29 yr. old, 5'7" 130 lbs, Natrelle Inspira SRF 485cc

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I am 29.99 years old (turn 30 in a couple months)...

I am 29.99 years old (turn 30 in a couple months) and have two toddlers. I am 5'7" and weigh 128 lbs, my BWD is 12.5". In breastfeeding both of them, after each one I lost volume. I am extremely unhappy with the way they look naked and the fact that I have to wear EXTREME push-ups. I went from wearing a VS D/DD to having little boobs that flap in the wind ????. So to feel like my old self an early birthday gift. I am in the process of interviewing doctors though I do like the first one I met. I plan to decide next week and proceed shortly after, I waste no time :) I'm so far pretty sold on the Natrelle Inspira line and around 385-410cc to bring me to a full C/small D. Any advice or tips is appreciated? Be nice or karma will bite you in the ass ;)

Picked a Doctor-- *happy dance*

So after interviews with Dr. Zwiren, Dr. Jimerson and Dr. Gordon, I decided on Dr. Julian Gordon. While I really liked Dr. Zwiren, I thought he was very thorough and spent tons of time making me few comfortable, after a couple consults I didn't feel like he "got my vision" as far as size and look were concerned and he wanted to rely solely on 3D images and not look at my wish pics. Dr. Gordon on the other hand spent just as much time with me, was extremely personable and off the bat got what I was trying to explain. I want an "enhanced natural look" as he called it "semi-natural." Not overly round but not just a bigger version of what I have now, but a better version. We spent time talking through my options and I fully trust going into surgery that he will give me what I'm looking for.

3 weeks from surgery today *squeals like high school girl*

I have become borderline obsessed with RS at this point. Every hour I waver from 400cc to 450ccs and from Moderate to high profile. The only thing I know is that I want Natrelle Inspira, under the muscle, crease incision (progress right?) my whole life I have worn push up bras, so while in my initial discussion with my doctor about looking "done"(high profile), I quickly said no, but now I'm not so sure. I have always wished I had more upper pole fullness (look at my RealSelf vocab words ????) and projection is super important but hey a girl also wants great cleavage and a teeny tiny side boob (a girl can dream right?) I've been so unsure and obsessed I moved my pre-op appointment up to help a sister out. I ultimately trust my doctor to not have me looking like a porn star but also not a nun, March 21st is the new pre-op date.

Had Pre-Op Today!

So I had my pre-op this morning and just knew I was getting 410cc Inspiras Full (high profile). Well after discussion with my doctor about sizes, I switched to 485cc. I told him I wanted to be full up top without looking fake and wanted cleavage and projection and to be at a full D range. He showed me photos again as well as I saw a girl who was 10 days post op about 100lbs and she showed me her 485s and they looked large for her frame but not overly so. Dr. Gordon said they will look a bit smaller on me since I'm taller and a bit heavier at 128lbs and I think they looked perfect. He also mentioned that you lose about 15% going under the muscle and to choose the sizers I was most comfortable with (for me 450cc) and get the next size up. He also said that 84% of patients wish they had gone bigger. My husband agreed. I have paid and have surgery at 7:30am on March 31! I'm super excited and cannot wait to look like my old self---an improved me (I was a C pre-babies). Any and all suggestions to prep are welcome. I have my list of items (food and stuff) I will get early next week.

One week out from surgery

Hi all,

I am 7 days away from new boobies I seriously can't wait. I have not bought anything yet because I know I will go overboard (I'm a shopaholic). Here's my list of things I think I will need:
Bottled water
Batteries for tv remotes
Cocoa butter
Magnesium citrate
White grape juice/prune juice
Zip up sports bras
TheraPearl Ice packs
Sweatsuit zip up
Bendy straws
Soup, jello, granola bars, crackers, gingerale

Anything I'm missing?

Surgery tomorrow!

Hi ladies,

I am super excited about my surgery tomorrow. I finally went shopping today and got a few bras from Walmart they look huge to me (currently 32B/C deflated) and to account for swelling I bought a 36D. If they don't fit I'll have my hubby exchange. I spent a lot of time cleaning today and laying out my kids clothes for the rest of the week. It is VERY hard for me not to be in control and let someone wait on me hand and foot but I do want this to be done right and heal right so I will force myself. I'm slightly (read extremely) OCD and had to fully clean all our bedrooms and do all laundry! Hubby said I act like I'm moving to Iraq for a year or having a baby lol. I'm trying to be as prepared as possible and as little of a burden as possible. I will try on all the bras in the AM and take nude selfies (I'll have some time since my surgery got moved down to 12:30pm *eye roll*). I will post my stats in every picture as I have found that to be helpful and document my experiences day 1-5, then at 3 week intervals unless there are big changes. This forum has been so helpful for me so I want to be as helpful to others. If you want to see me take a specific picture just ask, or in a certain type of clothing or have any questions! Let's be a support system. *sweet dreams of boobie land*

Surgery in Two Hours

Hi ladies,

Since I was up and starving this morning, I decided to take some before pictures to have as reference. Excuse my stomach, I gave up on the gym until post-BA LOL. I will also take pictures in the same things a few weeks following surgery to compare. See you on the other side in new boobie land ;)

Hello from the other side!

