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I am 52 yrs. old. In 2003 I had saline implants...

I am 52 yrs. old. In 2003 I had saline implants.They encapsulated and in 2008 I had them removed and exchanged. The Plastic Surgeon suggested using Mentor silicone implants, my husband questioned why we wouldn't go back with saline but the Dr. told us these new implants would provide the best aesthetic result. They did look and feel much better than the saline but my Dr. did not ever warm me of any possible complications. I had a mommogram in 2009 and the report recommended I return for an ultrasound, which showed I did not have cancer. This was my only concern at the time. 

I then started seeing a holistic Dr. that I read about in Susan Sommers book. I was feeling exhausted,my hair was falling out,my nails wouldn't grow,my feet and hands were cold all the time. He suggested that I have Thermography in his office instead of mammography because it can find cancer much smaller and wouldn't expose me to radiation. Then,my new Dr. diagnosed me with hypothroidism and started me on Armour Thyriod, as well as supplements based on my blood work. I started taking everything but I still wasn't too improved,so he doubled my thyriod dose. Then, I started feeling improvements. But, my hair was so thinned out that I went to see Dr. Bauman in Boca Raton for hair replacement therapy. He put me on his Rogaine treatment and I bought an expensive laser cap. That started to help my hair grow a little bit. My thyroid symptoms improved a little but I started reading blogs to the point I finally started waking up and taking it in the middle of the night just so it would not interact with anything I was eating. It seemed crazy to be getting up every night but I couldn't sleep well anyway so I figured it was worth it. 

Then we moved and things were so crazy busy. But I was having horrible PMS and my boobs were so sensitive. My right breast was painful and then both breasts were painful . Then,My Mother-In-Law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. So, I thought I really need to go back and have a Mammogram and Ultra sound again. So, I went back to the same center I had been to 5 yrs. earlier. They now had a 3D mammogram. When taking the pictures they had to do the right breast twice. Then, when they were doing the ultrasound the Radiolologist told me I had 3 benign cysts on the left and a large benign cyst on the right implant. She said the right implant was RUPTURED. She told me my Palstic Surgeon wouldn't believe me so, she would send the reports to his office. That seemed like an odd comment. I was in shock. They didn't look any different to me , as I remembered my saline ones looked when they encapsulated. 

I immediately called my plastic surgeons office to make an apt.to have them removed. The next day I now had an additional burning pain in my right breast. Then, the constant burning pain started going down my arm. I had been researching this on the Internet. I came upon info about silicone toxicity. I read an excerpt from Dr. Kolb's book "The Naked Truth about Breast Implants " I emailed her and heard right back from her! I cancelled with my Plastic Surgeon (after a a few strange conversations) and scheduled explant surgery with her in Atlanta. This was the best decision I have ever made. Dr. Kolb and Dr. Gordon operated on me for 41/2 hrs. They removed both implants and capsules "en bloc" , all the cysts, 7 infected lymph nodes and did bilateral mastopexies(lift). The anastesiologist did a great job I never even threw up after surgery. I looked and felt so much better the next day We couldn't believe it. Then my husband told me, that my left implant was leaking. He then showed me a photo of the right implant. The silicone shell had peeled away and was in a ball in the corner. The raw, lumpy, gooey silicone was all exposed inside my body. The implant was the color of ice tea. Now, I was really in shock and felt sick to my stomach. I am so very grateful, that I was in the hands, of the very best surgeons in the country, for explant surgery. Now, I am home healing and I will begin Dr. Kolb's detox protocol. Dr. Kolb saved my life.

52 days post op

Wow....time really does heal all wounds. I developed lumps under my armpits where the incisions were made to remove the infected lymph nodes. Leading from the lumps were scar bands that formed that feel and look like a tight rubber band under my skin. It made just reaching for something difficult. But, Dr. Kolb suggested massage and streching. I followed her advice and it's gotten so much better. Still taking tons of detox meds. I tried using Mederma on the scars but it caused a burning pain so I stopped with that for now.Sorry, still not brave enough to post photos.

Using the most qualified surgeon

I wanted to post this picture of one of the implants Dr. Kolb removed from my body. I had no idea from the mammogram or ultra sound that my implants were so destroyed. I am so grateful that I was in the hands of the most qualified explant surgeons. Drs. Kolb and Gordon operated together for 41/2 hrs. They were prepared and experienced to handle the worst case situation that a local PS would not have been capable of.
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Susan E. Kolb,Dr. Julian B. Gordon B. The very best ever.

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