Tired of Being Sick explant and lift- Atlanta, GA

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I had 500cc implants 7 yrs ago, same as others,...

I had 500cc implants 7 yrs ago, same as others, just looking for a confidence boost and they did the trick more or less. Within the first year I noticed they ached still but my Ps nurse said they'll probably take a while to settle down. Since then, they have hurt when I run, when I do chest or biceps days at the gym and also hurt when i bend over, or when I hug someone, not all the time, and not everyday, so I let it go and went on w my life. In 2013, I became very sick, no one could figure me out, had increased migraines and pms and stomach issues, muscles ached, I could not tolerate the gym anymore, just felt like it took too much out of me (I was an avid everyday gym goer for years), other things I noticed were headaches, feeling foggy, memory issues, lots of weird blood sugar type oe thyroid type issues, many ear and sinus infections and worsening seasonal allergies and weird food allergies that I never had before the worst part was I also developed dizziness and had trouble w computer phone tv or driving, but it didn't last for long and usually went away after a day or so. I had been to a Natural dr, a few mds, ent, and they couldn't figure it out so I chalked it up to being more stressed woth my long commute and allergies and colds and went on w my life. 

The symptoms seemed to take a back burner as I had a new job to focus on. About 6 mo later, I started having the dizziness again and it was relentless, it would stay we, almost never letting up, getting worse ... so back to the drs who referred me all one specialist to another w no real answers. I was feeling horrible and had to take a leave of absence at work it was all so bad. Eventually we ran out of options w the drs and they settled on diagnosing me w vestibular migraine and also a possibility of lupus or thyroid ossues, to follow up w rheumatologist. The rheums have a 2 to 3 mo wait, so I just tries to rest and rake the different meds they were prescribing to treat the "v migraine". 

I did a few searches 0ut of desperation and breast implant illness came up once or twice, but I quickly dismissed it after reading how others had real burning sensation in chest and arm numbers and I didn't have that. It wasn't til I saw a show on tv where a lady had my same symptoms down to the dizziness that I really looked into breast implant being my problem. I had found a few sites dedicated to implant removal and emailed one of the better drs who are known for treating breast implant illness and she replied back that day indicating that my symptoms all sound like biotoxin, likely caused by my implants. I was so mad I didn't want to believe it. They're "safe" right. After many discussions and reading and research I decided they had to come out in tje next 5 or so yrs anyways, so I decided to explant now. We flew to Atlanta and met dr kolb and she had a lot of information, very smart lady. She had reasons and explanations for my various ailments and we were impressed. Shes an md and homeopathic so she helped me from both sides, which was nice. I was a little unsure by the muscle testing she performs but had previously read a review that mentioned this so I wasn't too surprised. I'm still pretty early in recovery to make a final review, will post that later.

A thank you to the ladies in this forum....

I found this site with pictures and details so so so so helpful when I was deciding what to do, trying to gauge the different body types and trying to see what a) worst case scenario might be or b) best case scenario or somewhere in between. I have never looked at so many boobs before. Add to that all of the courage it takes to put yourself out there and to tell your personal private story for the benefit of thers is truly remarkable. I am just so thankful that I happened to stumble across this site, as there isn't much info out there on explanting (and even less info is out there on the drs who specialize in this very delicate (for some) procedure). So thanks for giving us a place to gather and thanks everyone for whole heartedly sharing your stories: the good, the bad, the ugly and everything esle :)

My before ba, after ba and current pics

Here's a couple from before my ba, after the ba and current pics. I had 375 smooth moderate profile overfilled to 500ccs, but I have a wider chest and broad shoulders so it never really looked like a dd to ddd (depending on my weight). We thought about a lift but my origial ps said we could instead lower the crease on one side to try and balance them out or fill to varying degees, etc so I was ok with that (saves a lot of $). I asked for 'suburban soccer mom" and while it was a little fuller than I would have liked, I was ok with the results, for a while and really enjoyed them for the most part. Until later on...

pics didn't upload


Decisions decisions and then more decisions....

