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Hello Ladies! I am so excited to have found this...

Hello Ladies! I am so excited to have found this site. I have been lurking for the past two weeks and reading updates on surgeries and I must say I am so happy that I found you all. Everyone seems so positive and supportive. I guess I should start with saying I have always been thin and have small breasts. I have wanted breast enhancement since I was 18 years old. I am now 40 years old and have decided to take the plunge! I have tried for years to be comfortable with the body that God has given me but just never felt happy with my boobies.
2 years ago I started wearing the Bombshell bra and was in love with way it made my shape look. But then I felt as though I was dependent on the Bombshell. And who wants to wear a heavily padded bra all the time? Not me anymore. Lol

I currently wear a 34b. I am 5'5" and 123 lbs. I had a consultation with my PS on Friday and felt an instant connection. She is very patient, answered all my questions and her staff is extremely friendly. I told her that I would like to have nice full breast. I am thinking a full C cup. We tried on several different sizers and decided on 425 cc for the left and 475 cc's for the right boob. I am not starting to think that may be too big. My PS said that's a good size for me based on what I told her I wanted. I am going for high profile silicone under the muscle. My surgery is scheduled for Feb 28 th. I am super excited and nervous. My pre-op appointment is on the 12 th.

I know I am probably leaving out a few things but just wanted to get my profile started and say thanks to all who have shared their stories.

I went for my pre-op appointment yesterday and...

I went for my pre-op appointment yesterday and felt slightly overwhelmed. I decided to go with 425 cc's for the right boob and 375 for the left. When I dried the sizers on again for the 475's I felt like the looked huge on my frame. All I could think was they look so big. Lol I also, finally told my 15 year old son I was getting implants. Of course he wasnt happy and was really concerned with me coming out if he surgery okay and not having stripper boobs. Lol I told him I know he won't understand why I want the implants I will need his support. So now he is on board and I appreciate because I will need his help with his younger sister.

Oh and I also had my mammogram today. What a load of fun that was. NOT! But at least it's over. I still need to get my blood work done and then I will be even closer to having everything in order for my big day! Is anyone else having their surgery on the 28 th or close to that date? I could use a boobie buddy!

Got my blood work done today and it's really...

Got my blood work done today and it's really starting to feel like everything is coming together. I plan to get a few sports bras and my prescriptions filled this weekend.
I feel like all I do now is think about boobs. I am truly boob obsessed. Lol I can't wait to get my new girls. I was walking around work today and thought to myself in a few weeks I will be able to feel my girls bounce a little when I walk. Lol such a silly thought I know. I have also started worrying about my clothes because most of my clothes are very fitted and I wonder if they will be able to accommodate my new girls. Guess only time will tell.
COME ON FEB 28th!!

I think I am coming down with a cold or something....

I think I am coming down with a cold or something. Been trying to fight off this cough for the past few days. I am going to the doctor tomorrow and praying I don't have a sinus infection or anything else that could delay my surgery. *keeping my fingers crosses*

I went to the doctor yesterday and thankfully I...

I went to the doctor yesterday and thankfully I don't have an infection. Just a cold but I also have inflammation in my chest which is restricting the air in my small airway passages -- so I am on steroids for 6 days and have to use an inhaler 4 times a day for at least 2 weeks. I called my PS and she said we can still do the surgery as long as I am not still taking steroids. I definitely want to get rid of this cough and pressure in my chest. I figure after surgery I will enough pressure to deal with. Lol
I also got my prescriptions filled yesterday and was grateful it didn't cost me an arm and a leg.
I plan on going grocery shopping this weekend so there will be plenty of quick meals and snacks in here for my kids. Gotta keep them fed or they start going crazy. Lol

Hello ladies! Just wanted to check in real quick...

Hello ladies! Just wanted to check in real quick as of right now I feel pretty good. I was extremely sleepy when I first got home so I have been dozing off and on. My mom is here waiting on me hand and foot and I truly appreciate her being here. The women at the staff at the surgery center were phenomenal. They made me feel extremely relaxed and comfortable. So far my pain hasn't been unbearable but i am definitely sore. So far I have taken a muscle relaxed and a oxycodone. I felt much better after taking the pills and will make sure I take them on time.
And how can I forget my boobs! I think I am going to love them when they drop. I have 425 in my right breast and 375 on the left. They look huge right now but they look good. Even my mom thinks so! I am still starving and reay want some solid food but I am sticking to doctors orders and eating soft foods and soup today.
Thanks so much for all your support and well wishes. Will check in again later. I feel another nap coming on.....

I forgot to tell you all. My PS sent me home...

I forgot to tell you all. My PS sent me home without a bra so I am pretty excited about that because I was able to see the girls right away!

Hey ladies, sorry it has been a few days since I...

Hey ladies, sorry it has been a few days since I have updated. Not too much going on on my end. I am finding it really hard to just relax. I am so used to doing things for myself and my kids. But I have to admit that I have been so proud of my 15 he old. He didnt want me to have this surgery but after I explained how it was something I wanted to do and I needed his support he was on board and with that being said he has been waiting on me hand and foot. Yesterday he set his alarm and got himself and his sister ready for school. Walked her to the bus stop and everything. And before he left for school he made sure I had everything within reach on a little table (remotes, meds, juice, water and snacks). I am so proud of my young man.
Today is pre-op day 2 for me and I have cabin fever. I am ready to get out the house. Only thing about that is no one will let me leave. Lol So, I will be relaxing on the couch watching movies again. I decided to see if I could go without the pain killers and just use Motrin. We will see how that goes. My girls are still riding high and tight and don't look like they have dropped at all. The sides of my boobs are still really sore but I can't complain I just had surgery 2 days ago. Lol
Right now I am really thankfully I don't have to wear a bra because I couldn't imagine wearing one. I am actually a little worried about returning to work on Tuesday and having to put on a cami. I am sure it will be fine though.
One final thought. I don't see a difference in my boobs so I haven't taken more pics. Do you girls think I should take some more and post them or wait?
Thanks for listening ladies.