Hi ladies surgery went off without a hitch.

For reference, my stats:
29 year old, 5'7", 130lbs. Breastfed 2 kids. Natrelle Inspira 485ccs, smooth round, under the muscle, crease incision.

Before surgery:
I waited in the lobby for about thirty minutes, they were finishing up a previous case I believe. Once I got into the room, Stephanie and Gurley took great care of me. I changed into a gown, compression stockings, socks and a hair net. They took my vitals and started my IV with antibiotics. The IV was placed in my hand and since my veins suck they had to stick me twice--my hand was killing me afterward. Dr. Gordon came in and drew the surgical markings on me in sharpie. I then met with the anesthesiologist, who was warm and friendly, he said he would give me some nausea meds while on the operating table to hopefully avoid nausea. I walked into the operating room and laid on the table with my arms outstretched. The anesthesiologist gave me some oxygen and the meds and I was out like a light.

Post surgery:
I woke up feeling very groggy and out of it. I was not dying of thirst like others, the nurses said bc I drank half my weight in water for 3 days leading up to the BA, which ensured I wasn't dehydrated. I did however feel immense pressure on my chest and a STRONG pain (7-8 on pain scale). I was given several pain meds doses but none seemed to work at all . I finally got the maximum doses allowed and took 2 percocets, and it got MILDLY better (7 in pain). I am a very strong person with a high pain tolerance but this got me. They said I must have a high pain medication tolerance. I was very itchy, they said I was scratching excessively and they gave me Benadryl which did help for sure. The nurses helped me get into the car and I was off. They warned me about nausea bc I had so many meds on an empty stomach. I did not feel or get nauseous in the car ride. What did get me was each and every pothole, crack in the road or speed bump was PAINFUL!!! I was also extremely hungry and so we stopped and got me some strawberries, pineapple and blueberries (which I devoured). I was very sleepy in the car (think baby trying to stay awake) However because my surgery was moved down to 12:30 and I live about 45 min away, we had to stop and get my son, which prolonged my car ride torture. We got home, I needed help getting out of the car but everything else (walking upstairs and going to the restroom I did alone). I ate a can of chicken and wild rice soup, drank 13 ounces of water and had a slice of pizza. It is hard for me to concentrate and I am very sleepy, but I wanted to post something for you ladies! I just took a Percocet and some Benadryl and will be knocked out soon. Actually just fell asleep for a few minutes I writing this lol. My husband is already taking great care of me, and I feel so bad him handling our 3.5yr old and 16 month old by himself. They are sooo loud downstairs so I am glad I bought ear plugs and a sleep mask.

Boobs and Questions:
I am so glad I went with the 485c they look great now--looks like the perfect size for my frame and my wish boobs so far and while firm they aren't hard as rocks--which I was surprised by! If I don't have Franken-boob now, does that mean I won't get it? Also I do not want to be constipated, should I drink some prune juice now (or daily) to get a head start and prevent it? I also have magnesium citrate as an option. Any first day post-op instructions or tips for me?

Day 1 more pictures

I was very curious to see what the girls look like post BA. So I took a sneak peek (see pictures).

My stats: 5'7", 29 yrs old, 2 breast fed kids, pre-op deflated B; Natrelle Inspira 485cc SRF

Additional update: while the pain level is bearable (not sure if it's bearable bc of pain relievers), I did need help to get out of the bed for bathroom and close the bra after these pics. I rubbed some coconut oil on the parts that were particularly itchy (top breasts, stomach and lower back).

Does anyone else feel like they are missing something at this stage? I keep trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be eating and drinking, if I'm missing a medication to take, etc.

I also haven't been this drowsy in my life, this update should have been 5 min long yet I keep putting down words that make no sense. High as a kite lol

I am extremely happy with how they look, as soon as I get the green light from Dr. Gordon, I plan to hit the gym and the mall!

Day 2

The Percocet and Cipro (antibiotic) together have me literally passing out! I can't concentrate and have dropped my phone on my face over a dozen times! Other than not being able to sit up by myself, I'm doing pretty good. Sleeping hasn't been an issue. Pain exists now only when I reach for something or try to hoist myself up. I'm a little sad my doctor or a nurse didn't call to check on me last night ???? Because I have quite a few questions.

