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To get straight to the point, I see many doctors...

To get straight to the point, I see many doctors say that they hear "I wish I had gone bigger" all the time. Absolutely not true in my case. But it's important to note that I'm 5'5, size 00, 100lb. I chose one of the smallest implants available, since I'm slender, athletic and narrow boned. I wore 32B bra before the surgery, but my volume was definitely not a B size, it was an A or even AA, however, my breast tissue was wider than A cup and it hurt to wear A cup bras, so I fit better into B. What I asked to have was a full B cup, I basically told the doctor I love the look of 32B padded bra on me and just wish I would have that same fullness without the bra on. Based on my measurements both surgeons I saw for consultation suggested 200cc, one giving me an option of 175cc, the other one suggesting to start with at least 200cc and even try 225cc (needless to say that both suggested silicone under the muscle considering my deflation after breastfeeding). So I went with the doctor who was more conservative and listen to my plead to stay on a smaller side. We agreed that he would make a final decision in the operation room between 175cc and 200cc. He chose 200cc.
I'm 2,5 months post op and though the shape is still far from being finalized my size is already determined. My expectation was to be somewhere 32B (but a real full B that does not need padding) or maybe (undesired) small C. After not being able to find a comfortable bra on my own, I went to Intimacy. I was measured into 30E. I got two bras size 30E from different manufactures. I was freaked out by this number. But yet that's the size I ended up with. The change from 32 to 30 could be just a manufacturer or it could also be how my bra is fitting now. The consultant at the store said it fits me better than 32 and would also loosen up as I wash my bras.
But the bra size is just a number. An odd sounding one, yet just a number. Another thing is how my new breasts fit my body. They are too big in my opinion. My butt is quite shapely but on a small, athletic side and now it is being overshadowed by my breasts which stick out more than my butt.
So, when surgeons say that 25cc makes not much difference at all, they are correct when they are talking about women who are more or less average size 4 or 6 or 8 and wear 34 or 36 band on a bra. The 25cc won't make any difference on a wider chest. It makes a huge difference on a smaller narrower chest like in my case. Also, another testament to how different cups look on different size women, take a 30D underwire bra and 34C bra and compare. 34C has A LOT bigger underwire than 30D. So a C cup on someone size 4 is a lot bigger than my E cup on my size 0 or 00 body. That's the math. That's why doctors are reluctant to say what cc are necessary to go a size bigger. Because your size and measurements determine how much you need to go up a size. Most doctors say that 200cc would take you up a cup. It took me from A to E. And I'm suspecting that on a girl who is much taller and bigger than me with fuller breasts this same 200cc would barely make a half a cup difference.
Hope this would be helpful for someone. I have read quite a few reviews before and after my procedure and just wanted to share something back. Good luck!
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