I decided on dr kolb because she seemed to be the most knowledgeable on explant with capsules being removed (for sure) and biotoxin treatments. I had looked through the reviews from folks here and on other sites and it sounded like many had their explant surgery done for less and in their home town, but the dr wasn't always able/wanting to/or truthful to remove the capsules and had to have a second surgery for that (they also continued to be ill if capsules were left behind). I spoke with a handful of docs here in my area and none really seemed certain about removing the capsules or said it could "maybe" be done...that just wasn't enough for me.

Dr kolbs office also had said they will also help me to bill through insurance but because they had a spot suddenly open and I was at my deductible for insurance and it's december, I decided to go ahead with the surgery and see if insurance may reimburse me later. (Or mentor, if we find its a faulty implant).

We scheduled a "3 day", which consisted of a consultation, pre op, surgery, and follow up all in one week. We liked dr kolb and she put us at ease and was probably the first dr that really listened and also understood what I was going through. She said that she suspected a leak and if there's a leak, not only can the saline come out of the implant, but what's worse is that bacteria and fungus and other germs can get into the implant, then reproduce or whatever they do and leak back out of the implant. And just a side note, the shell is made of silocone, which your body can reject or try to destroy it, or some folks have a silicone sensitivity and these all can lead to the development autoimmune type responses to it. She had a great book on everything. She even suspected some of my sinus and ear troubles could be from this as well.
then we talked about the lift:

She also said that I have thin skin and a lift would be best. I needed a lift prior to surgery so I'll likely need a loft even more now w the the removal of the large implants. This was a big decision for us, this added a second surgeon coming in to assist, and of course, more money. The only plus is they said it wouldn't add to the pain levels. But all I could think was, I have already spent so much money on myself and made the dumb decision to get the implants, now we're spending more to get them removed and even more for a lift GUILT. I also couldn't bear the thought of doing another surgery later and I kind of still wanted my tiny boobs to be somewhat ok looking, so we decided to go for it. Luckily my hubby supported the whole way on all of this.

We also decided to remove some suspicious looking moles, which was nice to have it all in one. On a different appt, I met dr Gordon (assisting surgeon ) and he was great and explained everything and was really nice and also seemed really knowledgeable. He was impressed w/my original PS's incisions and said that it was very small, so they would definitely need to go bigger. A little bummed to hear that but ok. He also explained they would be doing an internal lift and also similar to tying purse strings around the nipple to help create a better nipple/line area. All of this kind of made me feel sick, so I just left it to the experts.

Later that day we I had an Ultrasound and it showed a suspected leak, one moreso than the other, and both have "debris". This was enough to make me want them out asap. I wished I had done this step sooner and I kind of went into a huge guilt trip on myself of why I had done all this to myself. But then I remembered, I might have backed out once, but it would always have been on my mind, probably something I would have wanted to do off and on until I actually did it.

Surgery Day:

Surgery day...
On surgery day i was starving, I had originally been scheduled for 730 but due to the lift, I was moved to 1130. But still glad I didn't get bumped out to a later date. There were a few unpredictable delays and we didn't get back til after one, so that waiting was hard but time did pass and I went back and remember I quickly fell asleep. Woke up w some pretty bad pain on one side but they fixed that and I was on my way. Some naseau and yuck feeling but i felt ok rest of the night and next day and 2nd day, but the 3rd day and 4th day were rough. The 4th day was our flight home and even though we managed to get a wheelchair I wished I had scheduled another few days in town, airports, flying and travelling were pretty hard for me and I was so uncomfortable the entire time (and exhausted) I didnt take a pain pill since I figured I would need to be coherent. Also, the post op report confirmed both were leaking w debris. YUCK!!!
I would say my pain varied between a 5 and a 7 a lot of the time. This was definitely harder on me than othrs had posted, so I was a little bummed, but my hubby reminded me that my body is busy fighting off other stuff, and my immune system is likely overworked, so will take me longer. Gotta love him :)


