22 Years Old with 1 Baby Getting Breast Lift and Augmentation - Atlanta, GA

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I'm 22 years old with a little boy who will be 3...

I'm 22 years old with a little boy who will be 3 in August. I have always wanted to get an augmentation even before I got pregnant. I was a full C before I had my baby in 2013 and after him I was a small C. I breast fed for a few months and after having him and breast feeding my boobs looked more like deflated balloons. I have my surgery scheduled for June 30, 2016. I'm getting a breast lift and augmentation with 280 CC silicone implants under the muscle. I don't have my pre-op until July 17th and I'm considering going bigger. I wanted a more natural look, but my friends who have gotten augmentations say 280 CC is too small (1 has 450 CC and the other has 375 CC & she thinks hers are too small). I'm nervous about going up and them looking super fake. They don't order the implant until my pre-op so I have a week to think about it, but overall I'm super excited & love my doctor! I went to a few consultations, but Dr. Kavali is the only Doctor that made me feel super comfortable and was more about what I wanted rather than what she wanted. The staff is also amazing and have answered all my questions really quick and in great detail! I couldn't be more excited about my decision!

Surgery Day!

I woke up at 5 this morning and headed to the hospital. I got to the hospital at 6 and was back in a room by 6:15. Everyone at The surgery center was so nice & helpful! They made sure I was comfortable and answered all questions I had. I was in surgery at 7 and woke up around 9. I was nervous because I was expecting to be in a lot of pain, but my pain was minimal definitely bearable. Dr. Kavali sent me home with no bra which I'm so happy about! I was praying I didn't have to wear a bra. After we left the hospital we stopped at Panera I was able to have a Spinach smoothie and later had a soufflé. When I got home I was beginning to have a burning pain where my incisions were, but it wasn't too bad. I went ahead and took a Percocet. My pain went down, but I still have a constant burning sensation where my incisions are, but it's bearable. I am actually able to lift my arms pretty well with little pain & I am able to move around pretty good. I took my muscle relaxer and ibuprofen 3 hours later & laying down now. It's pretty sore to lay down. I'm praying tomorrow goes as good as today has been so far. I'm nervous about getting sleep, I always sleep on my stomach so we will see how sleeping on my back goes. I will give an update tomorrow.

I'm so happy with my results & with Dr. Kavali I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her! The staff at Dr. Kavalis office and at the surgery center were amazing and so helpful! I got a breast lift with 280cc silicone implants. I'm in love with my body now!!
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