My EXPLANT Journey.... Removing Large Implants Without Replacing - Atlanta, GA

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My story sounds like so many others here before me...

My story sounds like so many others here before me. I was at a place in my life where I had recently remarried at 35 and was feeling a little insecure about my breasts looking a little less perky from breast-feeding my son many years before. I was a full 32B, enjoyed an active lifestyle that included running and loved to travel to beach type resort locations and never felt insecure in a swimsuit -only when I was naked in front of my husband. So, 2006 I went in for a breast augmentation with hopes to boost my confidence somewhat. I allowed the doctor to suggest the size that would fill the lax skin. He reminded me that placing below the muscle, I would lose approximately 10% of the implant volume and that most women really wish they had gone bigger-so at the last minute under the influence of Valium, I agreed that 375 cc would be my choice. That turned out to be a mistake. I should've went with my gut, but was influenced by the doctors view versus my own. The recovery process was uneventful and things went well- I was concerned that they were too big, but the doctor said the swelling would subside and I would be the size I wanted. Well, it's nine years later and I'm still too big! Fast forward to today, and I went for my first consultation to seek removal. I had many questions for Dr. Z and he patiently answered them all and made me feel at ease about the procedure. I do not want a replacement implant, nor do I want to lift at this time. Due to premenopausal changes – my natural breasts are actually a little larger than they were before surgery. My decision is to allow my breast time to settle and see what I've got left to work with. Dr. Z agreed with me totally. He said I may have some slight ptosis- but most likely I had the same prior to the implant. He agreed with me that I might be completely fine with the way they look without anything further needed. But, should I truly hate the ultimate outcome – I will then consider a left without implant. As a sidenote, and I'm not suggesting it's at all related to my silicone implants – I was diagnosed with two auto immune disorders within the past 24 months. One, a thyroid disorder called Hashimoto's thyroiditis- where the body begins to attack it self at the thyroid. And second, rheumatoid arthritis which the body attacks the joints. Many comments have been made on this site and other websites regarding autoimmune issues and implants, but again – I am not implying that they were the cause of my conditions. But, I will say that if by removing my implants and allowing my body to heal brings me relief in someway either to the weight of the implants on my back and shoulders or, my autoimmune conditions subside or go into remission then that would be a true blessing. I plan to stay in touch and journal this process in hopes that others who might be considering this option and/or who might be experiencing similar concerns might benefit. The photos I'm posting today were taken of me now. Again, my implants are nine years old so I have some slight ptosis- but not severe. My main complaint and reason to remove is because I am not able to wear the cute tops, bathing suits and other girly, dainty items I used to. Now, even though I'm a size small top – I must search for mediums or even larges just to cover my breasts! I am currently a 34DDD. I would like to be a C in some capacity once this is over. I want to have enough to show off, and push up when I want – or conceal when I want to be more discrete. My current situation does not allow this and it's very frustrating. I have always love fashion and trendy styles- and there are so many things that I can no longer wear-ie: turtlenecks, round neck T-shirts, triangle bikini tops, dainty sundresses- The list goes on and on. My surgery to explant is June 11. Dr. Z said that I can do a sedation IV and local. That pleased me immensely because I do have a fear of being put to sleep. His office was excellent -his wife Christina, who arranged my surgery was wonderful and the front desk was also friendly and welcoming. They even offered me a complementary one hour facial coupon upon arrival, without any obligation. Stay tune for my journey and let the countdown begin…

5 days til explant!!!