Recovery was slow going for me, but considering I was probably not at my best due to the leak, I guess it could have been worse. The drains hurt the most. Every time I breathed or moved it felt like it was ripping out of me. Once the drains came out (a week post op, my original Ps removed the drains and all my sutures) I felt better but it hurt like hell, worse than after the surgery. It felt like they ripped put tissue and peices of me. I was dying. Glad I had taken a pain pill but it sisnt help much. This was the first time i had seen my little boobies and rheu were pretty sad looking. They seemed deflated and unhappy, theres an extra fold on one of them and theyre still somewhat assymetrical, but not bruised. My implanting ps said tjey looked really nice. I figured he was just being nice. Haha.

Came home and rested the rest of the day and kept reading thru the after care instructions and couldn't figure out where the tape goes, once I heard back (it was the weekend, so I went 3 days wo tape) I put the paper tape on undercrease incisions areas, I felt an 80% improvement in my pain. The binder still has to be worn for two or weeks, I really hate this thing. I'm bloated and it exaggerates that and makes me feel like I can't breath and like my stomach is huge but it's necessary, so I keep it on. The hardest part is the detox. The antibiotics, antifungals and antibacterial and antiparasidic are all making me very ill, it's like taking poison and the taste stays with you all day long. We also purchased a healthy supply of homeopathic meds that she recommended and it's all too much, so I had to cut back on some for now and will try again later. Just too sickly.

11 days post op

11 days post op and there's still an extra fold type thing going on on one of my breasts and they are pretty small, and probably still swollen (which means they'll be even smaller), so that will take some getting used to, but I am so glad the implants are out. I already have a 90% improvement in my dizziness and my sinuses are clear now (instead of funky dark sick colored). I feel pretty good and hopefully I'll continue to improve everyday. i might need to keep a diary of symptoms so I can keep track of improvements!
I wrote the dr about the fold area and she said that was not there during surgery, she said I could try to pull it out and it won't budge it's almost like an extra crease that is stitched there and there's either a little bit of breast tissue in there or maybe fluid, I dont know, but if it's breast tissue I sure need it on the breast area!!!! I am just going to pray that things move where they should be and that my body heals itself and hopefully the itty bitties get to looking better. One day at a time I guess.
Still have pain but mostly just here and there and i have to be careful to not use my arms much or I am quickly reminded that my body is not ready. It only took 2 to 3 days recovery w implanting so I was planning on being better by now but that's ok. Im so lucky to have the time off work to get better first.

Talked to the Dr about the extra crease fold thing...

Dr Kolb got back with me and said that the left boob crease thing or skin sticking is likely from suction from the drain, that it might need fat grafting later. She said this was not how it looked after surgery. I am kicking myself for not letting her open my binder at my final post op appt. I winced and she decided to just peek from the top. I had a really rough time, very painful for me.

I'm not sure if she does fat grafting or not, or if there would be any financial help with that or not, but I'm pretty bummed. I was hoping the skin would just come apart on it's own or even take on that new line, AND was hoping that haivng a $12,000 surgery from one of the top docs, figured that would definitely get me better results, but all in all, I guess it could have been way worse. It's just hard to swallow. I'll keep trying to pull on it, as she suggested, but I dont know, seems like I would need pliers to really do anything, ha. Luckily, my husband is fine with it, but I think it will be uncomfortable in bras and swim suits, so I might have to get it fixed later on. I really don't know if I can do another surgery, I'm pretty wiped out, and seem to have a tough healing/recovery time lately. Trying to keep hope and not focus on it. I am usually a pretty optimistic person but I think being through so much, it's just hard now. I am going to try to keep my thoughts positive and maybe it'll just separate itself.
Seems like they could just separate the tissue somehow.

Post op bra suggestions?

