooooooo sensitive. I HS the shooting nipple pains for a day or two POD 20 that resolved with Motrin but I definitely had to take Motrin those were killer.
Well still healing and mosying along. So glad to see the other AugustBoobs doing great!
Dr Paul McCluskey

This was my second consultation. My first consultation was more thorough, however, I had to pay for the time he gave me. The second consultation was free and put in between other appointments, so it took a long time only because I was waiting.... the Dr won 2016 PS of the year and is 50% cheaper than my first consultation. I do trust him. I will definitely keep you in the loop for followups on that ;-)

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