Hello – just a five-day out update. I'm excited and nervous all at the same time. I must've spent 40 hours alone this week reviewing photos on real self of before and after's. Although I'm afraid when the day comes to remove the bandages and see what I'm left with – after nine years of large implants… I still know deep down this is the right choice for me. I found an old bra from before my augmentation and I've hung it over my dresser mirror as a reminder of what my future holds again- and for encouragement to keep plugging ahead! I don't know if any of you ladies who have implants now, and are considering removing them realize that none of the Victoria's Secret models are implanted. I don't think they are allowed. Take a moment to look through their website pictures, or the magazines that come. These girls arent D's, Or E's- they are natural small breasted women in push-up bras. I miss that dainty look. The feminine look in a nightgown or in a lace chemise. Today I look like Frederick's of Hollywood – tomorrow my goal is Victoria's Secret! Cheers to all the ladies out there who are ready to take back their breasts regardless of what size that might be! Be healthy! Be natural! Be sexy with what you have. :-). In order to prep for surgery next week, I have already ordered a couple of bras to wear after surgery. In case anyone is following me, and is interested… to wear immediately after surgery I ordered a surgical bra. Made by a company named ISAVELA. It has a compression component to it but very breathable fabric and front closure. Since I will have sutures under both breasts, I will not be able to wear underwire or anything touching the wounds for quite a while. This should get me through several weeks. Then I also ordered another bra for the next phase- which is a molded cups sports bra by Natori style number 731050. Has great support and racer back style so it can go with everything- underwire cups lightly padded to give you a little shape. From what I've read, The first six weeks your breasts are going to be very deflated, wrinkly, and traumatized. To me, that sounds very similar to after you stop breast-feeding. While your breasts are going through this transition, do you need a very good support bra round-the-clock. Also, a very good moisturizer and proper wound care for scars. I'm stocked up and ready! In the meantime I'm posting another couple of pictures of me now to give you an idea of how big I look in clothes, which I despise! I can't wait to be able to show you that after !

4 days & counting!!!!

Just picking a few photos of me and clothes and currently said that we have something to compare to after their out! Getting more and more excited!! Please please please feel free to leave me notes about your experience I would love to hear your thoughts about aftercare and what worked well for you etc.! Thanks ladies!

More BEFORE photos

Just adding before ours so we have something to compare…

Inspiration photo

You CAN be sexy with small breasts!!! It's all in the packaging ladies!!!

3 days to go!!!!!

Reviewing more inspiration pics to keep the "eye on the prize"!!! These ladies are 3 of the most beautiful women in the world and none have more than a B cup!!!! DONT FORGET THIS LADIES! the days of Pam Anderson boobs are OVER!


After days of being in such an excited state of mind about finally doing this after nine years-this morning I woke up in almost a cold sweat. Fear has officially set in. And nerves. Although I know that this is a choice that truly is best for my overall health, I can't help but fear that I'm giving up something sensual/ sexual/feminine about my self. If you read the posts that I've written myself, personally – i've been trying to encourage other ladies that big breasts don't equate to beauty. But, here I am a day and a half away from my own surgery and I'm having that same fear come over me. My fears are: that I'll see a beautiful woman with large breasts in public and my husband will notice and I'll feel sad, or that I will start to become consumed by everyone else's large breasts after mine are gone, that I will be deformed wrinkly flat and will no longer be sexually pretty to my husband – at least from the top half up. I worry that I will look in the mirror and feel older – because as you know from the photos, the deflated breasts have a way of aging you. I'm sorry to be Debbie downer today… But this is a roller coaster ride. One that I've been up-and-down on for nine years, and it's time for it to stop. I know deep down inside this is what I need to do – for me. But I just almost feel I will be less of a woman – isn't that crazy ? So please, if you're out there – and you followed me so far, please help me through this next two days -keep my spirits up and don't let me chicken out! Remind me that things are going to be fine . Thanks girls XO


Although the video cuts off at the end, I think you get the idea. Please note – I'm not wearing any makeup and hadn't had a shower! So not looking my best but I wanted to introduce myself to you guys!!

Bra info & saying bye

This is my last update before tomorrow. Hope this information helps. Thank you all for everything!!!


Ladies, thank you all for the beautiful messages in my inbox this morning, it comforted me on my way to surgery. I checked in at 11 AM and did my pre-work and pictures. And I was supposed to go back around noon – needless to say I didn't get out of surgery till 2:30 PM The good news is the right one came out clean with no problem. The bad news is the left one was ruptured and had spilled all inside. He did a good job of irrigating the pocket and cleaning everything out and also didn't think it had been ruptured very long. I did get a look at it after surgery and it was yellow! I mean sticky yellow. Yuck!!! The other one - still fully intact, I brought home and I will include in the photos. Just stepping on the scales after getting home I lost 3 pounds of just breast silicone.Implants! I am bandage tight with Ace and because they did extra digging in the left breast I'm a little sore right now to undo them. But the upper pole hump which I hated so badly has disappeared and for that hallelujah. Ladies, if you are thinking about doing this please don't hesitate another minute. Get that crap out of your body. I saw personally what it does when it dissolves in your body it's awful. I had no phone or anyway to take a photo in the surgical suite or I would've taken a photo. But the picture is ingrained in my mind and it wasn't pretty. Even if you don't think yours is a ruptured – (because I had no indication whatsoever, even the doctor didn't think it was on exam ) it was ruptured! One negative about silicone it doesn't deflate say you have no idea. Meanwhile, onto the good stuff… I'm going to give you a few photos of my profile with the ace bandage on – and then tomorrow I hope to make you a video. For now, it's been a very long day and I'm going to nap. Thank you again for all of your emails,posts and encouraging words. I said a prayer before surgery and I said Lord please get me through the surgery and I promise I will never put anything in my body again. And I will keep that promise! In the weeks and months ahead I'm wondering if truly, the reason for all of my autoimmune issues were my leaking implant. Time will tell ? Love you guys! XO

POST SURGERY PHOTOS- 2 hours later...