So.... I'm still wearing the dreaded pink binder. It's not that bad, I have grown to like it, BUT I get to wear a differnt bra on Friday or so and was wondering what bras you guys felt most comfortable with. I have been feeling a little better lately, so went to the store (w/my husband in case I needed to sit down and rest) and ran some errands the other day but when I go over big bumps or dips in the road, I feel like I need to HOLD my boobs. Now, I'm not sure why, becase there is DEFINITELY nothing there to really hold, but they jiggle a little when I walk too fast, go down steps and in the car. I was wondering what are the best bras out there, I did a littl research and I think I found a couple but thought I'd post on here to see if there were any other recommendations. I ordered the mirena (?) and one other similar like this that has a zip front (still can't reach behind yet) and I ordered some foam type sports bras, they'll be here monday, but honestly, the rest need you to pick a cupsize. I have no idea what I am now or what I will be in 3 mo's when the swelling and fluids go down, so I am kind of bummed about that. I was thinking I would get some little girl's cheapo bras and just see, but when I look down, there isn't much there, I dont think even those would work, my cups may even indent a little from the weight of the implants (that is what the post op said-upper pole indentation-not sure what that means) but I feel like even though I see a little boob in the mirror-looking while dressed is a completely different story. Also I'm supposed to change the tape weekly on my lift/nipple area but I feel like it's yanking pieces of me off. I just can't do it. My original PS had me leave tapes on til they fell off... I find it so frustrating that all the drs are so different with post op care instructions, bras, etc. sigh. Anyone else supposed to change tapes once a week? Any suggestions for doing this w/o feeling like it's taking a layer of skin? I think getting them wet makes them even gunkier on me ;(

I found something that works for now.

After being completely devastated after trying on shirt after shirt this weekend, I went to dillards and vs and tried on countless bras, all not very comfortable, but I did find these handy dandy inserts that are just supposed to be push up pads but they are actually ok looking in my bra. So, I bought a no wire A or B cup bra and these pads and brought them home. I'm still not ready for the regular bra yet, so I just grabbed my original BA post op bra that hooks in the front (walmart for like $4-I have a ton of these from post ba). I put these push up pads into it and it looks SOOOOOO much better. I currently have a concave chest, indentation from where the implants pushed against my ribs and caused my chest to sort of cave in, that eats up a lot of my FLUFF< and I don't have a lot, but what I do have, I certainly need so I hope that the indentation improves with time. At any rate, I took a few pics so you guys could see, in case anyone else is desperate. I dont feel like going from a DDD to a flat concave chest is going to work for me, at work, going out, etc I just rather not have to tell the story a hundred times, I am by no means ashamed, but might rather not have to tell everyone or worry about it etc. AND I do not want to buy a bunch of new clothes (nor can I with the outrageous cost of this darned surgery). So heres what I'll be wearing to work etc. I know I should be proud of my itty bitties, and I am, sometimes. haha. I think it will just take some time.

Pain, almost 3 weeks post op, anyone else have this?

Anyone else having pain so late in recovery? I have like pulling, aching, take your breathe away kind of pain right across my sternum, like my skin is separating, it is also in the crease area, where the extra fold is happening. My Mom (former nurse) thought it looked a lot like a suture line and that it could be pulling in there somehow. I am clueless, I was constantly holding my boobs and chest like I was having a heart attack all night at christmas last night with my family, luckily, almost all of them knew my situation, so it wasnt embarassing or anything, just a little worried that it hurts so bad, suddenly, where there really wasn't any work done (Supposedly). I still get the shar shooting nerve regeneration pains too, that is nothing like this though. It's intense for about 10-20 seconds then goes away, and comes back every few minutes or so. I also wondered if maybe I did too much( hard not to hug and pass out presents and use arms etc during family gatherings). Sigh. For those out there that had explant, or internal lift, did you have had this center ache/near the sternum, is this normal? I didn't have this type of pain w/my original ba :( I'm supposed to return to work tomorrow and I'm a little worried. I'm sure it's fine, just going to take it easy all day today and try not to hug or reach AT ALL.

close up without tapes (shiney bc of the ointments)

Here's a close up to show the scaring around the nipples, not so sure I'd call it a 'scar' but it was sutured around the areaolas to reduce the size. The only other scars are in the under crease area. They did an 'internal lift', I had never heard of that before.

almost 6 weeks post...

