46 Yr Old, Getting 24 Yr Old Saline Implants Finally Removed! Atlanta, GA

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I am so grateful to have found this group here. I...

I am so grateful to have found this group here. I got implants when I was 24 to correct mild tubular breast shape with 275cc McGahn. I went from a small B to small C and they were just right on my petite frame. Most people had no clue they were not real. I was always healthy, active athletic my whole life, but started to get creeping autoimmune systems about 2002....about 8 years into the implants. Many years of misery later I have Hashimotos hypothyroid that has cause me to gain weight, my hair to fall out, develop a bulky uterus, have chronic dermatitis on my scalp & back, HSV1 outbreaks, my first shingles outbreak at 45 and chronic fatigue, vertigo, insulin resistance, frozen shoulder/adhesive capsulitis, cardiac arrythmias and severe hormonal imbalances. I am only realizing now my implants could be why I started getting so sick 14 years ago. I am looking to explant ASAP but having a hard time finding a surgeon locally who A) will take the capsule out without a fight B) Will acknowledge that saline implants could possibly cause health issues. The hypothyroidism has caused significant weight gain, so I should have about a c cups worth of tissue and fat for the surgeon to work with after removal. The one surgeon I spoke with said I should have an internal lift with removal, and if I loose weight, just see what happens and revise if necessary. I was never over weight my whole life, but the thyroid disease came on very rapidly at about 40, as did the weight, and despite fighting it like mad daily for 7 years, I have only got about 20 lbs of it to budge. I have become so debilitated, I have been out 2 stints of 8 months FMLA disability leaves from work in the past 3 years. I am praying I will feel better somehow after explant and detox. So glad I found this group. You are all brave and wonderful ladies.

Explant Surgery Scheduled for December 15th!

Surgery scheduled for Dec 15th with Dr. Kolb today! I actually broke down and started crying tears of joy after I hung up the phone. For the first time in 14 years of the living hell of chronic debilitating autoimmune symptoms no one seems to be able to atribute to anything more than Hashimotos.....and not 1 specialist willing to think my implants might be part of the problem.....I feel like I have just been released from prison by simply knowing I am going to see a doctor who literally wrote the book on everything that has been destroying my health and life for the last 14 years. I think I just cried out 14 years of misery, helplessness and suffering in a span of 10 minutes. Its an amazing feeling to finally have hope again.
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