Here are a few photos. Will takes a video tomorrow without the ace bandage so you can see more clearly, but tonight I need compression.


This video was taken less than 24 hours later. Ace bandage just removed and will now put on a compression bra to wear until my stitches heal and can wear underwire.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Booked & Day 1 updates

Just a couple of updates... I put on a couple of VS bras that had picked up on sale ( left tags on) and I fit pretty nicely into a 34C AND 32D. I think I will keep the 34C because it feels the best. I modeled them for my husband and he was like ' you look nice- not too big, not too small and a nice handful ' ( men and their sayings). I know when I take off the bra I'm "low riding" but encouraged by previous posts to fluff a little. The couple of pics are in these bras. Also, I contacted a medical clinic which specializes in lymphatic drainage massages for people who have been thru surgeries, chemo etc and ofcourse- someone like me (silicone exposure). I am going at 11 am. She is going to focus on my lymph system near arms/breasts- but will do whole body. I am wasting NO time starting this. The sooner the better to help my body help itself flush this crap O U T! I also have doubled up on my probiotics since they have me on a antibiotic. Adding more also for immune support. Other than wearing the compression bra bad rubbing on coconut oil each night- no other news to report. Happy Friday!


Getting ready to take my first shower! Clicked these few photos left, right and in front. Even since yesterday I'm noticing a change. Sleeping with my compression bra and getting rid of the ace really allowed them room to fluff.


Happy Saturday ladies! A few people have sent me private messages asking if I had a list of things that I'm taking and /or using to care for my breast post surgery. I thought I would just post them here so everyone has access & if you are getting ready to have surgery it might be nice to be able to pick up a few things to have on hand.

L-Lysine 500 mg daily - it's for healthy skin, and supports collagen and tissue maintenance. Very important with traumatized breast tissue!
Women's multivitamins
Selenium – for your immune system/ antioxidant.
Probiotics - take with every meal, even more important if you're sent home with an anabiotic!
I was given hydrocondone for pain. Take them! It helps you stay relaxed, and rest. Be forewarned they can constipate you so drink a lot of water.

Creams/Oils- pure coconut oil – which is a solid at room temperature but once applied to the skin melts right in. I use this from my collarbone down to bottom of my breasts every evening. (avoiding stitches of course) since it's greasy I put it on -then put my compression bra back on with the light T-shirt on top. Before bed.

There is a product on the market called FIBRO cream. It's a homeopathic cream that has Arnica in it along with something to help relieve pain and any neuropathic zaps. ( nerve pain) sometimes when the breast is cut open – there's a regeneration of nerves around that area along with the breast as well- and you get this odd electric, burning kind of nerve pain. It's normal as your healing – but this helps soothe that a bit-naturally. The arnica helps any bruising and swelling pain also. I'll take a picture and post it. You can find it in health food stores, CVS also carries it as well.

WATER! Tons of water! Soon I'm going to grow gills!! But it's so important to stay hydrated – I swear it causes the fluffing to occur! Your tissues need the water to fluff. :-)))

I have already posted a video of the bras that I am currently using. I'm still in the compression bra stage – although I did go out today and wore my sports bra. But as soon as I got back home - back to the compression bra. You need tight support to keep the girls pulled to your chest so you reduce the chance of fluid in the pocket and helps your skin retract.

If I forgot anything – feel free ladies to add your comments and suggestions to this post. I know that when I was new to the site I found lists very helpful. Posting a picture of the fibrocream.

Photo of cream mentioned in previous post

See post regarding post surgery items- this stuff works great for nerve pain swelling

MINOR setback and other ramblings....

