Breast Reduction/lift - Atlanta, GA

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I have had very large breasts longer than I care...

I have had very large breasts longer than I care to remember. I was wearing a minimizer bra 38DDD but am sure that my breast size was bigger. I felt like the size of my breasts made me look older and certainly prohibited me from wearing the cute tops in stores. It really wore on my self esteem and brought unwanted attention. I was really self conscience about them and have wanted this surgery for a long time but was scared to do it and I have 2 little ones to look after. Anyway after having to use two heating pads in the evenings to ease my pain, I decided to have the surgery. My surgery was done on 4/5/13. I woke up from recovery in very little pain except for a little burning and stinging which I expected. I spent one night in the hospital and returned home midday that Saturday.

I'm not sure how much was taken out if each breast but could definitely tell a noticeable difference. Recovery was going well and then my breast started to leak a yellowish/brownish sticky fluid. It started with my right breast so I called my PS and she said not to worry because it was normal. This started about 2 weeks post op. then about a few days later, my right breast started doing the same thing. So, I just started using gauze for both breasts. Then I noticed around this time that I had two small holes to appear under the right breast. The PS told me that this was normal too and to not worry that they will close. About 4 weeks almost 5 post op I noticed that I had one small and one not so small holes under my left breast. One was the size of a dime and one the size of a nickel. The next day the nickel hole was the size of a quarter. I called the PS office and was told not to worry and to just keep my scheduled appointment which was in two days. I went to that appointment and the PS looked at it and suggested that I used the wet to dry method for the holes in both breasts. Now the hole in my left breast is a little bigger than a silver dollar and the one in my right breast is about the size of a nickel.

I am really discouraged and disappointed because I was told that the healing process was about six weeks and to be told that the wounds will not heal until another 6 weeks is a little disheartening. I have been very depressed during this whole process and regretting that I had this surgery done.
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