Hello ladies! I had my post- op appointment today...

Hello ladies! I had my post- op appointment today and everything went very well. My PS told me that my boobies are settling very nicely and I am making good progress. I still can't wear a bra for the next 5 weeks but I am okay with that. She also told me to start massaging the girls. After her demonstration I don't know if it should be called a massage. Lol it just doesn't feel nice.
I am pleased with my results so far just anxious to see the final results but I know I must be patient I still have a long way to go. My recovery has been very easy and I almost can't believe I had surgery last week.
I hope all is going well with everyone else.
Oh I added a new pic also.

Hi Ladies, today I am officially two weeks post op...

Hi Ladies, today I am officially two weeks post op and for the most part things have gone smoothly. I have had minimal pain and no bruising at all. I just have two tender spots right under my breasts. It's almost right under the incision. Oh and every once in awhile I will get one of those lovely zingers. Lol
I must admit ladies it's hard being patient and waiting for the girls to drop. They have dropped some but still don't have any movement. No bounce jiggle or anything. They look just like they did in my bombshell bra, same height and everything. Most people think I am wearing a bra although I am not because of the height. Soooo, I am trying to be patient but it sucks. Lol. I have noticed that they have softened up tremendously. Which is great. No more rocks!!
Today at work I was having a conversation with a male co-worker that I consider a friend and during our conversation I noticed that he looked at my breast at least four times. Finally I said why do you keep looking at my breast? He laughed and said you saw that? I said yes and answer the question. He said it's because they look bigger. I said well they aren't so quit staring. Lol I guess I didn't account for the fact that my new girls are alot fuller than my old little breast in the bombshell. * new implant problems--lol*
Anyways, I added some new pics. They aren't the best. I will have to take some more when I go visit my mom. It's hard to take good pics by yourself.

Hope everything is going well for the rest of you ladies.

Hello Ladies! It has been awhile since I have...

Hello Ladies! It has been awhile since I have updated my profile.
Today I went for my six week post op appointment. My PS checked me out and said the girls look good and they are coming together nicely. Well except my right boob which is still riding kinda high. The right side is the one with the larger implant and the smaller breast so I guess it's still trying to accommodate the implant. *sigh*. Because of this I keep the girls covered up.
Thankfully they are softening and the left one has a little movement. The right one is still a little firmer. In fact the physician's assistant that I saw today was a little concerned that I may be developing CC but thankfully my PS ruled that out. So, I feel much better about that. I still cannot wear a bra but got some nipple covers called DIMR's. I thought the name was pretty funny since lately I have been flashing everyone at work with my high beams. Lol and smh I was also told I needed to massage more frequently and a little more aggressively. So, I will start that tonight.
I did share with my PS today that I feel like my breast are too large for me. She was pretty surprised and said they rarely hear that in her office. Lol. I wasn't surprised to hear that. Lol I guess I am feeling kinda iffy ladies. In fact I was close to tears today during my appt. I think a larger part of my emotional reaction is hormones because I am currently on my cycle. My PS hugged me and told me to give it some time but if I was still unhappy when I came back for my 6 month check up we could discuss a revision.
Sorry to sound negative ladies. Overall my experience has been good and my PS has been wonderful. I think I just need to give it more time.
Thanks for listening. I posted some new pics from my office visit today

Hey ladies, I just wanted to post and say I am...

Hey ladies, I just wanted to post and say I am feeling much better about my boobs. Being on my cycle makes me really emotional sometimes and I think that played a big part on why I was feeling so down earlier in the week. Now I have to be honest another part of why I feel so much better is because I finally let a man see them. I finally "indulged" as our good friend gobigtallgirl likes to say. I was so nervous about letting my friend see my breast because I knew he would have questions. When I took my shirt off he kept asking what did I do to my breast. I never answered directly because really it was obvious. Lol But he loved how my breast looked and kept telling me how hot I was. Which helped a lot because y'all know how I have been feeling about the girls. The kicker was he said "they were soft as shit". That put a huge smile on my face because I have been worried about the right one being so firm.

Sorry if this is over sharing but it has helped me feel a lot better. Oh before I forget I am still kinda numb on both breasts so the sensitivity isn't still a 100% but it made me wonder if that why I think my right breast is so firm. Maybe because my sensitivity is off and I am not really "feeling" like i should. I dont know if that makes sense. My PS said on Tuesday that both breast felt the same to her.*kanye shrug*

Thanks for listening and I hope I didn't offend anyone.
Oh and my right boob has dropped a little more. I guess slowly but surely.

Oh and I took the advice from some of the ladies...

Oh and I took the advice from some of the ladies and played dress up last night. There are a lot of real cute tops that I can't fit anymore but I expected that but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how I look in tank tops and wife beaters now. And I had this one dress that I can now fill out at the top that I have been dying to wear. I couldn't stop looking at myself. Excuse my moment of vanity ladies. Lol but I had been faking it so long with the Bombshell bra that it felt so good to see some fullness. I think I am finally falling in love with my girls :-)
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