Hello from my cozy bedroom on this lazy Sunday! Yesterday, I was up and around doing fairly good, a little shaky feeling but had my first shower and went out to a few stores just to get out of the house. My left breast, which was the one that had ruptured – has been very tender both in the breast itself and the site of the incision. I have been assuming its due to the extra "clean up" needed on this one vs the right. After a few hours out though, the incision site was just very uncomfortable and I just needed to go home and get the bra off. When I removed my bra and looked at the incision, to my shock – it looked like the stitches have opened up on one end and I had a hole! Eeesh. So, I paged the doc to be sure I didn't need to go to ER or anything. He called me back right away and I sent him some photos of the wound. He said it looked okay – but to keep it dry and covered, rest and to see him Monday morning. So, instead of going back Thursday for stitches removed – I'm going back in the morning to most likely have them re-clean and possibly re-stitch. Maybe another round of antibiotics to be sure of no infection. Sigh. The doctor is approximately an hour away from our home – and I really didn't feel up to driving that far alone, so my husband is going to take me in the morning. Overall, this is a normal, common setback in wound healing. The right breast on the other hand is doing great! No pain – and the stitches look fantastic. I slept like a baby last night for the first time as well, I'm able to sleep on my side again which is nice since I'm one of those fetal position sleepers. My husband brought me a gorgeous bouquet of pink tulips last night when he came back home from the store. What I had feared and one of the reasons why I had waited so long to do this – was what his reaction might be, and being afraid that he wouldn't find me attractive anymore – has turned out to be, nothing was further than from the truth. After modeling bras for him, and putting on some cute sundresses that I can now wear again – he says you look great. And he's doesn't think I need a lift at all. He said you have a great result, and he's very happy. So for me – that's all I needed to know. There won't be a lift in my future. As you know, from reading the other posts and seeing the progress of other ladies months after explant – The fluffing continues well into six months post, and if he finds my three day old result acceptable and knowing in the back of my head that that will only improve from there- i'm golden. Because personally, if it wasn't for him I can assure you that I would never consider a lift because I just don't want any more trauma to these poor breasts. He's the only one who sees them without a bra and if he's happy then all is good. I know I don't look 24 anymore, but I'm at a point in my life where if I can look good in my clothing, I feel better, my confidence is better, my health improves, and my husband is satisfied – I'm truly okay. I hope you guys feel the same way too. I knew before I took them out that my goal was not perfection anymore, my goal was health related and to improve the way I felt. I no longer feel I need to hide in a button-down shirt, or a black outfit. I purchased the most dainty little top yesterday at TJ Maxx & and it hung perfectly. It was a size small. I haven't been able to buy a size small top in nine years – even though I'm a size 6 bottom. Go figure. For all the girls out there who are reading these posts that haven't done it yet because you were afraid of what others might think – I say pull the trigger and do it for yourself! For the others who have had the procedure and are now wondering what the next step might be- A lift, more implants, fat grafting, etc. do yourself a favor and give your body time to heal! You have a marvelous and miraculous body. It can do amazing things -I have had incredible filling out in just four days alone. Adding four -six months to that then who knows what our results ultimately will be! Another thing to mention, I have lost 4 pounds. Not only breast implant weight- but overall. Who knows if our body was just holding onto extra inflammation due to having these bags in us! HAVE A GREAT AND RESTFUL SUNDAY.


Hello, just got back from the doctor – if you read my post yesterday, I thought I had a couple stitches open – but evidently they are fine and it's just the way it's healing which has caused it to look like there's an opening when there's really not. Going back for all stitches to come out Weds. Now that I've gotten home, I took a moment to snap a few pictures from today. I also added a picture of the bra I'm currently wearing now – which is the Bali bra I mentioned in one of my videos- has slightly molded cups no underwire, but fits like a bra and gives you a nice support. And, also a picture of the way I've been dressing – with a light weight tank over my sports bra and no one is the wiser. Excited to read everybody's reviews, I know a lot of folks are close to their surgery date or having surgery today. Our thoughts are with you guys! I'm on day four – feeling fine now that I know my stitches are popping out, I'm more relieved. Have one more day of anabiotic's, and that's over. I've been drinking tons of water taking probiotics, and the other supplements I mentioned in a previous post. I'm down a total of 4 pounds right now. 2 1/2 pounds were just breast silicone implants. The rest?? I have no idea. Maybe I was holding onto inflammation somehow. I don't know- but I definitely like that trend!!!! That's a plus to have as a side effect don't you think girls?! On the husband front- this morning when I came down for coffee, half-asleep and completely unprompted – my husband said you really look much more proportioned. So, that was nice to wake up to – and not have to fish for a comment one way or the other. I do look thinner – and as we all know 4 pounds doesn't make that much difference really one where the other – but all the weight from those implants on my chest really made me look a lot heavier than I was. It's sad that I hoisted those stupid bags around for nine years. I could kick myself for being so stupid. That's kind of how I feel now -just a fool – wasted nine years. Prime of my life years too---But, today's a new day and, I can start holding my head a little bit taller and hopefully start seeing some improvement in my RA and thyroid autoimmune related conditions. Have a nice Monday everybody!