I'm aboutique 6 weeks post and I'm having a lot of pains in the center of my chest and sternum area where I can feel thicker tissue or something. They started about 2 weeks ago and kind of got better and have gotten worse again. It is rough. I asked the drs here and my ps 2 weeks ago and it mostly sounded like nothing to worry about. I don't find a spot that "lights it up" so hoping I don't have the costochon itis something. I'm wondering if it's from lifting too much or using my arms too much. I am just shocked to still be having these so late on recovery. I know you have the zaps and pains of nerve regeneration bur this is different it's an actual pain, almost like something is coming undone in my chest sternum area. I'm going to try to stop lifting the dog and dishes etc and stop reaching and see if it is better. Sigh. I'm just ready to be over all of this already!
Still no changed really, still waiting on consults to see about releasin breast tissue on the left side and possibly fat transfer. Just can't get over the cost. And no one wants to talk until I hit the 6 mo mark. So I'm waiting patiently.

birth control to plump the breast?

Silly, but I was thinking of seeing if theres anyone else out there who explanted amd went on the pill amd did that help with fluffing? I'm still recovering and trying to cleanse my body and not sure I would want to reintroduce more chemicals but wondered of any one else out there might have had to take the pill after explanting and did it make a difference?
Sound desperate don't i? Haha. Well I'm not. Just trying to think positive and think outside the box. :)

pueraria mirifica?

No real update, but was wondering if anyone has tried pueraria mirifica supplement? I came acrossed it on a thread/review here and am now looking into amazon reviews etc to see what people say this morning and it sounds kind of mixed reviews. I am also going to try a bottle of great lakes gelatin (thanks remley!). I am starting to get frustrated at my itty bitties but also trying to be patient. It does suck getting dressed and I so very much want to wear a real bra. The sports bras are just frumpy and not feminine feeling at all. I could go the padded route but I've heard the more padding, the more hot/sweaty and umcomfortable you get :/ there are some very good reviews on mastectomy types of padding/inserts though pricey. I still haven't given up on them fluffing, or the possibility of fat transfer in the future, but just seems so far away today. lol. I lie in bed at night picturing my boobs being slightly bigger, aish b sized and try to keep on the positive side with things. Maybe that's enough! :)

Sizing and deceiving pictures

A couple of folks have mentioned that I have decent size and shape, my pics must be deceiving because...while I'm ok with the shape, the size on the other hand- I dont even fill out an A cup, actually not even a lightly padded sports bra :/ I have been wearing one of these, from walmart, even though I don't quite fill it out, because they give the appearance of some boobs, even if it's a little, it's better than completely flat. The only "size" I fit is ace bandaged strapped on tightly, or my bandage. It stinks. I have tried on countless bras from 30a to 36a from 30b to 38b, just in case, and I dont have enough tissue to fill the cups. I am also wide-chested, so the 38B is about what I would be width of the breast, but I only fill about 1/4 of the cup, sadly.

Ah well, I guess it's flattering that others think it looks good :) maybe I can settle with the size at some point, but I'm dying to wear a real bra, even the cute little lace bralettes and cute-ish sports bras are baggy in the cup area, so sad. ah well,

I'm still working on 'thinking' my boobs bigger with positive thinking and visual affirmation and stimulation
:) I'll keep you posted on how that works!

Dr Huang consult

I consulted with Dr Huang today in hopes that she would have some ideas on my crease issue and also tell me her thoughts on fat transfer or other possible solutions to the size and crease issue.