I came across the Vitamedica clinical support multivitamin ($80) and in looking at the ingredients my Hairfinity vitamins have all but three of the same ingredients and have no Vitamin E and were great for my hair and skin, I'm hoping I can resume taking those. I haven't had a huge appetite though I did eat some pizza and cheese and crackers last night.

I haven't had any nausea which I am surprised by because I even get car sick. I do think the lack of nausea is due to me drinking half my weight in water for three days prior to surgery and I am continuing to do so. This morning I had some eggs and yogurt for breakfast for protein (good for healing and tissue repair). I also had a smoothie with some protein powder and spinach for vitamin K (helps with blood clotting and preventing hematoma).

Day 4

Today I had my does post op appointment. I haven't taken Percocet since Saturday because I couldn't take the itchy feeling it gave me. Today Dr. Gordon gave me Demerol (another narcotic). I felt great when I woke up some zingers in my left boob upon waking up, but as the morning went on got more sore in my armpits and ribcage. Dr. Gordon said I have really tight muscles and it may take longer for my implants to drop, I got this ugly uncomfortable strap that I need to wear over my implants to try to push them down (2-4 weeks) and he said the more I wear it the faster the "drop and fluff" will occur. After putting the strap on, my pain level shot up, well extreme discomfort. I took a Demerol and am laying down now. He also said not to wear any sports bra/bra to support my breasts as he wants them to drop, the most I can wear is a tank top or bralette to cover my nipples when out and about. I'm a little bummed I thought I would be feeling better now but it seems all the pain is back. I am also upset because I was told I cannot lift my 16 month old (she's 30 pounds) for 4 weeks or work out. My 30 birthday is in June and I wanted to hit the gym hard, I guess I can diet. The bloating is subsiding and I have not had constipation, on day 2 I took a suppository laxative, highly recommend over stool softeners and oral laxatives. I was cleared for resuming my multivitamin. Has anyone taken Milk Thistle after narcotics to detox the liver?

Day 10

So I'm ten days post op! I generally feel good, some tightness throughout the day and back pain but that's it. I typically only need to take some Tylenol maybe a narcotic if I have overdone it a bit, every once in a while. I am ready for them to drop I feel like they are very high up and look squished from the side which is annoying. I HATE not wearing a bra, I know I'm probably the only one that feels that way but I am very much missing them. I am wearing bralettes but nothing with support (doctors orders). The strap to get them to drop is annoying and ugly LOL. I was wearing it 24/7 but now just to sleep, I need to do better, I'm just not sure if it actually does anything??? Overall I'm super happy with the size and the way they look for being ten days out. I don't anticipate having boob greed as they are actually a bit bigger than I envisioned they would be or wanted but no complaints. They are also very soft already, husband and bestie said they feel real on light squeeze

3 week update

Hi all,

For reference, I got 485cc Inspira Smooth Full Profile. I am 5'7" and 135ish lbs.

I am three weeks out today. And I can say that I have no pain, no morning boob, or discomfort. The only time I am uncomfortable is if I am trying to hold myself up on my arms for an extended period of time or too quickly lift up my 30lb daughter or 35 lb son. I feel so much more confident in clothing and without. I can't wait until they fully drop, I can't imagine them getting much softer bc they are already super squishy and feel real. I still have steri strips on my incisions, which I have trimmed down bc it was loose, but haven't seen my incisions yet. I am still wearing the strap to bed, and periodically throughout the day. My next appointment is in 1 week so I will do an update then and post pics in clothing.
Alpharetta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gordon was my 3rd consultation after feeling like something was missing with the other doctors and right away I knew he was the one. He listened to all of my concerns, answered all of my questions, did not rush me at all during the consult. I feel like he understands exactly what I'm looking for and I trust him to execute my vision going into surgery, I didn't get that with other surgeons. During my pre-op appointment, Dr. Gordon spent time going over my concerns about size and fit and showed me more of his work with a girl similar body frame and gave his honest opinion which I appreciate and trusted. The day of surgery Dr. Gordon came in and marked me up and afterwards noted that my muscles were very tight but everything looks good. I know the nurses talked to my husband about post op stuff but it would have been nice to get a call from him or his staff that night just to see if I had any questions or check on me. I was fine and I did have his pager number I will say. Overall so far I am extremely happy with my experience. The only reason I didn't give stars across the board are the lack of follow up, when I called and emailed the staff one day post op I didn't get a response, and whenever I did go I did have a bit of a wait time (30 minutes usually).

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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