Day 5 WARNING ladies!!!!! DONT DO WHAT I DID WRONG! Got up this morning, feeling pretty good and it's well past time to do my "roots"- so I put color on my hair and washed laundry while waiting. My go-to yellow Bali bra needed washing so I decided to put that in and put on a new 'normal' bra. Did some emails, paid some bills- then it was time to shower to wash the color out. Took a full long shower, shaved, etc. Blow dried AND curled my hair- on to makeup and since I was still feeling good- decided to go get a Fathers Day present. Fast forward- I wore the "regular bra" all day and tonight around dinner the pain started. First the stitches pulling/ burning feeling from rubbing the underwire- then, slowly a hot nerve burn sensation up from beneath both breasts like someone was sitting under me with a blow torch!!!! No kidding. I have taken a lortab- nothing. Took a Percocet after dinner and it's STILL ON FIRE. I have completely regressed and am wrapped in my ace bandage with gauze on my sutures. Heed my warning- even if you feel great- your poor breasts ARE NOT READY for a normal bra!!!!! It's going to be a LONG NIGHT!!!! And! I'm supposed to get stiches out tomorrow!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhggghh!!!!!


Happy hump day ladies!! On my day 6 post explanation and got Stitches out today- it was easy and painless. Couple snips and pulled right out! Said I was healing fine and wanted to see me in 3 weeks for a final checkup. :-). I have news to report on the bra front. I could have bet money I was a c, but was measured today at Nordstrom's ( Lenox mall is conveniently 2 blocks from my doctor)!! And I am currently a 34D??! A lot if hub-bub about "sister sizes" so I googled it and would recommend you gals do the same!! Quite eye opening. Seems various sizes have what they call sister sizes that are basically the same. Ie: a 34C sister size is a 32d. And so on... SO, that opens up a WIDE range of sizes to choose from- esp when your searching and find a style it color you love, but out of "your size" look at the sister size chart for your size(s). I am attaching a chart for your reference I found. I printed it to keep in my wallet until i memorize all mine. Although I know over the next several months I could change- I am currently a 34D. Prior, I had to be an E and was squeezing into a triple D. Ugh! If you saw my PRE EXPLANT videos - you know how big they were! Gosh. Still in shock how much I carried on my small frame- SO STUPID!! Anyway. I didn't buy any bras Nordsrtoms- but DID pop in VS for their semi annual sale with my new side chart in tow!! Ended up buying this Dream Angels plunge bra in a sexy black lace overlay with a small, small amount of push-up. ( I dont like those really thick style of push-up that takes up all the cup space with padding) the idea for my explanation is to be SMALLER, and I want to keep the natural look as much as I can- but do need a little lift now that I lost my upper pole. It's really nice with memory foam lining and feels great. Snapped a few pics of me in this one. It's a 34D. Never thought I would be a D when I was a small be 9 years ago PRE augmentation. So ladies out there who have had your implants awhile- you might be pleaded to know that our bodies DO Change! I am only about 6 lbs heavier than I was - but it matters. Breasts are just fat tissue- so watch those crash diets right now- avoid anything that would cause you to ! It's been a pleasure getting to know you all! Have a nice night!!! Happy healing XO


Hello, posting a few pictures this morning from Day 12 post explant. I'm getting ready to make a quick video for you as well so check that out when you have a moment. Have a nice day everybody!

BRA TRICKS & HUBBY UPDATE -Day 12 post Video

New video


Good morning ladies,
I'm sad to report today – that someone in my office, not sure how, found me on real self and it was brought to my attention today. Due to the type work I do, which is in real estate – my broker asked that I remove the videos and the photos showing my face. While I understand their concern to not have one of their employees so exposed, I also wanted to be real and out there for my posts. In the year or so before my own procedure, I turn to real self and looked at thousands of photos. Very rarely were there ever any videos, and I always thought that when there was it was so helpful to see in three dimension. I made the videos out of love and wanting to help others who were struggling. I appreciate all the sweet comments that you guys have left me about the videos, and how helpful they have been. But, again – from here on out I'm not going to be able to do any postings showing my face. I might can get creative with the videos – but we'll see how it goes. Just wanted to let you guys know why they've disappeared, and why you won't be able to see my face and photos going forward. Keep the posts coming, I have a lot to learn too– and love to see your comments and questions. Have a nice week.