Her pa came in and we gave her the run down and showed her pics and she said: "should have come here" =not very professional -so did't start off on a very good foot. She took us back to a couple of different rooms (they were extremely busy) and showed us some before and afters, brava and fat transfers, but the results really weren't all that pleasing (in my opinion) or worth it, esp the lips :/ I guess the pictures can be deceiving (per my previous post today) but it just seems like a lot to go through for such a small improvement and 'iffy' results. I didnt share this opinion with them, but this was running thru my head the whole time.

the info we shared w/the pa was passed along to Dr Linda Huang and she came in and introduced herself, was very nice. Showed me a couple of her paitents that had some 'stuck' or scarred skin, similar to my crease, but in a different way and how they tried to fix it on her patients, that seemed hopeful.

But after a review and inspections, she basically said that we should leave things alone for at least 6 mos to a year, I figured this would be the case I'm really glad she took a look at my crease though, as it has been pretty painful, esp over in the sternum and in the underboob part so I was always afraid that something wasn't healing correctly.

She wouldn't go into what she would recommend (fat transfer, implants, brava, opening the pocket etc) but said that I should come back to see her in 2 mo's, so-April. She was nice and seemed to be very busy but also seemed to be able to spend time with me, which I appreciated. She also was very friendly to both my husband and I and very personable. She recommended ultra sounds type massage with a lady she works with, but it's pretty far from us, and massage hurts like hell right now-most of the time, so I dont think I'll do that, although I'd be inetersted in hearing if others did anything like this after explant (?).

I plan on talking more with her in a couple of months and also my original implanting surgeon and Dr Squires for consults over the next few months, just to weigh my options. I am also looking at a consult with Dr Bednar in NC. I just don't know how excited I am about traveling for surgery again, sigh.

...BUT I also bought some POWERBALL tickets, so -maybe I'll be on permanent vacation/retirement next week anyways! It's close to half a BILLION dollars!-pretty crazy.

Another bill....

Well, today I recieved yet another bill from dr kolb's office. Mind you I was told that we finished surgyer early and that there were no complications, so you would think that the initial payment of: $10,930 would have been good (considering this was for added time for the OR due to the mastoplexy and added fees for the assistant she used).

We also tried to get my insurance to pay for it, so they have so far paid (and I mean paid, not just processing, an actual payment has been sent to plastikos) of: $2,074.37 (so far) and then I got another bill today from their office for: $1,416.27 is due...this makes the bill a grand total of: $14,420.64 !!!!!!!!!!! not including anesthesia! (which was another $1500 or so). OUCH!
I emailed her office and the billing administrator that I had worked with at my consult and here was her response:

"Our fees are very median for Georgia and we have not raised our fees in over 15 years. XXX will be in contact with you as it is apparent that certain procedures in billing are not clear to you. OR and anesthesia time are based on times, so if your surgery runs over the estimated time, these are billed accordingly."

Hopefully the billing person can explain it better because I am under the impression that if you don't have any extra time in the OR and no complications, you shouldn't be charged more... ? Did anyone else get extra bills afterwards?

I'm pretty bummed about the whole thing today. I also recieved a notice from my insurance that one of the fees they are charging is way over the 'reasonable and customary amount for charges" they said they would expect to pay: $3,400 versus the $7,2000 fee that was charged by the surgeon and my insurance co said not to pay that they would help in negotiating w/the surgeon and try to get them to lower their rate....BUT I already paid in full-dr kolbs office, plastikos, asks for cash/credit paid in full up front before surgery.

In addition to all of this, I'm seeing the cash price versus the 'insurance contracted' amount, which is also VERY different, just doesn't seem fair. Any of it. I am devastated physically, emotionally has been tough too, add to it that I'm now financially devastated and it just keeps coming. I get that even the primary dr's charge less for insured patients, so that part is just a rant. I DO think that dr kolb's office should offer me the insured contracted rates though, rather than the higher cash price, since this is what is actually happening now.

Has anyone else dealt with any of this?

Thanks for listening to my rant :) I don't know what I would do w/o this site.

Post explant Bras!!!

