45 Yr Old Removing 13 Yr Old Saline Implants Getting Lift - Atlanta, GA

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I am waiting for Dr Kolb's office to determine...

I am waiting for Dr Kolb's office to determine whether or not my insurance will be accepted for removal of saline implants with leak. If my insurance covers it I will be using Dr Gordon with Dr Kolb assisting. If it's self pay I will only use Dr Kolb. Anxiously waiting for a call from them once that's determined so I can get surgery date. Will probably be in April. I do have a consultation scheduled for March 28th.

When I was 32 my hips grew and I felt like a boy on top with my 32AA boobs. My brother was a nurse in a hospital where a plastic surgeon that was recommended to me by a friend performed his surgeries. My brother would sometimes work with him. We inherited some money when my grandmother passed and my brother asked who was getting plastic surgery first as he always wanted a nose job. I told him I wanted implants but didn't think I could do it after seeing what my mother went through with her ruptured silicone implants. He assured me they were totally safe because they were now using saline. I wanted to believe what I wanted to believe. So i succumbed to all the messages society feeds us about not being a woman unless you have cleavage and I altered the perfect body God has given me.

A year later I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was later diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma (on chest and back of side that's leaking), Lyme disease, multiple metal poisonings, mold poisoning, and multiple viruses. My latest problems are lesions on my breasts as well as my liver. Ultrasounds and MRIs came back benign but they will be repeated in 6 months to make sure. In the last 3 years I have been horribly sick almost to the point of going out on permanent disability. I have dealt with major bone crushing fatigue, cognitive issues, rashes, nerve twitching, muscle spasms, pain, IBS, dry/red eyes, weight gain while eating totally clean, and many more I'm too tired to remember.

I had thyroid cancer two times before I had my implants put in. I am beyond pissed they would ever put these toxic bags in ANY cancer survivor but especially breast cancer survivors as your chance of other cancers is greatly increased. With a weakened immune system already I'm not really sure why the hell they think the body will accept foreign toxic objects but they do. Or they are purposely trying to kill us. Who knows. So for many years I thought I could attribute all my illnesses to my immune system being weakened from both cancer and its toxic treatment but when I started noticing a leak about 6 mos ago I started researching implant illness and realized this may be the key to my improved health. I am not expecting an overnight miracle because I realize some of my damage will be permanent but I am really hoping to have less symptoms. If there is no symptom improvement it will still be totally worth it to have a reduced risk of getting cancer AGAIN.

I am truly looking forward to going back to what God intended for me to be. I am a much more confident woman now and though I hope for an aesthetically pleasing result I will just be happy to have extended my life by removing a very poor decision made by a naive young girl. I have no regrets though. I believe I am supposed to be on this path and have already talked a few people out of making the same mistake.

I'm going to try to download pics of implants. The bottom of my left breast is where the leak is most noticeable, the picture in the yellow top is my 32AA self. I am 20lbs heavier now but am almost 100% certain the weight is toxins and it will go away once the implants are removed.
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