VIDEO REDUX!! I quit my brokerage!!!!

First, thank you all so much for your private messages and posts regarding my brokerage and they're finding out about me here on real self. After speaking with several people here, and getting the support from my husband – i've decided to give notice at my current brokerage office. I'm licensed in the state of Georgia, and if you're familiar with how real estate licenses work – I can go anywhere and work, I don't have to be with the specific brokerage if I'm not happy with the way they run their office. I was made to feel ashamed, when I was only trying to help others who had been through the same thing I was going through. I felt like I was being punished for offering my story. I called my broker this afternoon, and she backpedaled a lot because I do a lot of business through her office – and she didn't of course want me to leave! But, the damage has been done – and I don't support the way she handled this whatsoever. The more time I had to think about it, the more I realized she was in the wrong, not me. Well I understand her point, this is a private site for members who are trying to seek help. No different than any other help site. Although I know I'm showing my naked breasts, – it's not in a sultry way but in a weekly update on progress type way. SO.... For what it's worth, I'm reposting the video that I took down two days ago. Feel free to view it again, or for the first time. Today is two weeks POST EXPL Thanks again for giving me the courage to stand up for myself. You guys rock!

Weekend send off, cute bra tank & thank you's!

Just a super fast update on breast tissue, a new find and brought tanks and to say thanks for all your support.


A couple of ladies asked me to post a few more ' befores" to help them compare to theirs. I was a 34DDD/E!! Ugh. I'm only 5'4, 123 lbs. way way too top heavy!


Hey!! just a few quick pics of the girls in a push-up bra. This is a Victoria's Secret padded Demi which gives me a little lift and rounds me out. See- cleavage IS possible still!! I love the color – very summery! also, a pic of what my scars look like 16 days post. Have a great day!!! XO


good morning girls, thought I would snap a quick video of me nude, in 3-D so you could get an idea of the movement, fluffing and healing of my breasts post 18 days out. I hope this helps! Have a great week. XO


Hi ladies, hope everybody had a happy Fourth of July! I had family in town – so I've not been on the site very much recently. I have though today taking some time to catch up with everybody and everybody looks fantastic! I've noticed some people have kind of disappeared – but hopefully they will be back to update us. Meanwhile, it's day 26 for me post explant and I have to say I feel really good. My joint pain seems somewhat less not completely gone – but definitely improved. My energy level has been much better and if you're familiar with thyroid disease – that's a blessing! You can get so very tired and rundown feeling even if you've had adequate sleep. I had expected to feel actually worse immediately following my explant due to the stress of surgery etc. to my body. But, in reality other than the initial 24 to 48 hours of healing and laying low – I got right back into work and my normal activity. I am no longer in any pain either in my incision site or the breast itself. The initial shooting pain (nerve related) pain is also gone. The incisions are healing nicely and I continue to monster rise my breast each evening. I generally use my sports bra without underwire – but this weekend had opportunity to wear an underwire bra and I was comfortable all day. My breasts are firmer and fuller than they were 26 days ago. The ski slope look has improved and they are a bit rounder- not round in a fake breast type away of course – but just fuller. My husband seems to be very pleased with my profile & the way I look in my clothes. For those special occasions, he has not been turned off or disgusted in anyway. Actually the opposite is true. Since I seem to have settled into a 34D I've purchased a few colorful bras for the summer that I've been enjoying. The one pictured today is a turquoise non-push-up bra lightly lined. Just a basic every day bra. I'm taking photos laying down, and pulling aside my bra see how around they look? Not too shabby for no implants! If you're waffling- I say DO IT! Life is better without plastic!!! Love & kisses,


Good morning girls this video is a taste longer than normal and it cut off at the end when I was trying to shout out at my girl chicken hawk. Ha ha have a great weekend everybody love you! XO
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

EXCELLENT FROM THE FRONT DOOR TO THE BACK OFFICE! Had a question after office closed and the call was returned within six minutes By Dr. Z personally. That type of aftercare means a lot when you're going through this procedure.

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