Ok, my crease area is a little better and I'm slowly working up to being able to wear a bra all day! I have been bound to lightly padded sports bras that are of the coobie(?) type category. 1st picture, then I had to try on almost every single bra out there on the face of the earth, in every size! I finally on a whim ordered some from american eagle, I shop there sometimes for sweats and jeans, but never thought to look there for bras. I guess because they are made for the younger crowed, they seem to fit my tiny shallow bumps best, lol. I don't fill out the cup by any means, but in the push ups, it doesn't look too awful, I have probably returned a 100 or so bras from other manufacturers :( luckily american eagle has free shipping and also free returns for bras, so I was able to order several and then try on and choose, which is nice. I found that the perky or perkier or push up looks better on me. Because my boobs crease is so wide, I am still a B in width, but it's too big of a cup for me :/ but the a is too pointy, so B it is. here is the best fit for me so far:http://www.ae.com/featured-bridget-long-line-pushup-bra-true-black/aerie/s-prod/9732_4080_073
and this one is pretty good too:
Charley from american eagle:
I know it's just a guess and everyone is different, but these are shallower cups if youre lacking projection like me :) and I would definitely recommend trying them.

As for my healing, I'm about the same, I have been taking pictures but I dont really see a difference, so I'm not posting more pictures. I hurt quite a bit on the crease area still and have to massage (gently) and be careful with bra bands touching this area. No one seeems to know why, but maybe I'm just a slower healer and the stitches internally may not have dissolved yet ?.... I dont know, but I have tried a couple of different exercises and moves and notice that this makes my boobs hurt even more, so I'm still not ready for a lot of upper body and have to be mindful not to use my chest muscles too much. I am jealous of the women on here who are able to jump back into their gym routines and have awesome boobs a week later! lol, but that's ok. I am slowly starting to like myself again and I feel so much lighter and can reach things w/o boobs being in the way and sometimes I feel sexier, especially w/the new bras! My husband has also been very supportive and says he loves them "squishier". I dreaed showing him but he has been very receptive and just wants me to be healthy, doesn't want to worry about foreign objects in my body, my body attacking them, leaks, silicone issues, etc. so I am very lucky that we are both on the same page there.

Hope this helps!

implant removal, 10 month update

Any one else out there several months post op with additional issues developing? My plan was to continue to improve!

It has been 10 months and I'm doing pretty good. I have had a lot of personal crazy stuff going on in my life and some other unrelated illnesses setting me back a bit, (possible thyroid or hormone or who knows what going on, in addition to our house flooded and we had to repair then decided to move then my daughter moved home from college, then back then I think I've developed some new food intolerances) so I habe been thru the ringer a bit and that may have caused me to feel a little worse, but earlier this summer I was feeling a lot better. Slowly after surgery I felt better ans better every day. I was able to put on a bra and wear it all day and all eve (was only doing a few hours at a time due to pain, or I'd un latch it at work and close my office door).

About 2 months ago I started having fatigue and just didn't feel right. U just started taking it easy and working from home a lot. Then a month ago my stomach kicked in and I've had cramps pretty much non stop for a month and then they disappeared. Good thing, I wasmy sure how much more I could take lol.

During all of that, my left boob and armpit began to ache but it took a back burner bc I was just too busy. Lol. I also had a scab on my left nipple that came off and sone white ish yellow discharge do i went to the doc, since i was already going for stomach pain anywas. She couldn't find anything. I emailed Dr kolb and she suggested a round of antifungal and antibiotics so may do that. Just a bummer that it seems to be cyclical, one thing or another.

Of course all my blood work is good so we're testing hormones as my ND suspects hormone issue or estrogen dominance, never heard of it. But ad I research I see that implants have a chemical that can be read by the body as estrogen so if all of this is related, I will sure be mad. I mean I'm already kicking myself for getting the implants in the first place, ugh. Just wish I'd had more info before signing on for those puppies.

They also want to run another lyme test. And sibo, and some other infection type testing. So frustrating. All of these things look likw they can often occur when your immune system is down and out, which is just so strange, that do many ladies have immune related issues after implants.

Ok done ranting. I'll have to post some pics soon. My boobs have definitely fluffed in the last few months, so that is good. I gained and then lost a few lbs and gaining seemed to help, oddly.

on antibiotics and antifungals and nystatin again....

I have to say I wished I had called dr kolb sooner because the pain that i'd been experiencing in my crease areas went away within a week or so of being on the diflucan, cleocin and nystatin. I wonder if I needed that a while back-urgh! Who knows. At any rate, I was glad that dr kob is still willing to work w/me almost a year later and seemed eager to help. I'm starting to feel better and less tired too-so that's good. I have been doing a lot of research on hormones, mold and lyme and all kinds of stuff that can cause fatigue after explant =pretty crazy to think how knocked down your immune system can get. I'm taking supplements and probiotics and what'not trying to eat better, removed most gluten and nightshades and seem to be less bloated, more comfortable and feel better overall. Excited to try and get back to the gym in the next week or so :)

Been 16 mo's ....still have pain on the left side, anyone else having long term boob pain post explant?

Well, the fluff fairy definitely came at some point, I probably need to post more pictures. To me, they look so much better than day 1...although a little more would be nice too :)

My main concern is the pain on the left side still. Is anyone else having this a year after explant?

It is from use and bras and sometimes for no reason at all that I can think of. Towards the end of the day, I have to loosen my bra, as the line rests right on my crease area, where I swear I can still feel some stitch lumps or tissue or something. I have mostly been having issues with the left, but the right will jump in too. At first, I thought it might be hormones, but it's not-it's anytime during the month, some days are better, some worse. Luckily, I can unhook my bra and close my office door or work from home and it's not an issue, but it does get old. I have been on countless antibiotics and antifungals.

I came across a thread out there where sometimes the nerves can get cut and confused and grow back 'funny' -not sure of the exact word something some kind of neuroma (?). Sounded sort of like what I might have. I always wonder if we went in and broke up the scar tissues and possible adhesions or if I set in another implant for a while, would the pain get better, worse, stay the same. I have not come across too many ladies who continue to have pain post explant. I think it's because I had issues with leaking implants, internal stitches done for the internal lift, capsules removed and scraped out and I had a lower crease that was moved around during my initial augmentation and so everything in there is just so confused.

I noticed massage makes it worse. If I do any sort of chest exercises it worse. If I wear a wire bra it's worse. So I've just been contemplating on what the next step may be-if anything :/
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr kolb and her office were knowledgeable, kind, and very responsive. She even emailed with me directly a few times before I even met her. I feel lucky to have found her, such a knowledgeable surgeon (and dr Gordon too) and to have someone who knew a lot about explanation and breast implant illness. While I had to travel to see her, their office did everything they could to accommodate us and help us along every step of the way (Including discounts at local hotels and squeezing us in for various appts). Jan in the office was a real life saver and has made my life so much easier (scheduling, questions, charges, insurance and last minute changes etc). And the nurses all made me feel very welcome and were comforting, especially for as nervous as I was. While we were only in Atlanta over the course of 6 days, we were in a lot and I felt very comfortable here and started to get to know the staff. They were all pretty fantastic and all tried to help us out along the way. And always asked how I was doing etc. There are some different methodologies but in the end, I'm feeling better, so no complaints. As far as my treatment and outcome, time will tell but I'm already starting to feel better and this is no doubt from the removal and the rigorous medication plan she came up with. I know my surgery results aren't perfect but maybe with time it will improve, or may have to have a second surgery but everyone is different and no one can really predict how someone will respond, unfortunately. It's a risk we all take with surgery. At any rate, I felt in the best of hands with Dr Kolb doing the explant. Still working with the office on insurance/adjustment/payments, etc. 6 weeks later, it is a LOT of back and forth.

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